Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e03 Episode Script

Zabuza's Sword

Suigetsu I will release you from this place some day.
I knew it was you The fact that you're here must mean you killed Orochimaru.
But never mind that.
Let's get you out of here.
Free at last.
Thank you, Sasuke.
Suigetsu, you're the first.
Come with me.
Me, first? There are others then? Two others.
I'm taking Jugo from the northern hideout and Karin from the southern hideout.
Are you sure about that? What is it? It's nothing Just that I don't like them.
I can't get along with them At least, that's what I think.
Sure, you picked me, but I wonder about choosing those two, Sasuke.
Enough with the rambling.
Put on your clothes.
We're going.
Ordering me around like a big shot, eh? Let me clarify the relationship between you and me All right? Sorry, but you chose to rescue me.
I never said anything about following you.
Just because you defeated Orochimaru doesn't make you better than me.
Everyone was after him.
You were Orochimaru's pet, so you weren't imprisoned and you stayed by his side.
You had more chances to kill him than the rest of us.
Gotcha Just kidding.
But I let you go just now, so that makes us even.
I'm free at last, so I'm going to do as I please.
That's unfortunate.
By the way It was your team, wasn't it? The team that brought down my great predecessor, Zabuza Momochi.
Whatever happened to his blade the Executioner's Blade? Let's do this.
If you tell me where the blade is, and I take possession of it, then I'll be willing to help you.
Put some clothes on.
Zabuza's Blade GREAT NARUTO BRIDGE The Great Naruto Bridge? What a weird name Say, was the great Zabuza Senpai strong? Everyone, duck! It's over.
I'm not that naïve! Kakashi Sensei! Damn it! Guys like you aren't called "Ninja" Just mere kids.
What's the matter, Sasuke? Sasuke? Nothing.
Let's go.
It's not here.
Say, Sasuke, are you sure it was here? Yeah.
But it's not here.
I wonder why? How would I know? I'm not the keeper of that grave.
If it's not there, someone must've taken it.
You're right about that.
It wouldn't have walked off on its own.
Sasuke Sorry, but without the blade here, me joining you will have to wait.
What'll you do then? What else? I'm gonna look for it.
The blade of the Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist was passed down from generation to generation.
That was the system.
I aspired to become one of them and trained for it.
Since Zabuza Senpai is gone I'm the one who should possess that Executioner's Blade.
Watch where you're walking, you idiot! Huh? What? You have a problem, Bro? Ahwhatever Just be careful! What's his problem, stupid jerk old fart idiot?! You're so nice, Sasuke Sohow're you gonna settle this debt? Oh This yogurt is the best.
It's been so long since I had anything like this.
I was in a water tank all this time.
Can you afford to relax like this? Butyou're the one in a rush.
Why're you gathering us together anyway? I'll tell you when we've all assembled.
"All right, let's go conquer this world!" You're not gonna say something like that, are you? Do that on your own time.
I'm aiming for something much bigger.
If anyone else started saying that, I wouldn't believe it for a second.
But with you I think maybe it's possible And that's the strange thing.
Oh say The Great Naruto Bridge, was it? Ever heard of a large blade near that bridge? Well Oh, maybe there was What about it? He's looking for that blade.
Huh?! S-Someone might know about it I'll go and ask! Oh dear! SCREAMS You're quite the ladies' man, eh? I know! - Tazuna - Who lives by the riverside would know! Tazunahuh? Who is this Tazuna? The carpenter boss who built that bridge.
The boss isn't here right now.
Do you know where he went? To the Land of Lightning to build a bridge.
He took Inari with him.
He won't be back for another year.
The Land of Lightning, eh? That's very far.
Do you know of a large blade that was left near the Great Naruto Bridge? Oh, that.
Tenzen Daikoku took it.
He originally came here to capture the Ninja who wielded the blade.
But after learning the Ninja was dead, he took the blade with him instead.
Damn it Tenzen Daikoku, eh? He was the aide to the lord of the Land of Water.
Apparently, many of his men were killed during Zabuza Senpai's coup d'état in the Hidden Mist.
I guess he had a grudge from back then.
