Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e06 Episode Script


Now for the main issue Now I'm going to determine the Buddy Teams.
First, Sakura and I will be one team! The other team will be Naruto and Sai.
Me? with him? Captain Yamato and I will form one team.
And the other team will be Naruto and Sai.
Looking forward to it There's that fake smile again.
Damn it! Captain Yamato.
What is it, Naruto? WhyWhy do I have to team up with him ? Is there a problem? U-Understood.
I see It can't be helped For the time being, you keep Naruto under control.
Yes UmCaptain Yamato.
What is it? I think Naruto and I would make a better team.
We've been working together for a while and we know each other quite well, so.
That's my Sakura.
Yes? You're the only Medical Ninja on this team.
We can't let you get hurt, and that is why you'll be with me.
You understand, right? Yes, I do.
As Sai said earlier, we can assume the enemy will be very skilled A mistake in teamwork could prove fatal.
I'm sure you have all something to say about this, but just concentrate on the mission for now.
Got it We don't know where Orochimaru's hideout is.
But the Akatsuki spy is probably on his way to the Tenchi Bridge right about now.
Tenchi Bridge Simulation Here he comes Aren't we ready yet? There he is! Damn it, where's the signal?! There's the signal.
Hold it! Now, Naruto.
Let's go, Sai.
Based on what we just talked about, although I generally don't do this very often tomorrow we'll devote half a day to a team-play simulation.
A simulation? That's right.
All I know about you guys is what I've read in your files.
I want to get an idea of your fighting styles, battle skills and Jutsu types with my own eyes.
And the cooperation of the team should get smoother if we learn about each other.
Uh-huh, cooperation, eh? You might think I'm being too cautious But this is how I do things.
You will go along with it.
Damn it! Come at me for real! Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll.
No way am I letting go! Why are you grabbing me, too?! Hey, Sai! Do something about this! That way, huh? H-Hey! Where are you going, Sai?! I've already captured Captain Yamato, so hurry up and untie me! Naruto! What're you doing?! That isn't Captain Yamato.
Huh? What? What the hell is this?! Damn it! Hey, Sai! Hurry up and untie this snake! You did well to capture me, Sai.
I see He's more skilled than I imagined.
I can't believe a Shinobi this good was assigned to Team Kakashi as an alternate.
An additional member a new recruit from the Anbu Black Ops Training Division will be dispatched to Team Kakashi Fromthe Foundation ? However What is it? Keep a close watch on his actions Lady Tsunade's concerns may not have been groundless.
Hey, hey, hey! You creep, Sai! I see.
She has incredible strength to be able to tear that snake I don't want to get hit by her again.
All right, that's the end of the simulation.
You jerk! What is it? Don't you know what the word "comrade" is? Listen, you! I'm asking you if you know what the word "comrade" is! Of course I do (Comrade) What of it? That's not what I'm trying to say.
H-Hey, Naruto.
Please don't blame your lack of individual competence on others.
What did you say?! Damn it! Come at me for real! If you hadn't let the Captain get a rise out of you I could've remained hidden without being exposed.
And it wouldn't have been this much trouble to capture the Captain.
What do you mean? Even if you go to the trouble of transforming into me you'll be exposed as a Shadow Clone immediately if you use one of your Jutsu.
Because of that, the Captain saw through our strategy and escaped into the forest using a Substitution.
Then why didn't you break the Jutsu right away if you knew it was a Substitution? It isn't ideal to fight while protecting someone who has lost his cool.
All I did was consider the best way to successfully complete the mission, make a judgment and take action.
I won't acknowledge you.
I'll never acknowledge the likes of you as a comrade or as a member of Team Kakashi! I guess these two just won't work as a team, huh? I wonder what Sasuke would've done.
Would he have fought while protecting you? He's a Team Kakashi comrade to you, right? Naruto won't be able to put up with this any longer.
If you call someone who betrayed his village and hurt you a comrade, that is.
This is not good.
If it's to save that comrade, then I'll do whatever it takes.
I'll even team up with you.
Why does he feel so strongly about Sasuke? It's because Naruto thinks of Sasuke like a brother.
You've got a brother, too, don't you? You should understand a little about how he feels.
No, not at all.
I told you about titles for my drawings, right? To be exact, I couldn't title one of my drawings even if I wanted to Nothing comes to mind.
I don'tfeel anything.
I have no such thing as emotions.
What do you mean you don't feel anything or have any emotions? I mean just what I said.
Even so, if you have a brother, you should be able to imagine what it would be like to lose him, right? Hm? Yeah, well you could say that.
My brother's dead, after all.
Then all the more I wonder if I should've looked like that.
What're you trying to say? Well, I didn't know what kind of look to make when my brother died Look to make? This guy That's enough talking.
We're moving out pretty soon, so gather your things.
Sai, normally I would've pounded you good back there I told you I wouldn't hold back if you spoke ill of Sasuke again, right? But I didn't do that because even though you insult Sasuke, Naruto said he would team up with you if it meant saving Sasuke.
No matter what kind of guy you are I must not hurt you if it means saving Sasuke.
Sakura, in regards to Naruto Yeah, I guess I'd say you're nice to him.
I once read something like this in a book.
I don't know why such feelings arise.
Let's get a move on.
This will all come to nothing if we don't get there by tomorrow afternoon.
We're almost there.
We'll head for the bridge once we're finished getting ready here.
Tenchi Bridge Damn it.
That spy jerk isn't here yet?! It won't be that easy.
Our opponent is highly skilled.
Being overly cautious is just fine.
But if we're too cautious, we might attract the spy's suspicion and our timing to capture him will get thrown off.
That's true.
Shh! It looks like he's here.
Took him long enough.
Hey, th-that's! No way! It can't be! He's the Akatsuki spy?! Next episode: "The Tenchi Bridge.