Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e26 Episode Script

10 Puppets VS 100 Puppets

I can't carelessly approach him like this.
What intense heat and flames.
One and a half minutes left.
Die, Grandma! Eat this! You wish! Just as I thought.
You attached a Chakra thread in the middle of that fight, huh? But the same trick won't work twice! How unfortunate.
There's no time Puppet Fight: 10 vs.
100! What's the matter? Aren't you going to attack? The effects of the antidote will last one more minute Then Sakura! Get away! There! How long do you intend to run about? Twenty seconds left.
If that's how it's going to be Fifteen secondsleft Are you okay, Sakura?! Die! Granny Chiyo! The antidote is working! If I can just endure the pain Your efforts are futile.
Four seconds.
You little--! Sakura?! Cha! Three seconds.
Two! Scorpion We were able to beat him exactly within the sustained duration of the antidote Granny Chiyo, we did it! Sakura That kidhas totally calmed down What's he planning? Kakashi Sensei! Aren't you ready yet?! Hold your horses I don't have as much Chakra as you, after all It's going to take time.
Scorpion What did you do? That's right.
The fight is just beginning.
This is a Jutsu I myself sealed I didn't think I'd ever use it again But it seems it won't work out that way.
Now let's put an end to this.
It's said the ability of a puppet master is measured by the number of puppets they can use I'd expect no less from you, Grandma.
Th-There's so many Ten of them.
Granny Chiyo's secret "Number of Fingers.
" I'd heard rumors about it The device you used to bring down a castle by yourself The Secret White Move: Chikamatsu's 10 Puppets.
The ten masterpieces by Monzaemon, the first Puppeteer of the Puppet Master Jutsu It's a great collection of puppets.
However I used this to bring down a nation! He's becomethis powerful I'm appalled at myself.
How long am I going to have to fight a little girl and an old bag? I never thought I'd have to bring out my final device Secret Red Move: Performance of a Hundred Puppets I'll show you Sakura The effects of your antidote have worn off.
Stay out of this.
You should already know my personality! That's right You've inherited Tsunade's personality as well.
But let's make this the final act.
Are you ready? Here he comes! Three Treasures Suction Crush! With this many of them The surefire way to lessen the number is to fight them one-on-one somehow All right! There are too many of them! Are you okay, Sakura?! I'm okay! Stay sharp! Right! There definitely aren't as many of Sasori's puppets now But conversely, it looks like he's concentrating more on each puppet now.
And on top of that, we only have one antidote left.
Things will get tough in a hurry if either Sakura or I get wounded.
Granny Chiyo! Oh no! Are you okay, Granny Chiyo? You don't need to worry about me! More importantly, aim for Sasori.
I'll keep the other puppets in check! Right! Sakura, use that! Here! We did it! You can't move.
That seal completely suppresses all Chakra.
You can't use your Chakra threads anymore.
It's over, Sasori Use the antidote quickly! She was quick-witted from the very beginning And she was super cute She was way too beautiful! She was my youth! Despite her character, she had her good points To think she'd pass away so soon like this Lee, cry into my arms! Guy Sensei! Please watch over us I'll never forget about you, Sakura--! Cut it out, all of you! This is discouraging! Next time: "Impossible Dream"