Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e02 Episode Script

The Eye of a Hawk

Sasuke! Eye of the Hawk What is this? Ah! How lucky of you to find this.
It's the skin of a white snake.
I've neverseen anything like it before.
Actually, neither have I.
It's a rare item that you almost never see.
Why is it white? Well, I don't really know.
No one really cares about such things.
But from times past, the white snake has been a symbol of good luck and renewal.
Good luck and renewal It must be some sort of karma for you to find it here.
Perhaps your parents are now reborn somewhere.
Maybe someday you'll meet them when you're grown up.
When would that be? Who knows? I couldn't say.
Nawakisure is eager.
We're at warafter all.
Tsunade's team has been? Stop! Stop! Stop! I said, stop! That's enough! He's dead! Humansare such fragile beings.
Power that was not used in a lifetime rests inside the human body.
If we could release that power Orochimaru Sensei! What is this? An amulet.
An amulet? This? It's a very rare amulet for good luck and renewal.
Renewal? With this? ButOrochimaru Sensei, no matter how earnest you are about your research, you can't bring back the dead, can you? Yes Bringing the dead back to life is difficult.
But, I've grasped a clue about regeneration.
By activating their bodies, humans can become immensely more powerful and heighten their regenerative powers too.
I will share that power with you some day, as well.
Yes! Thank you very much, Orochimaru Sensei! The Body Activating Jutsu called the Curse Mark How foolish! There's a limit to unreasonable training! Beautiful So this is the power of the Sharingan.
No matter how many Ninja try to enter this territory No matter how hard they train, they could never surpass the Uchiha.
ENTRY RESTRICTED TRANSFER I understand I understand the awesomeness of this Jutsu TRANSFER But, it would take at least one month to master this Forbidden Jutsu How many years would it take to master all the Jutsu that are here? It's impossible to grasp all the Jutsu within the limited time of a human lifespan There would be a limit even if I could extend my life via a Reanimation Jutsu Once I die, everything would be lost In order to grasp every Jutsu, I would have to Orochimaru! So it was you, just as I suspected Tell me! What were you doing here? You probably couldn't understand You who puts the village before your own reason.
To me, the lifespan of the human body is too short.
Even if I were to be called a Hokage, once I die, everything would end there.
The Jutsu you're experimenting with It can't be?! That very one the Immortality Jutsu! Can't you reconsider Orochimaru? Out of the question! How stupid can you be?! I'm so close So close with my research.
I will have everything.
My vessel is neither this body, nor the Leaf! To that end, I will use that organization and anything else! A new member has arrived.
Itachi Uchiha.
You destroyed the Uchiha.
What brings you to the Akatsuki? One who possesses the precious Sharingan appears before me How lucky I am I will have your body! Could it bethat I am under a Paralysis Genjutsu What visual prowess Marvelous Orochimaru Any Jutsu you use will have no effect before these eyes.
You've come.
Now, let's go My future lies in this child! It's over That was too quick.
Looks like it's beginning to take effect The body fluid of the giant white snake skin vaporizes upon contact with the air and becomes an anesthetic.
I am immortal.
The likes of your Jutsu cannot kill me! Now then I shall have you now! What is this? This isa different space inside my body.
Here, the Transference Ritual will be held We'll begin now.
What visual prowess Marvelous This is almost likethat time Those eyes Those eyes will be mine at last! He won't last with only the medicine He'll have to do the Transference Ritual as soon as today But It's hard to believe that Sasuke would consent willingly Well, even Sasuke can't resist that ritual Why is Sasuke here?! That is the cast-off skin of the giant snake Does that mean the ritual is already done? What's going on? Kabuto, is that you? Which one are you now? Which one do you think? This is the Transference Ritual! He's showing me the memories of the Transference Ritual! The ritual between the two will be settled right now! What the--?! Thiscan't be This is a place I created.
This is impossible! Impossible! It can't be This is my only! Orochimaru Any Jutsu you use will have no effect before these eyes.
Youshould realize that by now.
Howhideous Sasuke's will is eroding the space! I'm notgoing to let this happen! I am the immortal Orochimaru! Not here! I won't let this happen here! I am the one to unravel the order of this world! Everythingwill be mine! The clouds are moving ominously Almost like A flaming sunset, like blood What's the matter? No, it's nothing.
Lord Orochimaru is dead.
No It's almost as if I took over all that he was.
Three years have passed since he broke away all ties, suppressed his personal feelings and trained himself, just so he can achieve his goal Now is the time for him to take action with Orochimaru's power.
What awaits him, as he pushes his way through the dark corridor? Light or darkness? Next time: "Zabuza's Blade" Tune in again