Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e14 Episode Script

Unfinished Page

You're the one who hurt Sakura, Naruto.
Naruto you don'tremember anything? Thenthat bridge and that crater Yes, you did it And Sakura's wound as well! That's right! Sakura didn't want to hurt you so she lied to you.
I'm also responsible for Sakura getting injured.
And here I was assigned to Team Kakashi for a time like this I have special powers with which I can control your Nine-Tails power.
So you don't really need to worry.
At least while I'm by your side.
In other words, I didn't have to go to the trouble of telling you the truth at this point But why did I tell you? There's no doubt that using that power might be a quick way for you to save Sasuke.
But strength gained from relying on the Nine-Tails is not your true power.
You'll end up tormenting yourself if you rely on the power of the Nine-Tails from here on.
And it could turn into a power that hurts your friends.
Like what happened this time.
You should already have vaguely picked up on it.
But you didn't attempt to stop the release of the power That's because you were impatient, right? I will now completely suppress your Nine-Tails power.
But you're sorely mistaken if you think that will make you weaker.
You should be sufficiently powerful without having to rely on that Chakra.
I think you've got the wrong idea about this.
The source of your strength isn't the Nine-Tails Chakra.
It's the power of your own Chakra that can withstand the formidable Nine-Tails Chakra.
If you want to save Sasuke, do it with your own power.
If you want to see Sasuke do it with your own eyes, not the Nine-Tails'.
And if you want to protect Sakura do it with your own power, not the Nine-Tails'! Right! The Unfinished Page Kabuto Take care of that after we get back.
No, you see if I don't wash these off as soon as possible, the cutting quality will deteriorate just like that It's okay The pain's starting to go away.
Are Naruto and the captain still at it? Oh yeah Come to think of it, the thing I picked up earlier It's gone Here it is Please go on ahead.
I'll catch up once I've tidied up.
I'll help.
Thisisn't printed.
Did you draw this, too? Yes.
Wow, it's a picture book, huh? Can I take a look at it along the way? I can't let you see it.
It's not finished yet And I don't hand this over to people.
This is my older brother's book, so Just as I thought, it's gone How can I be sure that's true? I lost it back then, huh? Is something the matter, Sai? No It's nothing I see More importantly, Master Orochimaru When we get back, can you give me an intact male corpse as quickly as possible? Don't you still have bodies in stock? Yes, I do But I'm out of the fifteen to sixteen-year-old We lost one in the incident earlier, so It doesn't feel right unless they are always stored properly in order of age inside the scroll.
Kabuto Are you type-A blood? NoI'm AB I see That's surprising Not really.
Okay, shall we get going pretty soon? We have a little further to go before reaching the hideout.
First, take a look at this diagram.
This is a diagram of a formation for cornering an enemy.
In actual missions, various scenarios can develop depending on the number of enemies and number of allies.
First off What's the deal with this book? And then in a scenario like this Hey, are you liste-- Both of you, come here a minute! Hurry! Is something wrong, Sakura? Look at this.
Oh! That's Sai's That's the picture book we picked up that Sai drew, huh? What's in it? If we figure that out, we might be able to find out a little about Sai Right.
That's what I was thinking, so I tried reading it, but What kind of a story is it? Actually I don't really know Why? What do you mean? There are no words or dialogue at all You're right It kind of looks like a story about the two boys on the front and back cover Andit's got the story of the two boys starting from both title pages of the book and progressing to the middle When you look at the book starting with this boy with black hair the next page always has the same boy on the right page And there's a different person drawn on each left page See? Huh?! This is Go back! I knew it This kidlooks a little different when you go to the next page.
You're right And look He has the same weapon as the guy drawn on the previous page Hmm, it looks like it's a story where the boy defeats enemies Look at this After fighting, he takes the enemy's weapon and armor Just as I thought The next page and the next page, too Oh, come to think of it! I knew it The positioning is reversed but this boy with the white hair is the same, too.
So it's a story where these boys grow by battling enemies, huh? Just a minute If they're defeating enemies from both sides then what happens at the end?! That's the problem.
Look What's up withthis picture? This is a strange picture.
In this picture book only the facing pages in the middle are incomplete This iskind of creepy He said it wasn't finished But why isn't there a face drawn in? Doesn'tthe guy with the black hair kind of look like Sai? You're right.
Did he draw himself? Then who is this boy with the white hair? I can't let you see it.
It's not finished yet.
And I don't hand this over to people.
This is my older brother's book, so Could it be It's Sai's older brother? If you have a brother, you should be able to imagine what it would be like to lose him, right? Yeah, wellyou could say that My brother's dead, after all.
Then this These facing pages in the center It's Saiand his older brother Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Over there, huh? Sai's older brother Don't tell me! Could it be?! It appears my clone has located the hideout.
Let's get going.
That's You're late What's this feeling? What's this chill and sweat? I'm not supposed to have any emotions.
Don't tell me that just by looking into his eyes for an instant I feared him within the depths of my soul that even I can't perceive?! Is he Sasuke Uchiha, the man Naruto has continued to search for all this time?! Next time: "Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!"