Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e17 Episode Script

Important Person

For a guy like him, why are you? Why are you trying to get him back going so far as to oppose Orochimaru and put your life at risk? Why is that? When nobody's ordering you to do so? Sasuke is my friend.
It's a special bond I was finally able to make.
A bond.
Even so Even so, with Orochimaru as your opponent It doesn't matter who the opponent is! If my arms get torn off, I'll kick him down.
If my legs get torn off, I'll bite him down.
If my head gets torn off, I'll stare him down.
If my eyes get torn out, I'll curse him in my grave! Even if I get chopped up into pieces I'll take Sasuke back from Orochimaru! Something Important We'll go after I create the guard.
I thought we'd completely given our pursuers the slip I guess I should say I'd expect no less from Lord Orochimaru's test subject Kabuto! You're sure persistent! Sai Judging from your condition, it appears you've been captured.
Don't interfere.
If you do I won't go easy on you! It's futile.
We won't know that until we try! - We won't let you interfere! - We won't let you interfere! You've got it wrong.
I'm not talking about that.
Aha! This is impressive I guess with three against one, the odds are against me, huh? And it appears they've got luck on their side as well I'll believe you since it doesn't appear you've betrayed us.
Man, it's truly pathetic watching you guys.
You in particular, Naruto.
Watching you What I mean is, it's futile even if you were able to beat me People change Sasuke isn't the old Sasuke anymore.
What's the idea? I used to really hate Sasuke.
But it was actually fun being with him.
He's He's the person who acknowledged me more than anyone else.
Sasuke is my friend.
It's a special bond I was finally able to make.
Your mission was supposed to be to become the liaison for Danzo and Lord Orochimaru.
People change Then the same goes for me.
What?! But there are things that don't change Sai You Bonds I want to see for myself Sai Sai Keep a hold on him Sai What the heck are you thinking? Why are you so hung up on your bonds with Sasuke and what are those bonds? I want to know From your viewpoint, it seems I can't erase my bond with my older brother The reason why you don't want to part with that book is that you can't forsake yourself as a younger brother It's because your bonds with your older brother were that important to you! You don't want to erase the bonds you have with your older brother.
Bonds If it's something that important to me, then I might understand if I see your bonds with Sasuke.
I just thought that way.
What's so funny?! You guys don't know the real Sasuke Where's Sasuke? Answer me.
He's probably done with his training right about now and is in a room deeper inside the hideout.
It's true that Sasuke was training with Orochimaru.
I don't think what he said just now is a lie.
All right! Then let's get right to it-- However Where exactly is this room deeper inside? I don't know, either.
There are several rooms scattered about in here.
A room deeper inside doesn't mean just one or two rooms In that case! We just have to search every single one of them! You're right.
You might find it if you search at random.
However You could stir up a serpent's nest.
That's also where Lord Orochimaru's private room is, you see.
Thanks for speaking honestly.
No need to thank me.
Are you saying the tables will be turned on us? Yeah.
You jerk! That's something we won't know until we try.
Let's go.
We won't know until we tryhuh? Trulypathetic Now we're going to split up and search for Sasuke.
Sakura and I on one team.
Naruto and Sai on the other.
Right! Got it.
If something comes up, build up your Chakra.
I'll rush in right away just with that.
Sasuke All right! Let's go! Hang on, Sasuke! I'm coming now! Here.
Wh-What's with thatlook youtotalloser You jerk! What're you trying to look good for, you idiot?! Sakura's this worried about Naruto.
I want to fight you For me, you've become my closest friend.
Sasuke! Sakura Thanks Sasuke Naruto! Right! It looks like nobody's here.
This isn't the place.
Not here, either! He's not here, either.
He's not here! He's not here.
Damn it! Sasuke Where are you?! Where are you?! We'vefinally made it this far! Where are you?! Sasuke! Sasuke! Naruto, we're split up into two teams.
You should rest a little Shut up! I can't be resting at a time like this.
We're almost to Sasuke Man, you're certainly talkative, you lose your head and you have no manners.
Mind your own business! You really resemble him.
Resemble who? My older brother.
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