Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e15 Episode Script

Sneak in! Den of the Poisonous Snake

What's up withthis picture? This is a strange picture.
In this picture book only the facing pages in the middle are incomplete This iskind of creepy Naruto! This time for sure we'll save Sasuke! You're late.
Weren't you supposed to join me for some new Jutsu training this afternoon, Orochimaru? Talking rude like that again Don't get so angry.
Instead, I got a little present for you today This is a Shinobi from the Leaf, just like you You guys should be able to exchange nostalgic stories of home, right? Sasuke Uchiha Infiltration: The Den of the Snake! How do you do? My name is Sai.
So you're Sasuke Uchiha--? Get lost.
It seems I'm the type of person people don't like one way or another even if I try to make a smile Just recently, Naruto also expressed his dislike towards me But I get the feeling I'll be able to get along better with you compared to Naruto.
Sasuke! I'm sweating? I don't feel anything and I have no emotions.
Yet just by looking into Sasuke's eyes I feared him within the depths of my soul that even I can't perceive? It's probably not a good idea to joke around with Sasuke too much.
He's even more troublesome than I am, you see.
I don't care about that guy.
Join me right now Orochimaru.
I've heard a lot about you from Naruto.
It seems he was looking for you over the last three years There used to be a guy like thatwasn't there? Let's go, Orochimaru.
Naruto said he thinks of you like He thinks of you like a real brother That's what I heard from Sakura.
I only haveone brother the man I want to kill.
Okay, I'll be going, too.
Kabuto make a Bingo Book using this.
Yes, sir.
Then, I leave the rest to you.
What's this? A copy of the list of Anbu Black Ops members under the direct command of the Hokage? It looks like the real thing.
This is the place, huh? The entrance is straight ahead beneath that rocky area.
Could it be that Sasuke's under there? There's a good possibility.
At the very least, there should be clues of some kind.
All right! Let's go! Just a minute.
Go after you swallow this, Naruto.
It's okay! You don't need to worry.
You, too, Sakura.
Now even if we get separated, I'll know where you guys are right away.
N-No way! Seriously?! What is this? Stated simply, this seed is a transmitter used for tracking.
It's a Ninja Tool that resonates only with my Chakra.
It's the same thing I placed in Sai's clothing and food.
In Sai's clothingand food? This seed I get it.
That's how you were able to track him this far.
When did you do that, Captain Yamato? Do you remember when I got out of the hot spring first? Come to think of it I'm getting out now.
You certainly did get out first! Now you know why I went to the trouble of letting you guys enjoy the hot springs and magnificent food at my expense, right? It wasn't just to improve our rapport, huh? And Lady Tsunade told me to take particular caution in regards to Sai.
An additional member a new recruit from the Anbu Black Ops Training Division will be dispatched to Team Kakashi However What is it? Keep a close watch on his actions And she was right.
Wow! Man, it sure looks good I'm glad I took care of things ahead of time.
But never mind that.
Swallow that quickly.
All right! Let's get going, you two.
- Okay! - Right! Hmm? I would like to say hello to all the others here in this hideout.
That won't be necessary.
To be precise, you can't right now.
This is because the only subordinates here right now are Sasuke and myself.
I can barely feel the presence of anyone.
I think it's safe to assume there are not that many enemies at all.
Even so, make sure you don't let your guard down! Our opponent is Orochimaru, and we can assume that Sai has defected to the enemy's side.
The formation for infiltration will be in the following order: me, Sakura, and Naruto.
How will we infiltrate? We'll go by the book and infiltrate from underground using Earth Style.
First, we'll open up a pit in this area.
And then, once we've made a degree of progress digging we'll move forward little by little by digging a tunnel heading for that rocky area where the entrance is.
Right! Okay, understood.
Okay, let's begin.
When I give the signal, come down in order! Okay, here we go! Let's go, Naruto! We finally did it We found you.
Okay, come on inside This is your room.
Sorry about this place being so dull with nothing in it.
The bathroom is in the back.
When you don't have anything to do stay in here nice and quiet.
We'll let you know from our end if something comes up.
Sorry, but I'll be locking the door from the outside for now.
After all, you're You know, right? It appears the hideout is surrounded by rocks, just as I thought I'll smash this thing right away! With my Rasengan! Just a minute! The enemy will notice us immediately if you use a big Jutsu like that! Infiltration must be done quietly all the way But how do we do that? Here it is! The harder the rock by applying just a little force to a small crack Look, just like this.
Wow! Now, please limit your use of Chakra from here on.
Orochimaru will notice that we're here, after all.
Okay, let's go.
A successful infiltration, more or less.
First, we need to find Sai.
This way.
Now then, if I don't get right to making the Bingo Book Master Orochimaru will scold me again.
He'll probably tell me people with A type blood are better suited to be subordinates if I do stuff like this.
Let's go.
We're almost there In the Foundation, there were many who came from broken families brought about by battle.
My older brother was one of those with whom I became close, like a real brother.
I was planning on giving him this picture book.
But ever since that day, I haven't been able to remember what picture I was going to draw for the final facing pages.
The picture I wanted to show him the most.
Next time: "Bonds.