Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e22 Episode Script

Chiyo´s Inner Hand

Well then, shall we get right to it? Die! He's fast! To think that Hiruko's tail fell to pieces You've got some pretty good moves, Granny Chiyo.
In that case, how about this? Take this! With the old lady manipulating things, it's impossible to get anywhere.
In that case Oh, no! Sakura! Hold your breath! Is it poison?! Sakura--! I guess it's about time to start Hold it, damn you! How lucky of me to take on two Jinchuriki Naruto! I'm not about to let him get away! Kakashi Sensei! Against a Copy Ninja, I guess one Detonating Clay is a little pathetic Having said that, there's only a little Detonating Clay left.
I was intending to only lure out the Jinchuriki, but This is troublesome You jerkwait! Wait, Naruto! We've moved too far away from Sakura and the others.
If we move even further away, the radio transmission will I won't be able to contact Guy's group We better hurry Chiyo's Secret Skills You ain't seen nothing yet! Damn There'll be no end to it this way Rotation! Damn What should I do? Fighting against yourself What the heck should I do? LeafHurricane.
I'm really starting to get tired This poison will kill that girl for sure I'm okay! I managed not to inhale it Sakura! You think I'll let you do that! Th-This is! It's a Kunai Knife with a rope attached.
You should have repelled it, rather than dodge it, eh? I can't hold my breath So you're determined not to let Sakura go, are you? It's useless, Granny Chiyo.
The poison will kill you by inhaling it even with the slightest dose.
Sakura Looks like it's over Naruto I'm sorry, Naruto It'll mean I'll keep you waiting a little, but I promise I won't be a burden next time I promised Naruto that this time I wouldn't be a burden I promised him thatthis time I would protect the two of them Ican'tin a place like this! The poisonous smoke will stop in a minute Hang in there, Sakura! I didn't plant only one source of poisonous smoke What?! Sakura! Hold on! Ican't die in a place like this! What! Sakura! Sakura, hang in there Sakura! Not bad This is bad! She's not breathing! Are you all right, Sakura? Y-Yes She Did she use the blast waves of a Paper Bomb to blow off the poisonous smoke? Along with herself in it, escaping the trap in the process How reckless of her! You! I will capture you! Even if my arms and legs were to be blown off Even if I were to swallow poison and become immobile I will capture you, no matter what! No matter how much you might resist No matter what tricks you come up with I will make you tell me everything about Orochimaru! You hear me?! Even though I said I'd take the Jinchuriki, the Copy Ninja is a nuisance.
I have to somehow separate him from the Jinchuriki.
Kakashi Sensei! Awesome! That guy is trying by any means possible to separate me from Naruto I see So he's trying to go against Naruto one-on-one.
Damn! So my strategy failed, huh.
I guess my only choice is to target the two of them together.
I only have a little Detonating Clay left If I knew it was gonna come to this, I should have prepared some more Detonating Clay back at the base Well, I do have a trump card Huh?! When a woman is talking, a man should listen quietly.
Ohthose things So you remember these, huh Yeah, I guess That's right They're the first puppets you ever made.
The father and the mother.
Father and mother? You mean, Sasori's So what do you plan to do with those now, huh? Those are puppets I made.
I already know its tricks.
This is stupid I wonder about that A wire? Sakura! Stand back! Okay! Amazing This is getting messy.
I better hurry up and use this thing As I thought, that puppet uses the Third Kazekage's Jutsu! You haven't seen this in a while, have you? This Jutsu is why the Third Kazekage was praised as the most powerful.
I'm gonna turn you guys into mush.
What the heck is that? That was the most feared weapon of the Village Hidden in the Sand.
The Iron Sand.
Once upon a time, there was a village in where a boy lived.
He was as cute as a button and had flaming red hair Who took millet dumplings along as he set out to kill the ogres, right! What are you talking about? The story goes: "He headed out shouldering a broad axe.
" Oh, yeah, that's right.
Wrong, wrong.
He lived happily with his parents.
And, rescued a turtle or something? Not even close.
Huh, I quit, I quit.
I don't even know what story I was talking about anymore.
- Huh? What happens next? - Huh? What happens next? Next time: "Father and Mother"