Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e19 Episode Script

Trap Operating! Enemy of Team Gai

We're too late Sasori Neji Can you see what's happening to me here? Yeah The same thing is happening here.
Tenten, what about you? It's probably the same here, too.
Lee! A strange shadow appeared in the forest as soon as I removed the tag.
I thought so Team Kakashi has infiltrated just as planned.
What isthis? It's probably an enemy trap.
I see So that's what this is about.
I find you a worthy opponent.
Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies You jerk! Where do you think you're sitting?! No doubt about it He's the Jinchuriki.
"The first one to yell and scream at you," huh? Itachi's pretty good at describing people.
Sasori Gaara! What're you doing sleeping leisurely in a place like that?! Stand up! Gaara! Hey! Gaara! Are you listening?! Knock it off! That's enough, Naruto! You should know That's right.
You know, don't you? That he's already long dead.
Oh He's definitelythe Jinchuriki.
Give him back Give Gaara back! You jerks! Calm down If you charge ahead without thinking, we'll be annihilated.
A Shinobi usually operates in a three-man squad or a four-man squad.
But at least five people are required to destroy a Five-Seal Barrier.
It can't be destroyed with just one team.
You'd have to wait for another team to arrive.
Just putting up a Five-Seal Barrier should serve as a means for stalling In addition, it's configured so that a trap activates when the barrier is removed.
Namely, a copy of the person who removes the tag appears nearby.
They're preventing us from making our way through the barrier, huh? In other words we can't go back up to Naruto and the others unless we defeat ourselves Is that how this works? Exactly, Lee.
They break up the four-man squad and separate us individually.
And even taking precaution by placing a back-up on the barrier They're quite impressive.
Butwe can't just sit here acting impressed.
Now, let's fight! I'd expect no less from my fake! He's pretty good.
They don't just look the same They've got the same power too, huh? We should consider them as having the same weapons too, huh? So basically everything about them is the same, huh? This makes them even more worthwhile opponents, eh?! What is it, Sasori my man? I'll take him.
It seems that Jinchuriki wants to take him back, so It seems so.
It appears the guy on the left is the one who infiltrated the Sand alone and took Gaara.
Which means this guy's the Puppet Master who seriously injured Kankuro Her grandson Sasori, huh? My man You'll probably get mad if I say this But I'll take care of that Jinchuriki.
Our mission is one Jinchuriki each.
Don't be getting all full of yourself, Deidara An artist's passion starts to dull unless they seek greater stimulation, my man The rumor is the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki is quite powerful.
He's an opponent suitable for my art.
What? You're calling those explosions of yours art? Art is something that beautifully remains extensively into the distant future.
Eternal beauty is art! Eternal beautyis art? I do respect you as a fellow craftsman, my man.
But art is a fleeting moment of beauty that vanishes gloriously.
What did you say? Wh-What's up withthese guys? Deidara, it seems you don't understand what true art is You're the one who doesn't understand.
You jerks! No! Eternal beauty is true art.
Don't be a fool.
Art is an instant of beauty.
Knock it off! Do you want to make me angry? I just told you It would probably make you angry, didn't I? You know what happens when I get angry, don't you? He blocked the shuriken without looking at all He's just as good with the Puppet Master technique as he always was.
How about it, Deidara? Art to me is explosiveness itself! It's a far cry from your silly puppet shows! See you around, my man! Make sure you follow me, Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki That jerk Deidara is doing as he pleases Hey, wait! All right.
I guess Naruto won't stop, will he? Naruto and I will take care of the guy outside.
Sakura and Granny Chiyo you two handle the guy inside.
make sure you don't do anything rash until Team Guy gets back.
Got it.
He came too, huh? Guy, can you hear me? The enemy has split up.
We need backup.
Return immediately.
I don't think we can.
We've all been caught in an enemy trap.
Kakashi, give us a little more time.
Signing off! These movements We're an even match, huh? I can't believe they look the same, have the same power and even use the same Jutsu It's just like fighting our mirror images If it were mirrors, we only need to break it, but Leaf Hurricane! It doesn't look like they'll be easily broken.
Give Gaara back! Looks like I can't be wasting my time I'd heard that you'd retired long ago.
I suddenly wanted to see my grandson's face again.
I can tell just by facing him.
The incredible difference in actual battle experience and the number of people he's killed.
Sakura, do not fear.
I'm here.
You step back.
Assault Blade.
If you're going to defy me, then I guess I have no choice Will you join that kid as additions to my collection, Grandma Chiyo? Only one event remains for the World Puppet Master Championship! Will the proud title of first Puppet Master Champion go to Sasori of the Red Sand, the master craftsman who topped the first stage all-round toxin quiz challenge?! Or will it go to Granny Chiyo, the Sand's Consultant who displayed her years of experience and skills during the second-stage Puppet-building race? Who will win the final stage, the Puppet Battle?! Next Time: Hiruko vs.
Two Kunoichi!