Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e18 Episode Script

Break in! Button Hook Entry

This is the place, huh? Gaara is on the other side of this boulder.
It looks like they put up a barrier.
What's the plan? Let's bust through! No! You're late, Kakashi.
Well, you see we got caught up in something troublesome along the way.
Naruto! Sakura! Kakashi By troublesome, you certainly don't mean me, do you? Naruto Now, shall we do this, Kakashi? Yeah.
FORBIDDEN Hang on, Gaara.
Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!! It looks like there's a large cavern inside, but But? I can't really see clearly what's going on inside It looks like there are several people inside What about Gaara, Neji? What's happening to Gaara?! Wait! I'm searching right now! Hey! Wh-What'sthat? What is it? Hey! What's in there, Neji?! Let go of me What was in there? It's hard to explain in words Which means Which means we just have to check it out directly for ourselves, right? That makes things simple.
A barrier, huh? It's getting noisy outside.
It appears they've arrived.
Which group? Hm? The group my man Kisame stalled? Or is it It'sboth groups So they arrived at the same time, huh? However They were just a bit late It seems they've got another Jinchuriki with them Don't take it personally, Itachi.
What's the plan? First, we have to remove the barrier, Lee.
How do we do that? We need to figure out what kind of barrier it is, right? Yeah.
All right.
First, we need to find out what type of barrier this is! Isn't that right, Kakashi! FORBIDDEN What does it look like to you? This isa Five-Seal Barrier.
I agree.
A Five-Seal Barrier? A Five-Seal Barrier is created by placing paper tags with "Forbidden" written on them in five locations in the area.
There's the Forbidden tag here in front of us and tags in four other locations How can we remove them? We can't remove the barrier unless we remove the tags in all five locations simultaneously.
It must be done simultaneously, huh? That's right.
The barrier can't be removed unless the five tags are removed simultaneously.
That's how it's been set up.
That tag there And there are four others FORBIDDEN Then, where are the other four tags?! Neji.
I know.
Byakugan! I found them! Where are they, Neji?! There's one on a boulder about Thesecond one is on the trunk of a tree growing along a riverbank The third one is on a cliff about The last one is in a forest a little less than Those are the four locations.
If so, then they are pretty far away.
What will the signal be? No problem there! At that distance we should be able to use wireless radios.
Wireless radios, huh?! I see.
Okay, we'll all stay in communication and find the tags with Neji's directions! Now then.
Shall we get going? It's starting to get noisy outside and we've got our mission to complete, after all.
Exactly What shall we do with the guys outside? Well, we don't even know if they can get in here Don't underestimate them.
You should know.
Well I acknowledge their brute strength, at least.
You take care of the guys outside.
I knew it would turn out like this But take the Jinchuriki alive.
We know.
Everyone else is dismissed.
Let's go.
Right We'll be leaving, too Itachi What's the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki like? Tell him.
He'll be the first one to yell and scream at you.
What does that mean? Doesn't he have any more specific characteristics? Oh my Well, that's about it You okay with that? Wasn't he your target? Let's go.
We'll remove the tags in the four surrounding locations.
If this is a competition of speed, our team will probably be faster, after all.
We're counting on you! All right, you head for the northwest forest, Lee! Yes, Guy Sensei! I leave the northeast boulder to you, Neji.
And you take the south-southeast, Tenten.
I'll head for the northwest cliff.
I'm sure that one will be in the location most difficult to remove.
What's the frequency? Roger.
Can you hear me guys? Lee! You've got your microphone turned up too high! I'm sorry! Lee Lee! I'm sorry My wireless radio settings are okay.
Mine are okay as well.
All right.
Team Guy R-Right! Okay, okay With the full power of youth! - Fight! -Yeah! - Fight! - Yeah! - Fight! Fight! - Yeah! Yeah! - And an extra fight! - Yeah! Scatter! How cool.
What cool enthusiasm! Hey guys, let's do that, too! I'd rather die Right You fool! Well, it's time for me to get going.
There's no reason for me to be here if I'll just be in the way.
Good work, Pakkun.
Okay, I'm gone I leave the rest to you.
Right We got it I'll be waiting to hear from you.
Verifying operation.
The four members of Team Guy are to stand by once they find their tags! After all members have reached their positions we'll remove the tags all at once on my signal! Got it?! Of course, Team Kakashi will remove their tags simultaneously as well.
With this, the Five-Seal Barrier will be removed.
The moment the barrier is removed Sakura will destroy the boulder at the entrance.
That will be our signal to break inside and recover Gaara.
Gaara They're late I wish they'd just hurry up and get here What's wrong, my man Sasori? I thought you didn't like to be kept waiting.
Yeah I hate it Sasori I never thought a day like this would come This is Neji.
I'm in position.
I've found mine, too! I'll be arriving soon.
I've got mine, too! Neji! I know! Byakugan! A little further south! A little further All right, it's right there! Okay! I found it! This is Lee! I'm in position! Kakashi, how's it going there? We're ready when you are.
We'll break in using the Button Hook Entry.
I know! Yeah! All right, everyone! Remove the tags on the count of three! Here we go! Onetwothree! Sakura! Right! All right, it looks like it went well Wh-What's that?! We're too late Sasori Nowwhich one's the Jinchuriki? Youcreeps.
I'll kill the both of you! The first one to start yelling and screaming It's him, huh? It looks like it.
Now then, I'm going to take out a scroll you can find anywhere.
But when I count to three, a huge Shuriken appears Hey, don't be taking someone else's skills! Shut up! I'm practicing for a talent show.
What did you say?! Hey, stop the stupid fighting.
I'll teach you my best skill.
Look at these wonderful midair Kunai Knives! Oh, the Kunai Knives are floating! I'll teach you for just 300 ryo.
Uh I can't do it without the Puppet Master technique anyway.
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