Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e09 Episode Script

Top-Secret Mission Starts

ReturnSasuketo us! He doesn't belong to you Don't talk about Sasuke in front of me, like he belongs to you! Interesting The Top-Secret Mission Begins With Chakra alone With Chakra alone, he caused this much damage Sakura! What incredible Chakra Beyond that, it's going out of control, like it has a will of its own But this is the perfect opportunity Finally, the top-secret mission starts.
Sakura! Answer me! Did she hit her head when she fell just now? Passing out at a time like this! Wood Style Ninjutsu! I can't support it! Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll! Sai! Sai! Help Sakura Damn! I see You borrow the power of the Jinchuriki And yet, that's the best you can do You're still no match for Sasuke What isthis place? Sasuke? Sasuke! Wait Wait for me! Sasuke Damn it! I don't havethe power to bring Sasuke back That timeback then if only I had been stronger Sasuke! I won't let Orochimaru take you.
I'll stop you even if I have to break every bone in your arms and legs! You can't even put a scratch on my forehead.
That much has not changed.
It's hopeless, I tell you Naruto you were a special one but I am even more special than you! Chidori! Rasengan! - Chidori! - Rasengan! I am weak, so my words don't reach him Because I am weak, I can't win his recognition Sowhatever happens, I must become stronger So that the bond I've finally forged will not be severed So that Sasuke won't sever the connection between me! SEAL This feelingit's different from before, isn't it? Sakura, snap out of it! Hey, Sakura! Are you all right? Y-Yes Hey! Sorry I'm okay now What happened here? Naruto did it The Jinchuriki It only stands to reason that they'd want it too Where's Naruto now?! On the other side of the bridge with Orochimaru.
Naruto is a real handful What's that smoke? I have a bad feeling about this Wood Clone Jutsu! I'm counting on you! Right.
Wood Style: Doomed Wall! Naruto! Simply unbelievable, the things this child can do Oh shoot Damn it! He unleashed a shock wave of that magnitude simply by swinging one of his arms down.
Good grief! Is that Naruto's Nine-Tailed power? Yes, it is.
Please tell me, Captain Yamato.
You know something about Naruto, don't you? Sakura What on earth will become of Naruto? He'll be fine.
You don't have to worry.
It was for just such times as this that I was chosen as Team Captain.
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