Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e30 Episode Script

Instant Esthetics

What isthat? That'swhat Master Jiraiya was talking about The Nine-Tail's Cloakhuh? So that's the Jinchuriki's No wonder his punches were so hard It's so hot! Listen carefully, Kakashi.
At some point the Nine-Tail's Chakra may leak out of Naruto's body and take the form of the Fox Spirit.
The Chakra will turn into the Fox Spirit?! You can refer to it as the Nine-Tail's Cloak.
The Nine-Tail's Cloak? If the Nine-Tail's Cloak appears, you must be careful! Listen carefully You must stop it while there's still only one tail If you don't you'll end up seeing something frightening Aesthetics of an Instant Right from the start Calm down, Naruto! He's lost his ability to think calmly and rationally.
It's dangerous to approach him carelessly If the need arisesuse this.
With this, you can immediately suppress the Chakra.
I'm saved Have you calmed down, Naruto? What in the world did Master Jiraiya see? I got to see something pretty cool.
Someone'scoming We finally meet up.
S-Sakura You did well to find us here.
We felt a huge tremor earlier You guysdid it, huh? Yeah It looks like you're still having some trouble here Unfortunately What happened with Gaara? All right Don't tell me I can't believe my man Sasori got beaten by a little girl and that old hag Eternal beauty that remains long into the future, my butt.
He goes and dies just like that He was too confident in that form with its weakness in full view! Well, from my standpoint, it was an ending befitting of an artist.
Good work, Neji.
Good work, Neji! I haven't worked at all.
I see That must be the Byakugan that's passed down through the Leaf along with the Sharingan.
You used those eyes to approach me from my blind spot, huh? It's the first time I've seen the real deal I'd like to see how it's different from Itachi's Sharingan.
But I think escaping from this situation comes first now.
Heh! Now that Team Guy, the strongest in all the Leaf is here you can't escape! Exactly! Prepare yourself! Team Guy, huh? Not bad.
Severe Leaf Hurricane! Looks like it's impossible to get away by foot Air Palm! These guys are sure pesky! I'm sure it's around here Down there, huh?! He went down! We don't know what he's planning.
Don't lower your guard! Be careful, everyone! He's a long-range type who uses explosives! I'll show you my ultimate work of art He's concentrating his Chakra in one spot all at once! Don't tell me Get back quickly, everyone! Art is explosive! We won't make it in time! What's going on?! I somehow made it in time You okay, Kakashi Sensei? I'd expect no less from my rival What in the world did you do? I blew the explosion into another dimension.
Another dimension?! This isa Sharingan Vision Jutsu I don't really get what happened, but the enemy has been defeated, right, Tenten? Hey! Don't ask me that.
More importantly Is everyone okay? Sakura Sakura Why? Why did Why is it always Gaara? Did he have to die like this?! He's the Kazekage He just became the Kazekage Calm down, Naruto Uzumaki Shut up! This wouldn't have happened if you Sand Shinobi hadn't put a monster inside Gaara! Did you even ask Gaara at all about how he felt?! Jinchuriki, my butt! You've no right to act so self-important by labeling us with that word you created! Naruto I can't save Sasuke And I can't saveGaara I trained so hard for three years.
Nothing's changed since three years ago Granny Chiyo That Jutsu will! Granny Chiyo Everything I've done until now was wrong.
However, it looks like I'll finally be able to do something right at the end.
The world of the Sand and the Leaf created by foolish old people is finished.
I'm sure the future you build from here on out will be much different than ours.
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