Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e19 Episode Script


They're both smiling Yeah He smiled for real for the first time when he drew that.
Smiled from the bottom of his heart.
Wh-What's this?! Reunion It was in Sai's bag This is an assassination list that has an Anbu Black Ops member's own targets recorded It's called a Bingo Book.
An assassination list? What are these "X" marks? In all likelihood, they're marks indicating targets that have already been eliminated.
Why does Sai have such a thing? Look at this Th-This is! Sasuke Why does Sai! Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll.
There's no "X" mark on this yet I get it So that's what this is about? What do you mean?! Sai His mission wasn't to be a go-between for Orochimaru and Danzo.
Sai's true classified mission was to assassinate Sasuke.
That could never be! After all, he said earlier that he was going to save Sasuke And he really smiled from the bottom of his heart This is what I wanted to show him.
The picture of our dreams Unlike before, he's now What if that was all an act in order to forestall you, Naruto? I'm a tool for Lord Danzo.
I don't exist.
So no matter what you say to me, it's pointless The owner of this Bingo Book could indeed be capable of something like that.
Look at this This man in the book next to Sasuke He's a Jonin from the Hidden Mist and the man who expressed a hard-line stance against the Leaf.
Saidefeated him, huh? He couldn't have been an easy opponent to defeat The fact that he eliminated him means that in all likelihood, he must have resorted to every possible means.
An act in order to forestall someone was probably all in a day's work for him.
A smile is used to carry out a goal You tricked me with your fake smile earlier.
So that's how you use a fake smile, huh? I'll remember that.
How can you grin like that after getting punched?! A smile is the best way to get through a tough situation.
Even if it's a fake smile.
Surprisingly enough, everyone gets fooled It said that in a book It's quite clear by looking at each of the people listed in this Bingo Book Sai was assigned to the disposal of people dangerous to the Leaf And Sasuke is also one such dangerous person.
Danzo's goal was to bury Orochimaru's new flesh to bury Sasuke In order to do that, Sai attempted to approach Orochimaru He didn't betray the Leaf.
It was for the sake of the Leaf.
That's exactly what one from a hard-line military faction would think up.
There's no point in going on about that here It doesn't matter what Sai was ordered to do or what that Danzo guy's thinking about.
Meeting up with Sai as quickly as possible and saving Sasuke is what's important! It's indeed as Naruto says.
I felt Sai's Chakra earlier.
We need to go quickly.
Right! Got it! If Sai is after Sasuke then I'll stop him, no matter what! Who's there? You found me out, huh? ButI've already made the first move.
What is your objective? Lord Danzo's objective is to bury you I'm going to Sai! take you back to the Leaf! Although at the beginning, I came here with the intention of killing you He's the person who acknowledged me more than anyone else.
Narutothinks of Sasuke like a brother.
I'll do whatever it takes to save him.
I'll even team up with you.
Even if I get chopped up into pieces, I'll take Sasuke back from Orochimaru! Sasuke is my friend.
It's a special bond I was finally able to make I want to protect his bond with you, the one he's desperately trying to draw closer to.
Bond You interrupted my sleep for something like that? What was that?! It's Sai's Chakra.
That way, right? Sasuke, huh? That kid wakes up in a bad mood, you see Impressive To think he'd break free from my Jutsu by force I found him! Sakura! You! What're you really after?! How many times do you have to betray us until you're satisfied? That voice Sasuke Sasuke Naruto, huh? So even you were here, huh? Then is Kakashi also with you? Sorry, it's not Kakashi I'm his substitute.
Team Kakashi will now be taking you back to the Leaf.
Team Kakashi, huh? Sai! I knew it! So he's my replacement, huh? Some soft one has once again joined up.
He said he wanted to protect the bond between Naruto and me, but Sai I thought your mission was to kill Sasuke.
My classified mission was indeed the assassination of Sasuke But I've had enough of orders I now want to act on my own beliefs.
I think Naruto will get me to remember my past emotions.
I kind of get the feeling it's something very important to me.
I don't know you very well.
But there must be some kind of reason why Naruto and Sakura have pursued you so desperately.
They don't want to sever their bonds with you They're giving it their all to secure those bonds.
I still don't understand it all that clearly But Sasuke you should understand.
Yeah I did understand.
That's why I severed the bonds.
Knock it off! That's just what I want! Why? I haven't narrowed the gap at all since back then.
What's up with this difference? You're weak.
You're weak because you don't have enough hatred.
I have different bonds Bonds of hatred with my older brother.
You've severed our bonds? If that's what you say, then why didn't you kill me back then?! You think that would sever it, Sasuke?! It's not that I couldn't sever the bond shared with you.
It's just that your life was spared back then because of my passing whim.
And because of my passing whim, you will now lose your life.
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