Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e21 Episode Script

Sasori's Real Face

That's his real body.
After twenty years, what say we face each other? What took you so long? But I flew back as quickly as I could.
More to the point, you took too long to send over a substitute border guard.
Your planning was bad.
That's no way to show your appreciation.
I carried out your selfish request despite recovering from an illness.
Well Shall we get going? Yeah.
Yes, sir! It can still move?! As I thought.
Just what I'd expect from my old granny.
No wonder this little girl was able to dodge my hidden weapons.
After all, the old lady who can see past my attacks was controlling the little girl with Chakra threads used for the Puppet Master Jutsu.
He found out.
What's more, you were so kind as to attach threads of Chakra to Hiruko's tail.
But to think that I'd notice it after the tail's motion had been brought to a halt It was when you first attacked with the Kunai Knife, wasn't it? Threads of Chakra attached to the Kunai Knife latched onto the tail when it repelled the Kunai Knife.
I suppressed my Chakra as much as possible so as not to be seen, and yet you still figured it out.
I'm amazed.
But of course.
After all, the one who hammered the principles of puppetry into me was none other than you.
But the show ends today.
That is my intention as well.
Well then, will things proceed as simply as that, I wonder Granny Chiyo? Granny Chiyo? Is he Is he Sasori? What is going on? He's just as he was before He hasn't aged a bit.
What's going on?! I was told Sasori broke off from the Hidden Sand 20 years ago There's no way that he could be this young.
Sasori's Real Face Damn! The sound that I heard coming from inside just a while ago There's no doubt that the battle has already begun.
I'd like to get a grasp of the situation, but You! Return Gaara to us! It's only a matter of time before my man Sasori does away with the group inside.
If my man comes out, then the whole point of using this one to draw out the Jinchuriki will be lost.
You jerk! I won't let you get away.
Hold it right there! Naruto, wait a minute! Kakashi Sensei, you go look after Sakura! Good grief.
Guy, how are conditions over there? Sorry Kakashi, it looks like things will still take a while over here.
If detaining someone is your objective, there's no better way than this.
If your opponent has exactly the same abilities as you do It probably won't be that easy to bring matters to a close.
Splendid move, Mr.
Damn Looks like it's impossible to expect back-up for a while.
Sakura, Granny Chiyo, hold down the fort a bit longer! There's no way I'm going to let you get away! They're coming, aren't they? Better keep up! And then, I will settle matters properly Stop! What's wrong, Kankuro? We'll rest here.
What?! What do you think you're doing, Kankuro?! There's no time to rest easy in a situation like this! Don't be so impatient That's not like you, Sis.
I'm sorry, Miss Temari.
Just a little while If we rest just a little while, we'll be able to start running again right away! Please let us rest a little while.
You guys have no discipline.
And you call yourselves Shinobi?! Stop being unreasonable.
These guys took turns guarding the border for a whole day.
And no sooner had they returned to the village, they had to run all the way here However top-notch Shinobi they may be, you can't force them to do more than this.
No, we're okay! We can't be resting while Lord Gaara is in trouble! We should do what we can for the Kazekage's sake! Yes, for the Kazekage's sake! Miss Temari! Let's head out.
You guys! That's the spirit! Now, now, you shouldn't get so fired up about it.
Ebizo A Shinobi should never lose his composure under any circumstances.
Forgetting that and pursuing the enemy too far all by himself was the cause of Kankuro's recent failure, wasn't it? Besides, in your current state, all of you are not being aware of your surroundings.
What do you mean by that? Well, look at that.
Th-That?! That must be the remains of the battle that Akatsuki fought with the Leaf.
That means Yes.
You have to assume that we have already entered their territory.
There's no telling what kind of traps they may have set up ahead.
When you're about to set foot in such a place, you'll be annihilated in no time if you go dashing in, exhausted the way you all are now.
This is just perfect.
While you're resting, I'll tell you all a story about the old days.
It was long, long ago.
I'm sure you must have heard of it The incident of the Third Kazekage.
The ThirdKazekage? Yes The one before the previous Kazekage.
Of all the Kazekage down through history, the Third Kazekage was said to be the most powerful.
Then the incident occurred when someone kidnapped the Kazekage.
The entire village got all excited and went out seeking news of what had become of the Third Kazekage Looking back upon it now, you would have to say that they simply lost their cool.
The village's guard wore thin, allowing the enemy to intrude, and panic ensued.
If they had dealt with it a little more coolly at the time, the subsequent war could have been avoided.
I am painfully aware of how you all feel right now Butyou mustn't repeat the same mistakes that were made back in the days of the Third Kazekage.
Ebizo did they ever learn what happened to the Third Kazekage after that? After that, the Anbu Black Ops continued to investigate in secret, but no body was ever found, nor any sign that the Kazekage had been removed What's wrong, Granny Chiyo? Are you so filled with emotion that you cannot speak? That's not surprising.
After all, it's our first reunion in 20 years.
Sasori, you While I'm at it, I'll show you something special.
It's guaranteed to move you.
A collection that gave me a hard time when trying to kill it, but That's why I like this best of all.
Th-That It couldn't be! What? What's wrong?! That'sthe Third Kazekage What?! The ThirdKazekage? How about it? Doesn't that take you back, Granny Chiyo? Granny Chiyo, the Third Kazekage? How could this have happened? Then It was over ten years ago that the Third Kazekage suddenly disappeared from the village.
We scoured the countryside, but we were never able to find him.
He was the most powerful of all the Kazekage's, but Sasori, you? And so what if I did? Do you mean to say that a retired old lady with one foot in the grave is about to avenge the Third Kazekage? Tough luck Retired, with one foot in the grave.
That may be so, but it was worth hauling my heavy behind over here.
I'd have too many regrets if I were to die now.
It's bad enough that my grandson got himself mixed up with a bad crowd but to think that you'd betray the village and try to meddle with the Kazekage, for the third time! Third time? It was Orochimaru who killed Gaara's father, the Fourth Kazekage, but the one who guided them was Sasori! And this time, Gaara and even the Third Kazekage Hey, hey, I don't know anything about the Fourth Kazekage.
The one who guided them was my subordinate.
In that case, it's the same as if you did it yourself.
Can you really say that you were not involved? Indeed, I was originally paired with Orochimaru back at the Akatsuki, so I did lots of things but You If you were paired with Orochimaru then that means you know about Orochimaru.
In that case, there're a lot of questions I need you to answer! Sakura Unfortunately, I must take you two out and go capture that Jinchuriki.
I hate to keep people waiting, so I have no time to answer your questions.
shall we get right to it? Here it comes! He's fast! To think that Hiruko's tail fell to pieces You've got some pretty good moves, Granny Chiyo.
In that case, how about this? Oh no! Take this! Sakura! Damn.
Did I botch it? Saved! With the old lady manipulating things, it's impossible to get anywhere.
In that case Oh, no! Sakura! Hold your breath! Is it poison?! In this poisonous smoke, your movements will be irrelevant.
Sakura--! Guy Sensei, this is terrible! What is it, Lee?! According to the information received just now, Kakashi Sensei is the star of today's Mini Feature! What?! He gets a juicy deal like that while we're down here fighting?! In that case, we'll have to take these guys out quickly and join the show! Youth at full power! No way, we can't make it Hard effort will pay off! Right, Tenten? Huh? Where's Tenten?! She just left all excited, saying she got selected as the MC! Next time: "Chiyo's Secret Skills" Say what--?! That traitor!