Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e04 Episode Script

Fake Smile

Resembles Sasuke, huh? I guess there's a small resemblance, but What is it? He kind of talks likehim too Please don't stare at me like that I'll pound you.
Hey! You tick me off with everything you say! He doesn't resemble Sasuke at all! I don't really mean it.
You liar! I'm just trying to portray myself like that kind of character.
Portray yourself? Then you do mean it! You won't do at all! You really tick me off! Hey! Hey! Don't act like that in front of your captain, Naruto.
I'm sure Kakashi taught you that trust and teamwork are most important to a team.
You were on the same team as the great Kakashi Make-Out Paradise Deluxe Edition What's your problem? He's not a member of Team Kakashi! The other member of our Team Kakashi is Sasuke! This guy was just chosen to cover the loss of Sasuke I don't acknowledge him as a team member Well That's actually easier for me.
He betrayed the Leaf and ran off to serve Orochimaru I don't want to be lumped together with a cockroach along the same lines as Orochimaru.
Y-You creep! Teamwork is indeed important.
Sai Naruto still doesn't know you very well.
So he may have been out of line.
I'm sorry Please forgive Naruto Sakura Thank goodness I've got at least one kid who's less objectionable.
It's okay.
It doesn't bother me.
Really? Thank goodness.
The Fake Smile I wonder if they're getting along The new Team Kakashi, that is.
I'm sure it'll work out.
They're not rookies anymore.
They're full-fledged Shinobi now.
But it seems Naruto and the new team member Sai aren't really getting along very well.
And who's fault was it that a team member Naruto can't get along with was added to Team Kakashi?! I-I never thought one of Lord Danzo's subordinates would end up joining their team There's no time for excuses! Get a move on! Find out about Danzo's intentions and Sai's background! Got it, Shizune?! Y-Yes, ma'am.
I've left the Naruto and Sai matter to Sakura.
She should be able to set things right! About that Sakura What is it?! N-No, it's nothing.
I get the feeling Sakura's becoming more and more like Lady Tsunade these days I hope she can mediate between Naruto and Sai all right.
Surely she isn't throwing gas on the fire You don't have toforgive me.
You tricked me good with your fake smile earlier And here you don't even know anything about Sasuke Don't you ever speak ill about him! If you insult Sasuke again, I won't hold back.
Fine I won't say anything like that in front of you again.
So that's another way of using a fake smile, huh? I'll remember that.
How can you grin like that after getting punched?! A smile is the best way to get through a tough situation.
Even if it's a fake smile.
Surprisingly enough, everyone gets fooled.
That's what it said in the book.
It seems it doesn't really work if I do it, though.
You jerk! Four-Pillar Prison Jutsu! I'll really toss you guys into this cell if you keep fighting.
We don't have much time until we get to the Tenchi Bridge.
That being said we've still got enough time to take a little detour.
Th-This is This is the secret Jutsu that only the First Hokage could use The Wood Style Ninjutsu! How come Captain Yamato can use the Wood Style Ninjutsu? Who the heck is this guy? As your peacemaker, I offer you this suggestion.
In order to improve your rapport, I can toss you guys into this cell for a full day or we can stay at a hot spring inn for a night.
Which would you prefer? You guys probably don't really know me all that well.
I prefer the kind and gentle approach, but I'm not against controlling you by fear either.
Sure enough, getting naked together like this is a great way to bond, isn't it?! Don't you think so? Y-Yes, that's right! His eyes are totally scary! He's already controlling us with fear Oh So you do have "equipment," after all.
Don't be looking! Naruto? Shut up with all that talk about my "equipment!" For crying out loud, Naruto You're talking too loud! You jerk! It's your fault I'm being laughed at Aren't you glad that Sakura's pleased, too? Sakura? Now then I'm getting out now.
Before that, let me tell you an interesting story, Naruto.
When Master Jiraiya was young, there was one time when he almost died.
He broke six ribs and both arms, and several of his internal organs ruptured It seems Lady Tsunade beat him up real good with her incredible strength This happened because he did what you're now attempting to do I wonder what Sakura would do.
It looks like things are going to get busy Come in.
Excuse me.
Shall I start preparing your meals? Yes, please.
I'll bring them right away then.
That was a nice bath.
Naruto I'll be getting out, too Please be careful not to stay in the water too long.
You'll get dizzy.
Idiot, idiot, are you an idiot? I've never seen such magnificent food! Man, it sure looks good Say! Say! Captain Yamato! What is it, Naruto? Is it really okay if we eat all this? Sure.
Help yourself.
Yes! Thank you! Thank you.
What should I start with? Mmm, tasty! It really is good.
If we get food this awesome every mission, Captain Yamato can stay with us forever! Yeah, that's right.
Let's have Kakashi Sensei stay in the hospital a little while longer.
Ummwhen can I eat? For awhile, you'll only get food intravenously.
You still can't move your arms and legs freely, after all Oh, I see Once you can move your arms and legs, you'll go on a liquid diet.
It'll still be quite awhile before you can eat solid food.
I want toeat something I'm stuffed Thank you for the meal.
Thank you.
Now then, normally after dinner, I'd want to have a meeting regarding the mission But the reason why we're staying here is for improvement of your rapport.
Let's forget about the serious stuff for now.
Now you're talking, Captain Yamato.
Instead we'll definitely have a meeting tomorrow! Could it be we're going to stay at a hot springs inn tomorrow, too? No, cut me some slack on that one.
My wallet won't make it.
Then could it be that you're paying for this place out of your own pocket, Captain Yamato? Yes.
Awesome! You're sure generous! It's settled! Captain Yamato will be the captain of Team Kakashi! Yeah! I second that! I sure slept well.
The weather's nice today, too.
Sai What's he doing over there? Oh, Sai.
So you draw, huh? Is there something you want? Nothing special.
I was just thinking that surprisingly enough, you've got a sensitive side despite being so foul-mouthed.
You really just haven't finished hitting me, have you? No way.
Hey, I just came to have a peek at what you're drawing.
I see.
But it's strange.
I totally thought you were drawing a landscape since you're out here drawing.
Hey, this is an abstract, isn't it? Next episode: "Untitled"