Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e05 Episode Script


Could it be? Sakura, you've got it all wrong.
I'm not peeking! Naruto! And here I told you not to not tonot to Oww! Forgive meSakura.
Sakura! Is it morning already? I don'tfeel like I slept at all Did he get up already? Sai's stuff is gone Wheredid he go?! Morning, Naruto.
C-Captain Yamato That jerk, that jerk Sai Sai's outside.
Your timing's perfect.
I've got something I want to ask you to do for me Untitled Wow So you draw.
Is there something you want? You're foul-mouthed, but you've also got a sensitive side, huh? That's a surprise.
That fake smile So you're still not through hitting me, huh? Not quite I'm kidding! I just came to check out your picture.
I was wondering what you were drawing.
I see At first, I thought you were drawing a landscape since you're drawing out here But it's an abstract, huh? What's the title of this drawing? You haven't decided on one yet? You don't know? The name of this drawing, a title.
You've got something in mind, don't you? I won't laugh, so tell me.
I've got nothing like that.
I've drawn tens of thousands of pictures but I've never given one a title.
So this doesn't have one, either Really? But you're supposed to give a title to a picture, right? If it's a portrait, you give it the name of the person Or with other pictures, you use the situation, your feelings or emotions at the time To be exact, I couldn't title one of my drawings even if I wanted to Nothing comes to mind.
I don'tfeel anything.
Nothing No wonder you can only say such callous things! It's about time for us to leave! Captain Yamato told me to come get you.
This drawing's nothing special! You're right Just like your "equipment.
" I'm going to be straight with you! I can't stand you! If you've got a problem, stop the fake smiles and tell me straight to my face! I'll take you on anytime you want to fight! Oh You want to fight?! no problem with you.
I don't care about you at all.
Please go on ahead.
I'll catch up once I've tidied up.
I'll help.
Thisisn't printed.
Did you draw this, too? Wow, it's a picture book, huh? That looks cool.
Oh! Say can I take a look at it along the way? I can't let you see it.
It's not finished yet And I don't hand this over to people.
This is my older brother's book, so But he said he drew it himself What's he talking about? Thank you Please come again So has your rapport improved? Why do we have to be with this guy? So would you have preferred control by fear? I-It's okay.
Our rapport has improved! Naruto looks like he's enjoying himself What're you talking about? That's a fake smile any way you look at it.
Really? You yourself said that a smile is the best way to get through a tough situation, right? Oh yeah.
I don't feel anything.
I don't care about you at all.
It's just about time.
What is it, Captain Yamato? Huh? O-Okay! Why are we going to the trouble of coming through here? Captain Yamato! What's the meaning of this?! I think the path we were on was the right way.
Captain! I'm sure Lady Tsunade has told you.
What're you talking about? The information Sakura got might be a trap.
There's a possibility that the Akatsuki might be waiting to ambush us at the Tenchi Bridge.
They might be after you, Naruto.
No way I don't think there's a great possibility, but you can never be too careful.
We'll proceed along a covert route as much as possible until we reach the Tenchi Bridge.
Right, got it.
I guess this spot is okay.
Huh? Don't tell me We'll rest here tonight.
What?! If we're going to camp out, we should use the cave we just passed by instead of this wide open area Step back, everyone.
Wood Style: Four Pillar House Jutsu! We'll camp out here tonight.
I don't think you can call something like this camping out.
This is amazing Wow, so this is what it looks like on the inside.
It's quite spacious, isn't it? I think our room just might hold some promise.
Welcome Team Kakashi Over there It's surprisingly bare, isn't it? W-Well, it's better than sleeping outside.
Break time, break time! Now if only we had a bath, too.
Is there something you want? Nothing at all! Gather around, everyone.
And I want to ask you something, Sakura.
What is it? It's about the Akatsuki's Sasori.
Sasori I wanted to ask you sooner, but I promised that we weren't going to talk about stuff like that yesterday.
I want you to tell me everything today You're the only one who's ever seen Sasori in person, after all Yes, sir.
For the time being, I've received a file on Sasori from the Hidden Sand But tell me in as much detail as you can about his personality, behavior, mannerisms and habits if he has any.
What's this about? The spy who's infiltrated Orochimaru's organization thinks Sasori is going to meet him at the Tenchi Bridge.
They might see us through immediately, but it's probably best to approach by transforming into Sasori.
If Sasori doesn't show up at the Tenchi Bridge, then the spy might not, either There's a distinct possibility.
Then there'd be no point.
Being a spy is a very risky act, after all.
Which means the spy is probably being quite cautious.
Then are you going to transform into Sasori, Captain Yamato? I'll probably have to.
It seems he always remained hidden inside this Hiruko puppet.
So I'm probably the right one for this since I can use the Wood Style Ninjutsu.
You're right.
And also, assuming this turns out to be an Akatsuki trap I'll approach him alone at first.
At midday in ten days, go to the Tenchi Bridge located in the Village Hidden in the Grass! What do you mean? I've got a spy working as one of Orochimaru's subordinates I was supposed to rendezvous with himthere The way he talked being near death I don't think he was lying And there was indeed a spy called Yura in the Sand Village This is just assuming something goes wrong.
You guys stand by until I give you instructions.
Either way, there's no doubting that spy is probably considerably powerful.
Let's do this! Now then Now for the main issue Let me explain the mission in a little more detail.
Our goal is just to arrest the target.
We must not let him die, even if we end up having to fight.
We'll lose an important source of information if the target is killed.
And a mission like this is more difficult than just killing an enemy.
As this is a delicate mission, I will make the first move.
And you guys will be my back-up The strategy is simple.
First, I restrain the target.
Second, if I should fail to restrain the target and this turns into a battle, you guys shift to battle formation.
I will give you a signal when I want you to do this.
And in the event of the second case, you are to operate with the Buddy System.
B-Buddy System? When one person takes action, a partner always backs you up.
Reciprocal back-up is a fundamental rule.
You know about this, don't you? Oh, yeah! That, huh? Get it together, will you? Now I'm going to determine the Buddy Teams.
First, Sakura and I will be one team! And the other team will be Naruto and Sai! with him? You jerk! Don't you know what the word comrade is? Of course! I could explain it to you if you like.
That's not what I mean! Please don't blame your lack of individual competence on others.
What?! It isn't ideal to fight while protecting someone who has lost his cool.
All I did was consider the best way to successfully complete the mission, make a judgment and take action.
I'll never acknowledge you! I wonder what Sasuke would've done.
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