Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e05 Episode Script

Jugo of the North Hideout

We have to walk again? I'm exhausted.
Humph We're going to the northern hideout now.
At this rate, you'll be killed the moment we get there.
I only know it through maps but is the place really that bad? The northern hideout is no ordinary hideout.
That place is where human experiments are conducted.
And the unmanageable monsters that result are kept locked up there.
A male No, a female.
No, I'll kill a male next, after all.
I see.
It's already begun Why Why did you have to die? RAMEN That's pretty heavy food to have in the morning.
Sakura, today's our day off.
How come you're up so early? It's already noon.
Well, never mind.
Just wash up quickly and get dressed.
I'll be waiting.
Huh? Is it a date? Idiot! Lady Tsunade has summoned us! Say, aren't you tired? How about a short break? You're already taking a break! You are so hopeless! We've still got a ways to go 'til we get to the northern hideout! My destination is different from yours.
No need to bother with me.
Just go on ahead.
I remembered that I too have business at the northern hideout! So I'm going to take care of that first! Move! I'll kill you too! Stop it, Jugo That's enough.
You're not alone.
You have me.
Without you I can never leave this place Suigetsu Why do you follow Sasuke? I have a goal.
And if I stick with Sasuke, I can fulfill that goal.
Say, I should be asking you the same question Really.
I don't know what your goals are But you want me to join your team despite knowing about Jugo? I know him a little.
We fought each other once.
He had an unusual ability and was quite formidable.
But I couldn't figure out what he was thinking, and I didn't really like him.
I understand he sought out Orochimaru.
He's got to be crazy.
According to rumors, Jugo usually has that unusual impulse well under control.
But when he loses it, he transforms into a ruthless killer.
His personality and appearance change completely.
In other words, he's a maniac who loves to kill people.
But to Orochimaru, Jugo's ability was enticing.
He invented an enzyme, based on Jugo's body fluids, which induced the same condition in other Shinobi.
You guys know it too, right? That'sthe Curse Mark.
Jugo is the one and only original carrier.
I'm getting out of here! I'll kill anyone who tries to stop me! Who'snext? Jugo of the Northern Hideout You're late! What took you two so long?! Cripes! I-I'm sorry.
Naruto was eating lunch, which he calls breakfast Now now Tsunade Huh? Pervy Sage?! You're back! It's been awhile, eh, Naruto? Aw man! Why didn't you tell me you were back? We had a hard time after you left.
So I hear.
I got the gist of it, but I understand you played a big part.
That's for sure.
I finally got my Collaboration Jutsu to work in sync with the two toads.
Oh, is that so?! You finally did it! How about it? Wanna see my new Jutsu? Well, since I'm here I don't mind if I do.
I knew it! And naturally, after that, we'll go eat ramen at Ichiraku! Sure, it'll be my treat.
- All right! Let's get going! - Let's go! Your new Jutsu, eh? - I'm looking forward to this - Hey!! - Ow! - Oh! Say, can we rest a bit? Suigetsu! You keep stopping to rest! We're almost at the hideout! Is it the sword? Is it too heavy for you? Then leave it, damn it! Tell him, Sasuke! What's wrong? Where's the guy who's on watch? Huh? You're right That's strange.
Hey He's from the northern hideout.
He's still breathing.
What happened? Y-You'reSasuke Uchiha Help me What happened? I-It all started with the rumors that Orochimaru was dead.
The prisoners went wild At this rate Oh dear He died.
You're What is that? He's already in the "Curse Mark Second State.
" The northern hideout is over there.
Let's go and see Jugo.
Huh? Hey! Wait, Sasuke! Huh? Who is this guy? A male The next one I kill will be a guy, after all All right, decided.
If the next one who comes through that door is a woman, I'll kill her.
The guards have all been killed and the prisoners have escaped.
Then there's no way we can tell which one is Jugo Eh, Sasuke? Karin, is Jugo among them? Cripes, what a pain! Just wait a bit! Nope, he's not.
Well then, I can fight without worrying who they are.
Just avoid killing them.
You're from the Hidden Leaf, after all You should've killed that guy back there too, you know.
So naïve Let's go.
Stay away! You all stink! You're strong You're The keys! I found them! Kill Kill Karin, which way? Lead the way.
Sasuke! Why're you ordering me around, huh?! Can you just hurry and check? That's the ability you pride yourself on, right? That way! What is it? Actually, it's this way.
Let's go, Sasuke! Why did you lie? Suigetsu went Suigetsu has a big mouth, that's why I don't like him.
Let go I can walk on my own.
Sothe Curse Mark really does transform the body into such an ugly shape Sasuke, does your Curse Mark do the same to you? Sasuke Are you listening? That witch! A woman If a woman enters, I'll kill her! Here? Yeah, Jugo's inside.
There Now then, which will it be? All right! I'm gonna open it! I'll go in first.
Karin, stay back.
S-Sure! No It's gotta be a guy.
If it's a guy, I'll kill him.
Bingo! I'm gonna kill! He's coming! Huh? I'm back where I started.
I should've turned right back there.
Damn that witch! Y-You guys Just what is your purpose in coming here? We came to take Jugo outta here, so that he can join our team.
Do you guys realize what you're doing? If you let that guy out into the world I totally agree.
But I'll convince him with force, if necessary.
You may be strong, but you're hardly Listen If it weren't for Sasuke's words, you'd be dead right now.
Jugo will kill you all! I really could care less if one person died.
Sasuke! I-I'm so sorry! Naruto always gets so rowdy Hey, Naruto, you idiot! Say you're sorry too!! Oww Sakura that hurt! And? What did you want to talk about? Huh? Mmm What's wrong, Granny Tsunade? Don't you have something to talk about? Well There's certain information that is being spread throughout the region It's about that.
Information? What? What about? Orochimaru is dead.
It seems Sasuke Uchiha killed him.
Is Is thattrue? There's no mistake about it.
I heard it from a reliable source.
Then Heh! After all, there's no way he'd get killed by Orochimaru! That means Sasuke will be coming back to the Hidden Leaf! Right? That doesn't seem to be the case It's not over yet! Sasuke's Chakra changed! Not another copy of me! Sasuke But you're quite a guy to be able to do a Partial Transformation! You're good at controlling your Curse Mark! I have no intention of fighting.
I only wish to talk to you, Jugo.
But you're quite a guy! You're good at controlling your Curse Mark! I have no intention of fighting.
I only wish to talk to you.
Talk? Jugo, I'm getting you out of here.
Are you an idiot?! You don't know anything! What do you mean? He's gone.
That's why I can never leave this place! Next time: "Formation!" Captain Yamato gave me some raffle tickets! Naturally, I'm going for first prize A year's supply of Cup Noodles!! Huh? This must be it.
RAFFLE TICKET BOOTH Welcome! Oh, it's just you, Naruto.
Don't give me that attitude! By the way, are my cup noodles still here? Whether it's yours or not depends on your luck.
FIRST PRIZE But, no first-prize winners yet! All right!! Okay.
You get three tries.
Come on ramen! Sorry! Here's a candy for drawing a blank.
Damn it! Next one for sure! You lose! Here's your second candy.
I'm putting everything on this last try! - Oh! - Oh! Jack pot!! Yay! - Here.
- Huh?! Grand prize is the Make-Out Tactics Book Set signed by Master Jiraiya! What?! Who needs this?! This is stupid! I'm going home! GRAND PRIZE Huh? They already won the grand prize? And here I got these raffle tickets How depressing! Tune in again!