Where the hell do you think you're--?! Hey, we were just looking for you.
Wh-Who are you guys?! You seem like the type to know all kinds of things I know nothing about Tenzen! Anything will do.
Just tell us what you know.
T-Tenzen Daikoku is a politician But there's another side to him.
He's the boss of a huge band of thieves.
I hear he doles out huge bribes to the feudal lords, and gets to do whatever evil things he likes.
See, you know it all.
And? Where does he live? Just to the south there's a castle in the forest.
Rumor says several thousand mercenaries guard the place and that it's impenetrable.
Wh-Who's there? How did you get in?! The day after tomorrow, this castle will be attacked by tens of thousands of soldiers.
Make sure you gather every man available.
My nameis Suigetsu.
An intruder! Men! Come out! Cripes What's going on? It seems another powerful clan plans to attack Tenzen's castle tomorrow with an army that numbers in the tens of thousands.
Oh is that true? Oh well, whatever.
The more confused the enemy becomes, the better my chances.
Be it several thousand or tens of thousands, it doesn't matter to a Ninja like me.
I'll sneak in tonight and take the Executioner's Blade.
How about making a wager? A wager? On who gets the Executioner's Blade first Huh?! I never expected you to have a playful side! Let's do it.
It sounds like fun.
Then it starts now.
There's only one rule.
We don't kill anyone.
Huh? Who the hell are you?! You're suspicious! You mean Now as in? It really starts now, huh? I can't lose this wager.
Well, all right, let's do it.
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! Gotta hand it to you, Sasuke! What the--?! He's gone?! Is this for real?! Damn, may as well get started! This is tiring, after all.
Finally, my goal.
Impossible You defeated all those men by yourself?! Well yeah.
Even with legitimate weapons, attacking me is useless.
If legitimate weapons are of no use! How aboutthis?! Say, that's my Executioner's Blade.
Ah, you did it! You let down your guard at the very end.
Blades don't work on me You see? But I'm jealous.
You're able to wield that blade without any special training It helps when you have a good physique.
I hear you've been telling everyone in town That you killed the Demon Zabuza and took that blade from him.
Th-That wasn't me It was Lord Tenzen who Hmm So you killed Zabuza Senpai? N-No The one who killed Zabuza was Zabuza? Errno! The one who killed Mr.
Zabuza wasn't me You'rethe onefrom yesterday! He's the one! He's the one who killed Mr.
Zabuza! All I did was bring the blade back from the grave! I'll give you some points for that.
That's a pretty good lie for a villain like you to come up with.
Suigetsu! How thoughtful.
I was feeling a bit dehydrated.
I think you're under the wrong impression here.
I wasn't particularly close to Mr.
But the thought of my Senpai from my village having such pathetic rumors about losing to weaklings like you is You know? D-Do you think you can get away with this?! Well, you'll have to pay for thisright? I think I'll test it on you.
Forget it.
What's the sense in killing someone like him? I've cut through the main pillars, so you'd better get out of here.
I'll spare your life.
Out of respect for you, Sasuke.
Sasuke? Not that?! Sasuke who killed Orochimaru?! Say, you're famous.
They know your name even around here.
As long as I have this blade, I won't even lose to youmaybe.
Say You knew that I was going to claim this blade, didn't you? AndYou knew from the start that the blade wasn't in that grave I see The one who warned that castle to gather its men was you? Tenzen acted like he'd met you before.
Hey? Did you suggest a wager just to lure me into enemy territory? Were you just testing me? Man, you're terrible.
What if I was hurt? Well, I understand now what kind of guy you are.
And you're exactly the way I imagined you to be.
Anyway, I have my blade.
So I'll help you as promised.
So? Which way do we go? Oh wait The nearest route, right? That would be your answer.
I'm starting to figure you out Right, the nearest route.
Just because Orochimaru is dead doesn't mean I'll let you have your way! The feeling of this Chakra I-It can't be Say Why are you gathering men? I have a goal And I have a better chance of achieving it with a small team.
But still, I don't know about choosing Karin Unlike me, she's a follower of Orochimaru.
Not to mention her personality But, her power is special Well That I'll have to agree with you on.
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