Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e23 Episode Script

Father and Mother

This is getting messy I better hurry up and use this thing.
As I thought, that puppet uses the Third Kazekage's Jutsu! You haven't seen this in a while, have you? This Jutsu is why the Third Kazekage was praised as the most powerful.
I'm gonna turn you guys into mush.
What the heck is that? That was the most feared weapon of the Hidden Sand.
The Iron Sand.
Iron Sand? The Third developed that Jutsu by basing it on the Jutsu used by the former Shukaku wielder.
It changes the Iron Sand into various shapes, creating weapons according to the situation.
The Third Kazekage had a special body that could change the Chakra into magnetism.
Similarly, it appears that puppet also can change the Chakra into magnetism.
What do you mean? Even though the actual body of The Third Kazekage was used, it's still just a doll, right? Why does a doll have the Chakra? No A Human Puppet made from an actual living body is fundamentally different from these normal ones like the "mother" and "father" puppets.
A Human Puppet can only be made by Sasori and that is made while the living Chakra still is embodied.
And by doing so, it can use the person's Jutsu from its previous life.
That's the biggest benefit of the "Human Puppet.
" That's not all.
After all, this is my favorite collection.
Sakura, get out of here.
I will take care of the rest.
This is way too unexpected.
That Puppet makes it impossible for you.
But! You're too slow! Iron Sand: Scattered Showers! Oh shoot! Did you alter it a little? A Chakra shield, huh? Looks like it's been upgraded compared to the time I was playing with them.
As expected, due to the Iron Sand, my moves Don't you know that you have to dodge this Jutsu and not shield it? Seems like you could barely let the chick go.
I inserted the Iron Sand into his entire body.
As long as I have the Third's magnetism, that one's done for.
Let's see I will aim at both of you and attack at once.
In order to ensure an definite kill, I will form it into a lethal weapon.
I won't let you get away a second time With only one puppet, you can't guard the both of you.
What are you going to do, Granny? Who is gonna die?! Father and Mother Though only the arm Turning your own body into a puppet As fellow Puppet Masters, it seemswe think the same way.
What's going on? He's the same as before He hasn't aged.
I see.
I get it now It's the end if the Iron Sand gets in.
Let's see The puppet has ceased.
What are you going to do, Granny Chiyo? I-Impossible Damn you White Fang of the Leaf! Sasori Granny Chiyo, please buy me snacks on the way back.
Yeah why not Granny Chiyo.
How is it, Sasori? This is the Puppet Master Jutsu passed down from generation to generation.
Don't you want to learn it? Huh?! Can you teach me? Nowcome with me.
Lined up here are the prototype and incomplete puppets made in the Hidden Sand Village.
Sasori You can use everything here, why don't you make your own puppet? My own puppet? Th-This is! The world's best Puppet Master is just a human without the puppets, huh.
How could I let this? Now then, what should I do with this situation? Sakura In any case, you need to go! Sakura? What's wrong? Hurry up! I told you that it is impossible for you.
I will take care of this So run! Run? Leaving Granny Chiyo and me alone? No, there should be something There should be something even I can do.
What I can do now? That is Granny Chiyo Please use me! What I can do now is to become Granny Chiyo's puppet and fight.
If you use me, he can't stop my moves with the Iron Sand.
I am left with one arm.
I can't support you like before.
I'm okay True, I don't have a great weapon like the puppet, but Like my master, I have guts! Princess Tsunade, huh The Third's power is magnetism.
Therefore, weapons made from iron and steel won't work.
Excellent! I am also like my master when it comes to fighting with the fist.
That again Ridiculous.
Here I go! You Here I come! Naruto Shippuden is becoming more exciting.
In the next episode, my beloved Sakura is in big trouble.
Plus, Sasori Sorry to interrupt, but there is breaking news.
There was a local earthquake centered on the river country.
A cave has collapsed in some areas.
Aftershocks are still continuing so please be cautious.
Ah, Oh no, due to that news, our preview comment got-- Next time: "The Third Kazekage" What? Then let's try this one more time