Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e10 Episode Script

Orochimaru VS Jinch?riki

Simply unbelievable the things this child can do Oh shoot Orochimaru vs.
Jinchuriki I don't believe this The fourth tail has appeared.
The fourth tail? The Chakra leaking out is unstable It's trying to shift even closer to the Nine-Tail form The Nine-Tailed Chakra is different in quality and quantity than any before.
More than anything, it has a strong evil aura.
Besides using Naruto's body as a vehicle That is truly A small Nine-Tail in and of itself! Such incredible shockwaves Just from a swing of his arm, geez! At this rate, there's no way I can move closer Was this also Naruto's? That's right.
Captain Yamato You know something about Naruto, don't you? What in the world happened to Naruto? Sakurayou don't need to worry.
It is for that very reason.
and for times like this that I was chosen by my superiors as Team Captain.
Someone overwhelmed with that much Chakra Normally how could he still be moving? It seems Sasori won't be coming here, now is he? Kabuto It seems Sasori won't be coming here, now is he? The only person who was supposed to know that I was coming here today was Sasori Not even the other Akatsuki members were privy to that information.
But despite that, you Leaf guys are here It would be hard to believe that Sasori would confess under torture Which means that he gave out the information of his own volition.
Most likely, his intention was for you to get information about Orochimaru out of me and then have the Leaf Village dispose of him.
Because Orochimaru has proven to be too tough a customer for the Akatsuki guys, too.
Your disguise earlier on was perfect If you hadn't pulled out a Kunai Knife, I wouldn't have been able to get away before I noticed.
This kid you sent to me has come in very handy.
Unless one of you has met directly with Sasori, it wouldn't have evolved that way Most likely Sasori gave you the information about today at that time In ten days at midday, go to Tenchi Bridge located in the Village Hidden in the Grass.
One of Orochimaru's subordinates is my spy.
I was to rendezvouswith him there.
Of course, it was probably based on the assumption that the Jutsu placed on me was still in affect.
The fact that Sasori would go out of his way to do that means that he's acknowledged your strength Sasori holds a grudge against Orochimaru.
He was always saying that he wanted to personally execute Orochimaru But to act against his own will and send you guys here means that he is already in a situation in which he is unable to do that In other words he has either been captured or he is already dead.
Unfortunately it's the latter That's delightful What's this? That's! Could that be Chakra? That looks like trouble.
Anyone who has Chakra that high in density will most certainly die.
Naruto What the hell are you going to do? With that much high-density Chakra making it difficult for him to even move I wonder how he plans to do battle with me So that's his move! Triple Rashomon! What an incredible battle! Trying to find an opening and fight It doesn't even seem like an option! What in the world?! What we saw earlier was definitely Orochimaru's Triple Rashomon And in a split second it got destroyed It's unbelievable that something to this extent could have happened.
He's gotten even closer to the Nine-Tail than earlier on, hasn't he? Naruto Take a look at that.
It's no longer a battle of Ninja, but a battle of monsters.
Is that how he wanted to rescue Sasuke? By becoming like that? He's hardly conscious anymore.
Really, he is such a pitiful child That's enough, that's enough, Naruto! I will rescue Sasuke.
Stop! Don't go near him, Sakura.
I'll rescue him So Naruto, please! Next time: "Sakura's Tears"