Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e18 Episode Script

The Picture Book's Story

This isn't the place.
Where are you? We'vefinally made it this far! Sasuke! It seems they still haven't been able to find him This hideout is rather large, after all.
I think it'll be a struggle for them.
It'd be a different story if they had a detailed map But unfortunately, it's inside my head.
Did you think if you said that, I'd ask you to show me the way? My mission is to stand guard over you here I've no intention of doing something so risky as to take you inside your base.
That's too bad He's not in here, either.
This is the last room on this floor.
Let's go to the next floor.
Right Naruto! We're split up into two search teams.
You should stay calm and rest a little Shut up! I can't be resting! We're so closeto Sasuke Damn it! The damage I took when I morphed into the Nine-Tails still hasn't He's not in here, either Sakura You're getting too impatient This is the inside of Orochimaru's hideout It's possible that traps have been set.
If we get too impatient, he might find out that we're here.
I know that! But! Sasuke is! Sakura! What about Naruto? Not yet.
But it's only a matter of time before we find Sasuke Act with caution! I will The Picture Book's Story It seems you're awake Sai? Boyyou really resemble him.
My older brother He was talkative and he would lose his head He had no manners and his equipment was-- Well, never mind But yeahlike you, he went all-out with everything he did.
When I look at you, I kind of remember him Sai? Sai! Hey, Sai! What's the matter? I remembered I remembered! You mean This is what I wanted to show him.
The picture of our dreams Now thenSai which side are you going to take? Striking Shadow Snake! Just as I thought.
It seems you're taking that side, huh? Sai or whatever I'll stop him here.
Sai, you go find Sasuke.
Okay I'll find Sasuke and save him! So you came to take back Sasuke, huh? Your persistence is impressive, but will it really be that easy? It doesn't make any difference that you're one of the Legendary Sannin like the Pervy Sage and Grandma Tsunade! I'll defeat you and take Sasuke back! He's not here, either Naruto's Chakra It appears something has happened Let's go! Right! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Striking Shadow Snake! Rasengan! What happened to all your energy from earlier? Your power The power of the Nine-Tails There must be more to it than this, right? You're the one who hurt Sakura, Naruto.
You'll end up tormenting yourself if you rely on the power of the Nine-Tails from here on.
And it could turn into a power that hurts your friends.
Like what happened this time.
If you want to save Sasuke, do it with your own power.
If you want to see Sasuke do it with your own eyes, not the Nine-Tails'.
And if you want to protect Sakura do it with your own power, not the Nine-Tails'! Show me all you've got.
Striking Shadow Snake! Orochimaru again, huh? Naruto is stalling Orochimaru And I'm sure the Captain and Sakura have gone to back up Naruto Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll! Naruto I'll still let you live Please dispose of as many members of the Akatsuki as you can, okay? Wh-What?! More importantly, I've got business with Sai So I'll be leaving now.
Where's Sai? Sai's looking for Sasuke! We have to do something before Orochimaru finds him! I'll have to use up all of my Chakra, but I'll try searching with my Multiple Shadow Clone Captain Yamato and Sakura, you guys search that side.
What's this? Hewas able to remember He said that's the picture of dreams he wanted to show his older brother.
They're both smiling Yeah He smiled for real for the first time when he drew that Smiled from the bottom of his heart.
Wh-What's this?! What's the matter? It was in Sai's bag This is an assassination list that has an Anbu Black Ops member's own targets recorded It's called a Bingo Book.
An assassination list? What are these "X" marks? In all likelihood, they're marks indicating targets that have already been eliminated Why does Sai have such a thing? Look at this Th-This is! Why is Sasuke's face in Sai's assassination list? Why is Sasuke's face on Sai's assassination list? Then Sai's real mission was to assassinate Sasuke?! It can't be He promised me that he would save Sasuke! I'm sorry to say this, but it could all be an act.
But! What was that noise?! Can it be that Sai! Let's hurry! Sai's location is not that far! Next time: "Reunion"