Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e28 Episode Script

The Resurrected Beasts

At midday in ten days, go to the Tenchi Bridge located in the Village Hidden in the Grass! I've got a spy working as one of Orochimaru's subordinates I was supposed to rendezvous with himthere Things have gotten quiet at the enemy hideout.
Has the fight been settled? Neji, can you hear me?! What's happening at the enemy hideout?! Give mea minute.
It looks like the fight's been settled.
You say the fight's been settled? Then! Sakura--! S-Sakura! What's going on with Sakura?! Sakura's okay.
They're both walking.
I see! So they beat one of the Akatsuki! I'd expect no less from Sakura.
But things have gotten problematic What do you mean? There were actually two Akatsuki members in the hideout Even though one of them has been defeated, this Jutsu hasn't worn off! Which means the other one cast the Jutsu or It's a Jutsu that won't wear off even if the caster has been defeated? There's a possibility.
That means we just have to defeat our clones, right?! Beasts: Alive Again! Granny Chiyo! I'll heal you now! But this won't be an ultimate solution.
I've got to do something about the poison that entered her body I used up all of the antidotes I made with the ingredients that could be procured in the Hidden Sand Village.
If I make arrangements right now and have the ingredients transported to the Hidden Sand Village we just might make it in time.
Let's hurry back to the village.
I'll make another antidote immediately No Why?! We've finished what we were supposed to do.
We need to return to the village and neutralize the poison immediately More importantly I've still got something I mustdo.
A new Sharingan What is it? Kakashi Sensei It's okay if you fail.
I'll make sure I settle things in the end! Right If your turn comes around Right! What's this? Just as I thought Hey Aren't these guys becoming stronger than before? Indeed, he's begun hitting me with powerful shots No, the enemy hasn't gotten stronger.
Exactly We've gotten weaker.
We've gotten weaker? What do you mean, Neji? Can you tell us the reason why? It's very simple.
This Jutsu probably All right! Everyone! We'll remove the tags on three! One two three! It copies precisely at that moment, the ability and form of the person who removed the tags and then they attack.
That's why we've had trouble finishing them off.
But unlike them, we're flesh-and-blood humans.
If a fight drags on, we get tired.
And the execution of our Jutsu and our movements worsen So it feels like the enemies have gotten a lot stronger Then the longer the fight drags on, the more fatigued we become and we'll be at a disadvantage! That's about the size of it.
No way! Even so we must notlose here! Damn you! Damn it! Sakura What's the matter?! What happened? Oh! It's so simple What do you mean? I figured it out! I figured out how to beat these guys! What?! Really?! How do we beat them?! It's a surefire method, right? Yes! It's an absolutely surefire method! We just have to get stronger than we were when we first encountered these guys.
The enemy just copied our strength at the moment we removed the tags.
If we get stronger than we were at that point, we can definitely beat them! Good job noticing that, Lee! That's my favorite pupil.
It may sound logical, but there's no way we can get stronger just like that! Have you forgotten, Tenten? Have you forgotten the motto from our training?! Stronger than you were yesterday! With those words engraved in our hearts we endured harsh training! What's the matter?! Are you done already?! You're no better than you were yesterday! W-We're just getting started We won't give up at the same point as yesterday.
We've got toget stronger Stronger than you were yesterday! Stronger than you were yesterday! Stronger than you were yesterday! - Stronger than you were yesterday! - Stronger than you were yesterday! As a result of our training, Tenten and I became Chunin And Neji became a Jonin! It's a result of our continuous efforts to get stronger than we were yesterday! But are we all satisfied with who we are right now?! II I want to be better than I was yesterday! Half a day ago A minute ago! I'm going to be better! I've never once thought that being a Jonin was my final goal! I've no intention of toning things down any time soon! I've no intentionof droppingout! Youthat full power! Hazan Strike! Weapon Control Tensasai! GreatLeaf Flash! Yeah! Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Next time, Kakashi Sensei will finally unleash his new Jutsu! He'll pound on that Deidara! Kakashi Sensei tends to put on airs and prolongs things Plus he's good at giving suggestive ideas, while dodging our questions.
But when push comes to shove, he always gets tough! That's true! He hasn't aged all these years for nothing! Go get 'em, Kakashi Sensei! Do your best, belated hero! Umyou two? If you're going to cheer for me, can't you at least do it a bit more seriously? Next time: "Kakashi Enlightened!"