Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e07 Episode Script

The Bridge of Heaven and Earth

Tenchi Bridge I don't sense the presence of anyone around the Tenchi Bridge I guess that means there won't be any Akatsuki ambush, huh? All right! Then let's proceed as planned.
Right! Naruto.
Could you take this and hold it towards me? All right, that's good.
Hold it towards me.
Wood Style: Transformation! So? Did it turn out okay? Yes, it did! You look like Sasori's puppet Hiruko in every way.
Now I want to adjust the voice.
Let me know when it sounds right.
Oh! That's it.
That's the voice.
Then we're going to start the operation, okay? Your tone is too polite.
You need to sound more violent or surly or something OhThat's right.
I'm irritable, and hate waiting and being kept waiting.
Okay, we're starting the operation! Right-right.
That's what he was like! Okay, our opponent should be on the alert.
We'll split up now! Observe teamwork at all times! Especially you, Naruto! Don't be jumping out before I give the signal! Let's go! OkayTime to go.
The wind's strong.
This should Sakura Yeah, this spot should be okay.
It's almost noon That spy jerkisn't he here yet? Is that him? The Tenchi Bridge Here he comes.
At midday in ten days, go to the Tenchi Bridge located in the Village Hidden in the Grass! I've got a spy working as one of Orochimaru's subordinates I was supposed to rendezvouswith himthere That's him, huh? Captain Yamato I hope you do okay It's been a long time, Lord Sasori.
He's It's been five years, hasn't it? Kabuto Yakushi Were you followed? We're okay How're you doing? I've still got the strange sensation from when I remembered who I was after your Jutsu broke I still feel heavy-headed Him again?! Who would've thought the Akatsuki spy was Kabuto.
I've got some questions for you.
I don't have much time, so please keep it short.
I risked my life to get here without Orochimaru finding out.
I want information about the location of his hideout and Sasuke.
There are several hideouts.
We move to a different hideout each week so as not to get discovered.
Of course there are hideouts, not just in the Village Hidden in the Sound, but in other lands as well.
Spies for Orochimaru infiltrate and act as informers.
But there are all sorts of means of transport, so they're not easily tracked Where is it now? We're now in a hideout on a small island on a lake to the north.
We'll be moving again in three days.
Sasuke Uchiha is there as well.
The sound of the wind is so loud I can't hear anything.
You idiot! That's why we were able to get this close.
The wind blows away the noise and smell, so we can sit here unnoticed.
By the way Ohit's just a wild rabbit.
By the way About what you ordered me to do, Lord Sasori Uh oh I still had a few more things I wanted to ask him while I had the chance, but I'll be discovered if the conversation continues any further Even after his reincarnation, Orochimaru uses a Jutsu to apply a protector to the cellular specimens from his discarded body And therefore I was unable to analyze the cellular data.
I see What's he doing?! He should just grab him! His opponent is Kabuto.
Being overly cautious is just fine.
It's all over if he gets away, right? But The spy could get suspicious if he's too cautious and the timing to capture him will get thrown off.
We'll just have to believe in Captain Yamato about that Now, please hand over the item in question immediately.
I can't be hanging around here any longer.
If it's discovered that I'm here with you like this I'll be killed.
Okay I can't hold out any longer I just have to capture him here and now! That conversation sounds interesting.
Would you guys let me join in as well? He was followed! Orochimaru! That's? If you hadn't pulled out a Kunai Knife, I wouldn't have been able to get away before I noticed.
It looks like he's misunderstood nicely I guess I still haven't been discovered for now Butnow that Orochimaru has shown up What should I do? That outfitsure takes me back Sasori Did you follow Kabuto? Oh I just thought I'd thank you.
This kid you sent to me has come in very handy.
The number of human subjects necessary for the development of one new Jutsu is over a hundred Thanks to this kid's Medical Ninjutsu, I've been able to reuse test subjects several times.
There's been a great shortage of them, you see What do we do?! We just have to stand by until the Captain gives us instructions.
It would probably be impossible for me to take on Orochimaru alone But even if I can stop Orochimaru by working together with Kabuto he'll find out immediately that I'm not Sasori by my fighting style Even so, if I call those three then Kabuto will find out who I am and it will become difficult to capture him Either I have to immediately call the three and defeat both of them or retreat as is without calling them I'll have to do one or the other Have I been discovered? No that's not it What's the meaning of this?! Multiple Striking Shadow Snake! This is a Substitution created with the Wood Style Ninjutsu You could it be? Lord Orochimaru.
Is this Sasori's real body? No It isn't Kabuto you didn't know his real face even though you were his subordinate? He was a broody guy who always stayed hidden inside his puppets, after all What's the meaning of this?! Kabuto you were supposed to be an Akatsuki spy Weren't you caught in one of Sasori's Jutsu all this time?! Lord Orochimarubroke that Jutsu for me ages ago I can't believe you went to the other side pretending to be caught in one of Sasori's Jutsu Did you get caught in one of Orochimaru's Jutsu? No that's not it.
I just empathize with Lord Orochimaru's ideas.
By the way, who are you? The plan was to take care of Sasori.
But something has gone quite wrong.
Kabuto I'll tell you about this kid later More importantly Why don't you call the three little mice behind you over here? So he's seen through everything, huh? There's the signal! You again, huh? I've seen that face often And it looks like the Nine-Tails kid's here, too Maybe I'll play with you guys a little.
Let's see who's gotten stronger, youor Sasuke.
You're starting to become more like a Jinchuriki aren't you, Naruto.
That's! What kind of Chakra is that?! The air stings.
There's no mistake.
The Nine-Tail's Cloak! That's the Jinchuriki's power? I can tell just by the feel of it.
ThisThis horrible Chakra It's not a Chakra quality that can be controlled! So this is Naruto Uzumaki's The Nine-Tail's power! Next Time: "The Nine-Tails Unleashed"