Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e12 Episode Script

The Truth About the Fight

You really don't have any manners do you, child? When you address someone who's higher-ranking than you it's common courtesy to show your face.
He's covered with wounds Looks like it's over Naruto! The Secret of the Battle! All right I'll listen to you.
To tell the truth, ever since the Destruction of the Leaf incident, Danzo has been yearning for an opportunity to come in contact with you, Lord Orochimaru.
His wounds are slow to heal Up to now, Naruto has always been a fast healer using the Nine-Tailed Chakra Naruto, being in the Nine-Tail's state At first glance, it appears that he is being protected by the Nine-tail's Cloak created by the Chakra But in actuality, his body is continuing to suffer damage from the Nine-tail's Cloak After the fourth tail formed, his body, wrapped in the Nine-Tail's Cloak, grew bloodied and he thrashed about despite suffering serious injuries.
The fourth tail that Jiraiya was talking about I wouldn't have imagined that it would be as powerful as this Captain Yamato That Jutsu that stopped Naruto earlier on Would you teach me that Jutsu? That's not possible The only person in the Leaf Village who can use that Jutsu is me, since I inherited the First Hokage's cells.
What that Jutsu does is forcibly suppress the Nine-Tail's Chakra It's impossible for someone without that special power to use it.
My power, which is just an experimental copy, is certainly not on the same level as the First Hokage's original.
What Naruto has hanging around his neck is something that belonged to the First Hokage It's a Chakra crystal that only resonates to the First Hokage's Chakra.
With that necklace, one can control a Jinchuriki's Chakra.
It is said that this power is the very reason that the First Hokage became the Hokage.
And it's also the reason that I was chosen to be the Captain of this team It's always like this All I can ever do for Naruto are the smallest things.
It's not important whether the things you do are large or small.
What's important is the magnitude of the feelings you have for Naruto.
Sakura I can tell that when I look at you.
You truly S-Sakura Owww! Naruto! What happened to me? I was chasing that jerk Orochimaru and then And then, what did I do after that? Hey, Sakura Huh? Why are you crying, Sakura? I just got something in my eyes That acid-tongued Sai said something abusive to you again, right? Like, "You're ugly!" Or, "You're Herculean!" That jerk! Sai hasn't called me Herculean! R-Really? Don't make up stuff You jerk! By the way Captain Yamato That's everything that Danzo asked me to convey.
That's extremely interesting Andabout that story Why should I believe it? What's going on here? Just calm downKabuto.
That child is going to be one of our subordinates starting today.
Can you trustthis guy? Look inside that envelope.
It's for you, from Danzo.
This is What does it say? Kabuto, let go of that child We're taking that child along with us.
Saiwas it? Shall we go then? Just as I thought Captain Yamato? Sai is Wait a moment The bridge I did plant one on him back at the hot springs, just in case Oh well.
I'll continue the pursuit as is.
I might not look it, but pursuit is actually one of my strong points.
Captain Yamato Oh yeah Right now, Sai is traveling together with Orochimaru.
Together with? What does that mean? Both of you follow me.
The earth is still soft.
The bridge is busted and this place is in such an awful state What the heckhappened? Don't you remember? So it's just as Master Jiraiya said, huh? His anger becomes the trigger And as the number of Fox Spirit tails he grew increased, he maintained consciousness up until the third tail.
But by the fourth tail, he had lost all rationality and was controlled by destructive impulses.
Come to think of it why was I unconscious? You were unconscious because you got creamed by Orochimaru.
Are you serious?! Damn! Sai's things are scattered all over the place But why is this here? A picture book This looks interesting Hey, can I take a look at it along the way? No, you can't It's not finished yet and I never hand it over to anyone as a matter of policy.
Because this belonged to my elder brother.
Sai valued this picture book But despite that, here it is in a place like this.
If he had to leave something so valuable behind, it demonstrates that he was in a tense state in front of Orochimaru.
You seem to know that as if you witnessed it yourself.
Until earlier on I placed my Wood Clone here, and was in communication with it, using the wireless radio implanted here.
What happened to Sai? After Sai'sconversation with Orochimaru, he went away with Orochimaru and Kabuto.
What does that mean?! What did they talk about? They were talking a distance away so I couldn't make out the conversation.
I wonder what they were talking about? He might have been kidnapped and taken away.
No, it seems that he approached Orochimaru of his own volition and handed him something.
It was just like he was trying to cozy up to Orochimaru W-Wait a minute! Even a disgusting guy like him wouldn't betray us, would he? No, there is a possibility A long time ago, he competed with the late Sarutobi Sensei over the position of the Third Hokage.
Unlike the Third Hokage, he's the leader of a hard-line military faction based on rigid logic and is Sai's superior.
He hates me because I'm the granddaughter of the First Hokage as well as a student of the Third Hokage who was moderate Captain Yamato, do you know a person named Danzo? Yes, I know him.
Who isthat guy? A man from the Hawk Faction who in the past opposed the Third Hokage.
He's Sai's boss And an old gramps who doesn't think well of the Third Hokage's will.
Danzo may be using Sai to make some kind of move.
It's possible that Sai may have been given a mission by Danzo that is separate from ours There is a possibility that he was charged with some kind of top-secret mission So he's just using our mission in order to make contact with Orochimaru?! That's the gist of it.
This may sound like an over-the-top theory but it is not outside the realm of possibilityso listen carefully.
Danzo may be trying to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village! Lord Orochimaru I already know that, Kabuto.
It looks like we're being followed.
I wonder whether we're simply being followed or whether that guy, Sai, is a conspirator.
Are you suspecting him? After all, I don't trust him yet.
Well, whatever the case, we can't split up right now.
we may need a corpse, right, Kabuto? Next time: "The Consequences of Betrayal"