Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e27 Episode Script

The Dream That Couldn't Come True

Sakura! Granny Chiyo! Can you still move? Oh? You're worrying about other people even with this wound? Sasori How? Don't tell me So that's it.
If you're a Medical Ninja, you should understand the situation you're in.
Shut up! You're a courageous girl.
But how long can you hold on? She'sstopping the bleeding and healing herself with a sword stuck in her.
She's skilled.
Granny Chiyo, I'm okay.
So hurry up and take the antidote.
It looks like the poison is starting to take effect.
Of course, this sword is also poisoned, you see.
My body's getting numb from the poison, so I can't control my Chakra very well.
Impossible Dream So that's the antidote.
I can't believe how everyone chooses death for the sake of others How stupid I won't let go.
This girl's gotincredible strength.
Granny Chiyo! It's futile to have a strength contest with her, huh? Then Die! Wh-What? You lowered your guard at the end, Sasori.
What? Now you can't move.
Am I right? Although you may have the body of a puppet, you use Chakra, so you need a part that's living That's your weakness.
And just that part from your left chest is missing from that shell.
Here! It was probably right before the Jutsu was completed.
You switched to a different puppet.
The body of a puppet is basically just a doll.
Your real body is that chest part that produces Chakra.
Sakura! This is not good.
In any event, I've got to pull out this sword while closing the wound.
Hang in there.
Just a little more.
It's futile.
I pierced a vital point.
She'll soon be dead even without poison.
She's lost too much blood.
Since you're also a Medical Ninja, I aimed for a spot you can't easily heal.
I've already finished first-aid treatment with Medical Ninjutsu.
What I'm doing right now isn't Medical Ninjutsu.
What? I'm giving her my own life energy.
Don't tell me It's a Reanimation Ninjutsu! A Reanimation Ninjutsu.
It's a Jutsu I spent years creating originally for you one that only I can use.
With this Jutsu life can even be breathed into puppets.
In exchange for the life of the caster that is Sasori.
But in hindsight, it's a dream that won't be realized How stupid Have a safe trip.
ItIt can't be! Damn you White Fang of the Leaf! Grandma Chiyo! Are Mom and Dad back? They're not? W-Well, your mom and dad were suddenly sent on another mission It looks like they won't be back for a little while.
I just heard from them and they want you to wait with me for them to return.
Can you wait, Sasori? Yeah.
How stupid.
When did you grow senile, Grandma? Sakura, are you okay? Yes.
What about you, Granny Chiyo? That's strange.
I thought the caster of that Reanimation Ninjutsu or whatever was supposed to die in exchange for breathing life into someone dead.
Sakura's wound was severe, but she wasn't dead So I got off without serious injury.
That's unfortunate.
I'd stop that.
This body doesn't even feel pain.
The more you hit me, the greater the pain in your fist.
Women sure like to do stuff that's pointless.
I won't feel anything even if my blood-related grandmother should die.
My heart is just like this body.
Up until now I've killed hundreds, thousands of people.
She'd be the same as one of them.
Things are simpler that way.
Just what do you think a person's life is to you?! What do you think a relative is to you?! Come on Is that what a Shinobi should be saying? Why can you only think like that? Sakura That's enough.
It was the evil customs and teachings of Hidden Sand Village.
that made him what he is.
Granny Chiyo.
Do you want to have a body like this? If you did, you'd probably somewhat understand what I'm talking about.
This body won't decay and it's not bound to a span of life.
A puppet can be recreated over and over again.
I can create as many people as I want with puppets.
If you want, that is It's not just about increasing the amount.
A collection is all about quality.
What the hell are you?! I'd venture to say I'm a human who couldn't completely becomea puppet.
I'm a puppet, but an incomplete puppet possessing a living core.
I'm not a person nor am I a puppet.
I'll soon stop moving.
Before that, I think I'll do something pointless It's your reward for defeating me.
You wanted to know about Orochimaru, right? At midday in ten days, go to the Tenchi Bridge located in the Village Hidden in the Grass! I've got a spy working as one of Orochimaru's subordinates I was supposed to rendezvous with himthere It's over, Granny Chiyo.
Excellent work.
I was the one who should've been defeated.
Sasori read my final attack.
But for some reason, he didn't dodge it.
A slight opening was revealed.
Could it be that he? Kakashi Sensei, aren't you ready yet? It's about ready now.
That's the thing you were talking about before? That's right.
It's my new Sharingan.
Let's go, Naruto! Right! The more we fight, the stronger they get! It looks like we have no choice, but turn on our Reverse Mode! Reverse Mode? Allow me to explain! We, Team Guy, only under an ultimately critical situation, can fully activate for a single time, the Powerful Youth Burning Young Power stored within our mind and body, using it to increase our concentration and kiai, and for a flash of a second, attain an explosively destructive power! All right! Lee, now is our time to do this! Yes! Guy Sensei! Now just hold on for a second! There is no such thing! Next time: "Beasts: Alive Again!"