Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e13 Episode Script

The Consequence of Betrayal

Hey, what do you mean by "destroying the Leaf Village"? I mean today's Leaf Village! Today's Leaf Village?! That means, Lady Tsunade will! - You're right - What? Your story doesn't add up.
I know Sai's boss used to oppose Old Man Third Hokage, but why do they have to destroy the Leaf Village or do something to Grandma Tsunade? Did you forget, Naruto? Lady Tsunade used to be a favorite pupil of the Third.
Besides that, the current regime of the Leaf Village was initiated by the Fifth Hokage, Lady Tsunade, and it obviously complies with the wishes of the Third.
Undoubtedly Danzo is not happy about this but most of the people in the village support the current regime, so the regime can't be changed easily.
The only way to change the regime is to cause an earth-shaking event in the village.
An event like the "The Destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village" that Orochimaru set up.
The destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village! Danzo may be thinking about conspiring with Orochimaru and making him attack Leaf Village one more time in order to force Lady Tsunade from the position of Hokage So, you're saying they want to destroy Leaf Village - just because of that?! - It's not only because of that! He wants to build his ideal village after destroying the regime and return to center stage as Hokage.
The reason why Danzo went into action at this late date is because he sees it's been three years since the last attack, so there has been enough time for Orochimaru to fully regain his forces.
I think that's also part of it.
Or he may have thought Orochimaru is more cautious now because of the failure of the last attack.
If he acts now, he thinks the negotiations with Orochimaru will get under way easily.
That means he's going to propose cooperation from the village, right? Yes Wait a minute You mean Sai's secret mission is Perhaps The Consequences of Betrayal You mean, Sai's top secret mission is probably to earn Orochimaru's trust and serve as a liaison between Danzo and Orochimaru.
He thought the odds of him running into Orochimaru would be high if he was in our group.
That can't be! If that's the case then we might have to get rid of Sai.
Get rid of him? Lord Orochimaru.
I know.
It appears we're being followed.
Is he simply following us, or is someone making him do that? What should we do? One way or the other I'm afraid we're going to need a corpse.
Right, Kabuto? Get rid of Sai? No matter how you look at it, that's too hasty Now, my clone is following them, but there's no way of knowing what's gonna happen We're gonna get on their trail right away.
- But - Okay! Let's go! What the? Naruto! Naruto! Are you all right? He hasn't fully recovered yet from the damage he suffered earlier Captain Yamato Sakura, we better get going I know we should catch up right now.
But Butwith Naruto's condition being like this In that case, we'll leave him.
Leave him? How could he say such a thing?! He should have enough strength left to get back to the village on his own.
Kakashi Sensei would never talk that way! Sakura Sakura I'llbeall right I can make it Naruto! Sakura, I know what you're trying to say.
On top of that, I've teamed up with Kakashi in the Anbu Black Ops Unit before I also know the kind of person he is.
It's true that I'm filling in for Kakashi.
But, I'm not Kakashi.
I'm sorry, but I just can't say, "I won't let you get hurt," with a laugh.
I won't let my comrades die.
You're no longer apprentice Ninja in need of protection, but Shinobi shouldering the future of the Leaf Village who will have to eventually surpass Kakashi.
Compassion and co-dependence aren't the same thing! If we give up now, it'll end in failure.
If we don't follow now, we're never going to catch Orochimaru.
There is no second chance with Orochimaru.
Sakura It's time to get moving now.
Naruto, what are you going to do? Of course I'm going! Naruto! I'm okay If I went back to the village now I wouldn't know why I came this far.
Naruto Fine, but if you slow us down, we have to leave you behind, do you understand? Okay! Then, let's go! That's! You've sure done it Orochimaru Naruto! Sakura! Sakura! Sakura Are you all right, Sakura! That wound is Chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox must have entered through the wound like poison This can't easily be healed even with a skilled medical Ninjutsu.
That's why That's why I'm even more surprised that Naruto has been able to endure that Chakra.
This Thiswas done by Orochimaru.
Well, it hurts only a little, so I'm okay.
Don't push yourself too hard, Sakura.
I got it Let's take a little break.
Sakura is our team's only Medical Ninja In other words, she is a key cog in the success of our mission.
I'm all right.
If we don't leave now even you said I'm sorrybut I just can't say, "I won't let you get hurt.
" with a laugh.
You're no longer apprentice Ninja in need of protection, but Shinobi shouldering the future of the Leaf Village who will have to eventually surpass Kakashi.
Compassion and co-dependence aren't the same thing! It's true what I said, but they also say that "haste is from the devil.
" I mean, there is a difference between hurrying and recklessness.
I agree! Captain Yamato is right! You are the only Medical Ninja in our group with monstrous strength So, you're the precious cog I told you that you don't need to add "monstrous strength"! - What, what?! - Shut up! I'm just complimenting your O-Okay, okay I apologize! Naruto! Since Sai's out, you'll be my partner for the battle.
Let's decide on our collaboration patterns while we have time.
Can you come over here for a bit? Got it.
They stopped the chase I wonder if it went well Perhaps At any rate you did a fine job, as usual, Kabuto I've created countless dead bodies since I've been with you It might have been a little wasteful, though Even so, it's better to be cautious.
I got a good idea, Lord Orochimaru.
How about having him help out our experiments? I think he'll have lots of free time besides serving as a liaison with Danzo Hmm do as you please.
A fake body, just as I thought Most likely this Jutsu was done by Kabuto Sure enough, this wound is slow to heal the best I can do is to ease the pain This is far enough We're gonna do it here? Yes But, first! One moment, my Wood Clone has just contacted me.
Yes That's right There's an unnatural and subtle stitching in the head He's done a perfect job, it's not noticeable at first glance.
If we didn't prepare for this, we would have been fooled completely Amazing that they've already discovered that we've been tailing them.
I was confident, but we have to be even more cautious from now on Since we're dealing with Orochimaru we can't be too careful.
Captain Yamato! Ah yes, I'm done with my errand.
All right! So, what are we gonna do first? But before that There's something I need to tell you.
The one who hurt Sakura was you, Naruto.
Hey Sakura, is that the picture book that belonged to Sai? Yes, it is.
I'm wondering what's in the book? Don't ask me.
Hmm, it seems there're no words or dialogue, though.
Well, even if we see what's inside, I bet It's not good at all.
I'm hoping this book gives some information leading to Sai Come to think of it, Sai cherishes this book, doesn't he? He also said it's his older brother's book.
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