Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e08 Episode Script

The Nine-Tails Unleashed

Kabuto, I'll tell you about this kid later More importantly Why don't you call over the three little mice behind you? So he's seen through everything, huh? There's the signal! You again, huh? I've seen that face often And it looks like the Nine-Tails kid is here, too Maybe I'll play with you guys a little.
Let's see who's become stronger you or Sasuke.
Give Sasuke back! "Give him back" is not the correct way of saying it, Naruto Your reasoning is off Sasuke came to us because he wanted to.
For a man, you're too obsessed about the past.
You need to resign yourself.
Shut up, four-eyes! You don't even know how Naruto feels Stop acting so cold about everything! If you want to know about Sasuke, try forcing it out of me If you can, that is The Nine-Tails Unleashed Naruto What is this?! What is that? I see So it appeared just as I thought Judging from the shape of the Chakra, the number of tails will probably continue to growand eventually there will be nine.
That's about the size of it Master Jiraiya, how many tails have you seen? I've come close to dying twice The first time, I broke six ribs and both arms, and several of my internal organs ruptured It was when I tried to peek into the women's bath at a hot spring and you pounded me good, Tsunade The other time was during Naruto's training when I saw the fourth tail of the Nine-Tails Chakra.
His anger became the trigger and the number of Fox Spirit tails he grew increased.
He maintained consciousness up until the third Fox Spirit tail.
But by the fourth tail, he had lost all rationality and was controlled by destructive impulses.
He was just like a small version of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit.
Even with the Fourth Hokage's seal it can go that far? Yes.
I don't know the details, but I can say this for certain: The Fourth Hokage's Sealing Jutsu might very well be weakening.
The Fourth Hokage's Sealing Jutsu? I can't believe it There's more It may appear that when Naruto is in the Nine-Tails state, he's being protected by the Nine-Tail's Cloak But in actuality, his body was continuing to suffer damage from the Nine Tail's Cloak itself.
After the fourth tail formed, his body, wrapped in the Nine-Tail's Cloak, grew bloodied, and he thrashed about despite suffering serious injuries.
After the Nine-Tail's Cloak dissipated, his wounded body was healed by the Nine-Tails Chakra inside his body.
But if he continues to get hurt and then heal at that speed over and over Naruto's body will break down and his life span will shorten.
That's why we need you Yamato! You, who has inherited the cells of the First Hokage.
Now you're the only one who can control the Jinchuriki Host.
Fortunately for us, Naruto happens to be wearing the First Hokage's necklace We're counting on you Naruto you've grown considerably as a Jinchuriki Host.
The power of the Nine-Tails is rapidly getting stronger The striking feature of the "Jinchuriki Host" is how it utilizes unbelievable power by resonating with the "Tailed Beast.
" You're starting to become more like a Jinchuriki Host, aren't you Naruto? I get it So that's why you were chosen to keep watch over him, huh? So my experiment turned out to be somewhat useful The Leaf should be thanking me a little more for this my adorable little test subject? Test subject? Who the heck is this person? It happened a long time ago when I was still in the Hidden Leaf Village I wanted the power of the First Hokage, the only one among all Shinobi who could use the Wood Style Ninjutsu and control Tailed Beasts at will.
I once conducted an experiment where I took some DNA information from the remains of the First Hokage and implanted genetic components from that DNA into the cells of sixty children.
But their bodies violently rejected it, and they died while kicking and struggling Around the time when I was about to give up, I ended up being tracked by another one of my experiments and had to leave the village leaving my laboratory just as it was.
I thought all the test subjects had died but I never thought one of them would still be alive.
I get it Four-Pillar Prison Jutsu! Th-This isthe secret Jutsu that only the First Hokage could use.
The Wood Style Ninjutsu! How come Captain Yamato can use the Wood Style Ninjutsu? So that's why he can use the Wood Style that only the First Hokage could use So that's the story I see So it looks like we'll now be able to obtain a sample from a product of old research.
More important than that I'd like to test out how strong my Sasuke has become by having him fight against Naruto.
He doesn't He doesn't belong to you! Don't talk about Sasuke in front of me like he belongs to you! That's What'sthat Chakra?! The air stings Interesting No doubt about it.
It's the Nine-Tail's Cloak Three tails have formed Th-That'sthe power of the Jinchuriki Host I can feel it in my bones This This terrifying Chakra is not the kind that can be controlled! This isNaruto Uzumaki's the Nine-Tail's power, huh? What power! To think there'd be that much power just with Chakra And on top of that, he rampages letting his emotions take over.
It's as if he's not seeing what's around him.
That power of his is a problem, but this difficult situation is a great opportunity for me.
Failure will not be tolerated.
My true mission assigned to me by my Lord Danzo is about to begin.
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