Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e29 Episode Script

Kakashi's Enlightenment!

He was formidable.
I'd expect no less of my imposter.
I did it Yes! Everyone! Have things been settled? Yes, Guy Sensei! - Yeah - Naturally! All right! Now we head off to back up Team Kakashi! - Roger! - Roger! Granny Chiyo! Granny Chiyo I'm not surprised Sasori's poison could knock her out at any moment We've finished what we were supposed to do.
We need to return to the village and neutralize the poison immediately More importantly, I've still got something I mustdo.
It's probablythat powerful will that's keeping her conscious Butwhat is it she has to go this far to do? I'm sorry They're following me.
Shall we do this? Naruto.
Get backa little.
Got it.
Mangekyo Sharingan! Kakashi Enlightened! Mangekyo Sharingan! What isthis?! A Vision Jutsu?! Oh no! What is this Jutsu? It's amazing You won't get away! Damn it! Damn it! My arm's getting sucked into space?! What kind of Jutsu is this?! I guess I still can't control the location or size of the dimensional barrier very well But I won'tmiss next time Damn it! I let him get away! I shook him off, huh? Rasengan! All right! Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Gaara! Gaara! Gaara! Kakashi Sensei, you all right? Yeah somehow Gaara.
I'll get you out now.
It looks like they came through here.
They were probably going after Gaara who was taken You jerk! Hey! Gaara! Are you listening?! Knock it off! That's enough, Naruto! You should know That's right.
You know, don't you? He's been dead for a while.
Please hurry.
Right! Please let me know if it gets too painful.
I will Lee! I'll leave you behind if you drag your feet, Tenten! What're you talking about?! I was waiting for you guys to catch up! I see.
Naruto and the others should be expecting us to rendezvous with them.
So let's hurry! What? We should wait for Guy Sensei and Neji We don't need to worry about that.
Huh?! You're late, Lee, Tenten! Oh! It's your fault they got ahead of us, Tenten! Hey! Hold it, Lee! Kakashi! Can you hear me? Hey, Kakashi! Just as I thought.
The radio isn't working.
Neji, what's happening with Kakashi and the others? It looks like they're still fighting the one from the Akatsuki But it seems they've succeeded in retrieving the Kazekage However However?! Gaara! Hey Hey, Gaara! Gaara! I told you, didn't I? He's already dead.
It was fine using the Kazekage as bait to lure out the Jinchuriki.
But I didn't plan on him coming along My left arm Sand Prison! was crushed by the Sand Jinchuriki, and even my right arm, too Now I can't even use a Jutsu.
I guess this is it ButI never thought there was anyone with Visual Jutsu as good as Itachi.
This Jinchuriki's nothing special.
Kakashi's the more important issue I'll pound you! Fine, fine.
I'll take you on again one of these days.
You let your guard down Oh no! Yes! I told you that you let your guard down Shadow Clone Jutsu! Naruto It's clay Was it a Substitution?! That's! Get a handkerchief ready.
The next episode features a raging conclusion that will leave you in tears.
I show great concern for my foolish pupil from afar.
My finally-honed foresight will save Naruto with the power of love! Oh, I'm involved in this too, so make it the love of his two masters that saves him.
Then how about, "Love Saves the Foolish Pupil," for the title of the next episode? Excellent, Master Jiraiya.
Let's go with that.
You're okay with this, right, Naruto? Next time: "Aesthetics of an Instant"