Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e04 Episode Script

Keeper of the Iron Prison

Can I ask you something? What is it? Why are you gathering men? I have a goal And I have a better chance of achieving it with a small platoon.
Ever since I approached Orochimaru, this moment is all I've thought about, and I've been pre-selecting highly skilled Ninja.
Oh? Sowhy would you choose Karin? Unlike me, she's a follower of Orochimaru The warden of the southern hideout where Orochimaru kept his test subjects locked up.
After claiming to be under Orochimaru's orders, she tinkered with my body countless times.
Besides, her personality turns me off.
Granted, there were other strong Ninja I could have swayed.
But she has a special power no one else possesses.
Well I'll admit that.
A nice smelland a bad odor.
There's hardly any security in this hideout.
They should at least build a fence.
She has this place under control.
There's no need.
Still, it's too quiet.
You'd think that word of Orochimaru's death had already reached this place You have one too.
That one is more suitable.
Open sesame! Say, I've been thinking.
That rumor must be true-- Shut up! You know what happened to the others who brought that up Yeah you're right Oh, damn it That's Sasuke Uchiha! What's he doing in a place like this? It's been quite a while since he came here with Orochimaru.
Yeah, why didn't he come with Orochimaru? He's with a guy we've never seen before Maybe that rumor is true! About Orochimaru being dead.
That's it! Sasuke must've killed Orochimaru! And he's come to free us all! Idiot.
Like that'll ever happen! Besides, Orochimaru would never get killed.
So it's you, after allSasuke.
Guardian of the Iron Wall Sasuke The fact that you're here alone must mean that the rumors were true.
Geez, that's mean.
I'm here too.
And? What brings you here? Sasuke has something to discuss with you.
We can't stand out here and talk, so take us inside, will you? It's been so long since I've walked I'm exhausted.
What do you want to talk about? I said let's not stand out here, Karin.
Although I know you're totally ignoring me.
Humph! You disgust me.
What'd you say? Cut it out, Karin.
Take us inside.
Karin, follow me.
I need you.
Huh?! Why would I follow you? I'm under orders to oversee this place! Orochimaru is already gone.
What about the prisoners here? Speaking of prisoners, they were awfully quiet.
Have the rumors about Orochimaru's death reached them? The number of prisoners has slightly lessened since I came here last.
Also, there are signs of recent digging in the grounds in front of the entrance.
Karin, with that sharp intellect, information control must be your forte.
I get it.
Rumors about Orochimaru's death began spreading among the prisoners, so in order to avoid a riot, Karin has been wisely taking action Is that it? Hey, do you know about that rumor? Yeah, I know.
About Orochimaru being killed, right? Yeah.
You planted a spy among the inmates and if anyone began gossiping about Orochimaru Karin, it's your cautious nature which maintained order in the prison.
Or ratherkept you alive.
You'd better stop talking like that! You've been trained by Orochimaru, all right.
Man, you're scary.
You probably sensed our presence long ago.
You could've even killed us by now.
If you were alone.
But not Sasuke? I didn't say that! Sasuke is a colleague.
I wanted to see if the rumors were true that Sasuke killed Orochimaru.
I did kill him.
How can you say that so casually?! Suigetsu Release everyone who is held prisoner here.
Wha--?! Geez You always order people around.
You can't just come here and take over! You don't know what it took to keep things in order here Without prisoners, there won't be any need for a warden.
I'll say it once more.
Come with me, Karin.
What'll you do? Well, anyway, I'll go and release the prisoners.
I refuse! Besides I'm under no obligation to follow you! Too bad Since you seem dead set against it, I'll just ask someone else.
I knew it! The rumors that Sasuke Uchiha brought down Orochimaru were true! Yeah, it's true.
What'll happen to those of us in here? Of course, you're free to go.
A-Are you sure?! Yeah I was once imprisoned too.
But as you can see, I'm free.
I'm going to unlock the cells.
Before that, I have one favor to ask.
What is it?! Ask us anything! Well The one who defeated Orochimaru and gave us our freedom is Sasuke.
When you're out, spread the word to everyone A man has appeared who will bring peace and tranquility to this world.
I'm coming.
Since you're so adamant I'll go with you.
What's this? That was a quick change of heart.
After thinking it over, I realized I'm tired of guarding this place.
It's locked from the inside That woman! That's Suigetsu.
Let's forget about that nuisance, okay, Sasuke? You Don't get so close.
Lookwhat's wrong with just you and me? We don't need a guy likeSuigetsu.
Your cunning and sense of caution and especially your power to sense Chakra From the moment I met you, I knew I could use you.
Yesthat time Lord Orochimaru sent me here.
To assist you, Sasuke Uchiha.
Two hours ago, 118 test subjects escaped from the hideout.
Judging from the time, they are all still in this forest.
I understand that this order is to capture them dead or alive.
Well then, let's begin.
Found them! I'll start with the ones hiding closest to us.
There's one fifty meters behind us.
And four more in front of us at ten o'clock.
So fast! Can you keep up? It's my duty.
Karin, become my eyes.
D-Don't give me orders! Three are hiding over at 1:30.
And from that point, at nine o'clock, there are five more waiting to ambush us.
How many? This one makes 84.
Sasuke, why don't you kill them? You're so lenient.
There's only one man I have a desire to kill.
Wh-What?! This guy'sChakra! This guyis cool! Karin! Karin! You did thatfor me? If I were to lose you, capturing the escapees would become difficult.
I know! At that moment I Sasuke Sasuke, I Hope my blade isn't chipped Let's go, Sasuke.
Karin turned you down, didn't she? No.
It seems she's coming.
Wh-Who said I'm coming?! I just I just happened to be going in the same direction.
That's all, nothing else! Oh, how nice.
Then we can travel together partway.
Yeah, just part of the way! All right Next is Jugo.
What? You're going to see Jugo? That shouldn't concern you since you're just coming with us part of the way.
Sure, I could care less, but what's wrong with asking? Wanna make something of it, you jerk?! Let's go! Y-Yeah I'll go! Sasuke Uchiha He always looks so calm and cool This feelingis exciting.
Of the hundreds, the thousands I've encountered, his Chakra is the best It grabs you! Compared with that What?! Your Chakrabothers me.
Huh? I could say the same about yours.
No, a woman A woman is nice No, wait.
A guy? I guess a guy is better No A woman? A woman No Maybe a guy We have to keep walking? I'm exhausted.
We're about to go to the northern hideout.
If you're acting like that, you'll be killed the moment you arrive there.
I didn't realize the place is so dangerous.
Yeah, the northern hideout is no ordinary hideout.
What do you mean by that? The place is a human experiment facility.
Intolerably bad monsters were created there and kept under restraint.
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