Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s02e20 Episode Script

The Power of Uchiha

The Power of Uchiha I have different bonds Bonds of hatred with my older brother Numerous bonds mislead oneself and weaken the most important desires and cherished memories.
Have you finally opened your eyesSasuke?! Shut up.
You don't even have parents or siblings What do you know about me?! You've been alone from the start! What do you know about me?! Huh?! It's having the bond that makes it painful! You've no idea what it's like to lose that! You're right.
I don't know about having real parents or siblings If that's the case, then why? Why, Naruto? Why do you go so far for me? To me, it's a bondI've finally been able to establish.
That's why I'll stop you! Why didn't you I can't turn back Then I'll just break that bond! Why didn't you kill me back then?! You think that could break our bond, Sasuke?! Naruto The reason's simple It's not that I couldn't break the bond with you You're one who might be able to use the same Mangekyo Sharingan as mine However, there's a condition.
You must kill your closest friend.
That's! It was just irritating to me.
Obtaining power based on the method he told me.
What do you mean?! It's not necessary to explain that to you.
What I can say to you is Back then Chidori! Rasengan! - Rasengan! - Chidori! Naruto I Back then You're only alive because of my passing whim.
When did he? Come to think of it, wasn't it your dream to become the Hokage? If you had the time to be chasing after me, you should've spent that time training or something.
Right, Naruto? S-Sasuke! And so this time around you'll lose your life because of my passing whim.
No way can a guy who can't even save one friend become the Hokage.
Isn't that right, Sasuke? Sasuke! That manner of defense was correct.
Chidori Stream! He's unleashing Chidori from his entire body! Sorry, Naruto You'll have to wait a while Next time, I promise I won't be a burden.
I'll stop Sasuke with my own power! Those eyes.
This guy's bad news.
Captain Yamato! That manner of defense was a mistake.
This Snake Sword of mine is somewhat special, you see.
It's impossible to guard.
My body is getting numb Is he sending a Chidori through the blade? I get it It paralyzes you with numbness after cutting on top of increasing the cutting quality to the extreme It appears things have gotten interesting.
Now's your chance, Naruto Show himour powers.
What's the matter? Why do you hesitate? You need my power, don't you? Now then Who do you want to kill? Don'tcome out anymore! What're you afraid of? Shut up! I don't need anything like your power anymore! Who was the one who had the nerve to ask for my help at every opportunity? You should know that you can't do anything on your own.
Break the Seal completely! I'll grant you all of my powers if you do.
Get lost! You I see So you're an Uchiha My, how you've grown What're you doing here? I can see it now So this is your unknown power, huh? Who would've thought you'd have something like this inside of you To think you'd become able to see me within Naruto That dreadful Sharingan So that's the power of the cursed clan, huh? It seems this isn't the first time you've seen the Sharingan.
Then you must be the Nine-Tailed Fox, huh? That vision, and Chakra more ominous than mine It's just like the Madara Uchiha from olden times Uchiha Hell if I knowthat person.
I never thought you would go so far as to suppress my power This might be the end But let me tell youone thing Don'tkillNaruto You'll regretit Wood Style: Domed Wall! Sasuke Looks like it's meaningless to try and convince Sasuke further than this.
Captain Yamato We can't let a Shinobi who left the village roam free forever, you see.
I really didn't want to take any rough measures because of you two watching, but What do you intend to do? We'll bring him into the Leaf with any means we can.
Sorry, but I'm going to go all out from here.
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