Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e25 Episode Script

Between Life and Death in Three Minutes

Granny Chiyo.
What's going on? That little girl shouldn't be able to move anymore Is Grandma controlling her? No, she wouldn't be able to make such complicated movements in her condition That little girl is moving under her own will How is it she can move? I thought I nailed her with my poison.
SakuraYou I used an antidote.
When did youget such a thing? When I made the antidote for Kankuro in the Village Hidden in the Sand I never imagined I'd find this many medicinal herbs here in the Hidden Sand.
However, it's quite difficult to grow medicinal herbs in this type of location.
We only have a small amount of Scurvy Grass in particular No, this is more than enough.
I can make three doses of antidote.
I was able to make just three.
I used one of them to heal Kankuro.
You should be all right now, I think.
Just lie there and rest for a while without moving until the numbness goes away.
I knew the enemy would use poison, so I made the other two into injections and brought them with me.
I see So that's how Yes, I used one of the two.
However, the effects of the antidote will only last around three minutes.
No matter how often I get hit with poison during that time, the effects of the medicine will turn all of it into harmless proteins.
I see I couldn't let Sasori find out that I had this antidote I knew I'd have an opportunity after he revealed his final intentions and let his guard down.
So I couldn't use it until the very last moment.
Now there's only one left I will hand this over to you, Granny Chiyo.
Are you okay?! Don't tell me the poison was neutralized If you want to live that badly, I won't finish you off.
However, that poison will kill you in less than three days Don't tell me they analyzed the components using the poison from back then No, that couldn't be.
Even if by some chance they were able to analyze the components, they shouldn't be able to make an antidote that easily.
The concoction of an antidote is so difficult that even the slightest mistake is not permissible.
Even I, who made the poison, needed a ratio chart for its concoction I'll heal you now.
Now poison won't affect me for the next three minutes.
Everything depends on those three minutes! Grandma, huh? No, I'm the one who knows the level of medical ability in the Hidden Sand more than anyone.
I made a poison that even she wouldn't be able to immediately create an antidote for.
So this kid's also a Medical Ninja, huh? If I recall, she's from the Leaf The current Leaf Hokage Tsunade is known as a top-notch Medical Ninja Don't tell me she made the antidote?! Three Minutes Between Life and Death Sakura, my left hand's okay now.
O-Okay Here I go! Incredible strengthevasion heals wounds They all utilize a considerable amount of Chakra She's probably already reached her limit Good grief.
At this rate, I won't be able to show my face to my man Sasori I've got to use the rest of my Detonation Clay and show him that I'm a real artist! And to do so I'll get that Copy Ninja out of the way! It took a little time, but how about this?! What? Unlike the bird-type from earlier, these are sure small Is that so they won't get picked off by shuriken? And this amount Judging from the size of their hind legs I'd bet their special skill is jumping strength.
Then I guess we'll go with a battle of speed! Naruto! Hold on! You're too slow, Kakashi Sensei! I'm going on ahead! Don't do anything reckless on your own! Yeah, I know.
This might be a bit of a problem For the time being, I stopped the bleeding of the large wounds I'll use all of my remaining Chakra to attack! If I don't finish this during the next three minutes, there won't be a next time! The effects of the antidote will last three minutes We don't have any time.
Can you fight right away, Granny Chiyo? Very well.
Let's end this! this isn't the time to have a staring contest with these things.
If I leave Naruto on his own, he could lose control at any moment.
So by maintaining a fixed distance equal to how far I retreat, they're preventing me from breaking through If so! They'dbetter be following me Good work.
That takes care of him.
What? Kakashi Sensei? Now at last, it's just the two of us.
Don't scowl like that.
Here I'm going to the trouble of letting you see your friend.
Yeah-yeah, as a fellow Jinchuriki, you can't keep your cool, can you? Give Gaaraback! Kakashi Sensei! Oh man, and I was totally convinced that you'd died.
Sorry, it wasn't the real me that blew up.
Next time, you'd better figure out how to get them to tell the difference between a real body and a Shadow Clone If there's a next time, that is Hold it! That goes for you, too It's okay.
We'll definitely get Gaara back.
So calm down! Sasori's gonna get mad at me again for not being prepared enough But it's not my style to think about every little detail and always be perfectly prepared.
Dealing with matters with a flexible mindset, no matter what the situation, leads to developing sophistication as an artist.
Listen up, Naruto.
You're not accustomed to that kind of enemy.
Not only that, he's a long-range type, the worst match for someone like you; who specializes in close-range battle.
There are only two ways to defeat this type of enemy.
One is to draw the enemy into a close-range fight and defeat them The other is to outdo the enemy with a long-range attack and defeat them.
But, how do we do that? No matter which method is taken, your unit needs either a comrade who specializes in long-range attacks or one who can use support Ninjutsu for long-range battles.
In the event of having neither it's impossible to defeat the enemy.
Well, it'd be different if you were as smart as Shikamaru, though.
Stop beating around the bush! If that's the case, then what about you Kakashi Sensei? Ohme, huh? A Jonin who's as smart as Shikamaru and possesses support Ninjutsu for long-range battles.
Then we've got what we need! That's why I told you to calm down.
Then we should get right to it It won't work out that easily.
He won't leave himself open if we just chase him around.
Okay, you're in range! Mission accomplished.
He infiltrated the Hidden Sand by himself and defeated Gaara.
And most important he's a member of the Akatsuki.
Hey, this isn't the time for me to be taking it easy.
Then what do we do? All we can do is create an opening from our end.
You and me together.
If you were able to catch on to what I said, then lend me an ear.
I'll tell you the plan.
Let's go, Sakura! Right! Heh I'll admit it.
You're an impressive kid.
Who would've thought she could destroy the Third Kazekage It's useless to use other Human Puppets any longer.
I haven't used this since I joined the Akatsuki I can't remember when that was Wh-What's that?! He hasn't aged at all since he left my side.
He's exactly the same as before Scorpion And that's the reason why It's really been a long time since I used myself.
He turned himself into a Human Puppet.
Got it? Yeah, I got it! Let's go.
What? If his entire body is a puppet Then it's safe to assume all of the weapons inside his body are covered with poison What's the matter? It's already been over a minute since I gave myself the antidote shot Weren't you going to finish me off? If you're not going to attack me The effects of the antidote will last less than two minutes.
During that time somehow, I need to turn this into a close-range battle and then finish him off Then I'll make the first move! It's useless to hide! Nowwhat will you do? Open Ninja! Treasure Price Value! Today, we had Granny Chiyo bring us these! The finest works of Puppet Master Jutsu, by Monzaemon the First Puppeteer.
If these are genuine, it'd be a historical finding! There is no "if"'! And how much value would the owner place on them? These are priceless, of course! I see.
And how much value would the Connoisseur place on them? These are truly fine works! Ah, looks like they've made the decision! Open the price! One10100 Next time: Puppet Fight: 10 vs.