Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e11 Episode Script

Sakura's Tears

Naruto is over here That thing is not human Sai, what are you doing? Got it.
Continue to observe.
Sakura! That'sNaruto Naruto! That's I can't pierce through even with my snake sword This is what Master Jiraiya was referring to when he said he's "like a small Nine-Tailed Beast.
" Sakura's Tears This is not like a Ninja battle, but more like a battle between monsters Naruto It's useless to go on fighting with the snake sword What's the situation like? Is Naruto dead? Look at that I wonder if he still wants to save Sasuke even in that state.
I am going to take back Sasuke, no matter what! It's my lifelong promise! Sakura! Iwill keep my promise, no matter what! To stand firm with what I say That's my Way of the Ninja By now, even his self-consciousness is gone What a sad kid Wait! Sakura! Don't get close to Naruto in that state! Naruto! That'sthat's enough! I will save Sasuke, no matter what! That's why Naruto, it's enough! What is he trying to do? Now is my chance Looks like it's about time As expected, this body is rejecting me.
Too bad, but the fun ends here.
Patience Patience now I have Sasuke with me Oh, uh Damn! I didn't make it in time I won't let you step in.
You're rushing to conclusions.
I don't plan to fight you guys anymore.
Actuallyit's the opposite.
What do you mean? We both have the same goal.
The Akatsuki are in the way.
If I let you live I think you might just get rid of one more Akatsuki.
Naruto The wounds are healing much slower than I expected but I can't stay playing "volunteer" for long.
Lord Orochimaru is also reaching his limit.
In exchange for helping you please get rid of as many of the Akatsuki as you can That said, that is your teammate Take care of the rest.
It's time to leave, huh? Now's the only chance! I am Danzo's man.
I am not your enemy I have something to speak to you about.
Hokage Style: Elder Jutsu STABILIZE Naruto Danzothat doddering old fool is still alive, huh? So What do you want to talk about? I have a message from Danzo to Lord Orochimaru.
The truth is Before that Choose your words carefully when you talk to me.
If not, you'll die.
I can only relay what Danzo has told me.
If that does not satisfy you, then I'll leave it up to you Captain, can you teach me the Jutsu you used earlier? That is impossible.
Why? I am the only person in the Leaf Village who can use that Jutsu because I inherited the First Hokage's cells.
It's always like this I can only do little things for Naruto.
The size of the things you do, big or small, are not important.
What is important is how you feel about Naruto.
I can tell by just watching.
The truth is, you are Next episode: "The Secret of the Battle!"