Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e06 Episode Script


Sasuke's Chakra changed! Not another copy of me! Sasuke But you're quite a guy to be able to do a Partial Transformation! You're good at controlling your Curse Mark! He's strong! Haven't seen a copycat this good since Kimimaro.
I have no intention of fighting.
I only wish to talk to you, Jugo.
Talk?! I'm getting you out of here.
Get me out of here?! Are you crazy?! Without him Without him I can'tleave this place.
Stop! Please stop! Ohguys How have you been? Kid, where are you going? If you value your life, don't go beyond this point.
A demon lives there.
A demon? He's known as "Bipolar Jugo.
" Look at that.
Because of Jugo, no one lives in that village, to this day.
No one's ever gotten close to him and come back alive.
I don't mean to lecture you.
But you should go back.
What? You've followed me? But stop where you are.
You must not come.
Now, go back to your own home.
Don't come near me! Go away! If you come here, I'll kill you! I'll kill anyone who comes in here! Who is it? Go away! Go away! I said to go away! I'll kill you Kimimaro Formation! I'll say it once more.
I have no intention of fighting.
I came to get you out of here.
Come with me.
I can't leave here anymore! Sasuke! Just kill that guySasuke! As if I'll let you get away! Geez! What is this place?! You're mean! You tricked me, didn't you? You went and got lost on your own.
I just followed your directions! Are you accusing me of tricking you?! How would I benefit from tricking you anyway? You can be alone with Sasuke.
A-As if I'd want such a thing! Umm I mean Well, whatever.
But what's going on here? Jugo went wild So the two of you went to Jugo, after all.
Where's Sasuke? He went out with Jugo.
Well, it's Sasuke.
He won't get beaten that easily.
I wonder So Jugo has gotten strong? You could say that By the way, you said that he willingly came to Orochimaru, right? Yeah To reform himself.
Reform himself? It's possible thatfor Jugo, Orochimaru's hideout was like a sanctuary.
What does Jugo wish to be reformed from? It's like an addiction He can't do anything about it on his own.
He wanted to suppress his urge to kill.
Kill! You don't understand! I can no longer escape from this place! I'll kill you too! I see Your strength is amazing I thought I was a goner.
Wh-Who are you? Kimimaro I came in search of you.
Would you like to go to Lord Orochimaru too? Orochimaru? There are many people with Lord Orochimaru that are just like you and I You're all alone, aren't you? If you go to Lord Orochimaru, you won't be alone anymore.
I'm not normal.
I can't control myself.
There's no telling when I'll start killing the people around me.
I won't get killed.
I'm not that weak.
Aren't youafraid of me? No, I'm not, Jugo.
I will become your cage As long as I'm by your side your spirit will be free.
I'll beat you to death! Huh? Is thattrue? Yes.
I'm going to absorb the enzyme from your body into my own.
Just like you, I will possess the power of the Curse Mark.
Hold on a minute.
The Curse Mark doesn't adapt to just anyone.
If it doesn't adapt I know At that moment, I'll die.
If you know, then stop this! It's part of the treatment.
My body is being eaten away by disease.
Perhaps your Curse Mark will slow its progress.
Your power will save me.
Don't worry so much.
It's all right.
We're best friends.
There is no way your power will reject me.
Kimimarowhy did you Why did youleave me and die! What?! You're using a different technique than before, Jugo.
It's solid.
Stop it, Suigetsu.
That's right! You're Suigetsu.
I remember now.
This guy is dangerous, after all, Sasuke.
Sasuke? We didn't come here to fight.
Let me talk to him.
I doubt that anything you say will get through to him.
You just have to take him by force! Stop it, both of you! Keep going! Just kill each other off! Do you bothwant me to kill you? Just nowthat was real bloodthirst.
Y-You're irresistibleSasuke H-Hurry up and lock me in! Jugo I only came to free you.
Come with me.
He's too scared.
No That's not it.
I don't want to kill anymore people.
I don't want to go outside Leave me alone! What is this? Talk about split personality I told you so Jugo has this uncontrollable urge to kill.
He's unable to suppress the urge even though he really doesn't want to kill people.
I don't know when I'll kill someone again.
So just put the lock on! See, this guy is dangerous, Sasuke.
I can't even walk in front of him without getting nervous.
What's with you guys?! Just leave me alone! Orochimaru is dead.
And this hideout has been destroyed.
If you stay here, you'll die as well.
That's fine with me I don't want to kill anyone ever again! Don't worry I will become your cage.
I will stop you.
What can you do? The only one who can make these urges stop is Kimimaro.
Without Kimimaro, I won't leave! Kimimaro? You mean of the Kaguya clan? Yeah Jugo and Kimimaro were especially favored by Orochimaru.
They were kept together in this hideout for human experiments for a long time.
Plus, Kimimaro was strong Jugo was valuable for human experiments and Kimimaro was the only one able to stop Jugo's rampages without hurting him.
But I thought that guy was already Jugo Kimimaro died for my sake.
He's no longer here.
Died for your sake?! Then you're Sasuke Uchiha? Yes.
Sasuke Uchiha Why are you being sent out? You're sick! This has never happened before Sasuke Uchiha The man who is taking my place as Lord Orochimaru's vessel It's to bring him in.
Is he worth going that far? If you take me out of the running as a vessel, then there is no one else.
He is like my reincarnation.
I will risk my life to bring him here.
I'm grateful to you, Jugo.
Your power made me much stronger.
Well Jugo I'll be back again.
Is that how it isKimimaro.
Now I have all the members I had in mind.
So I will tell you my goal.
My goal is to kill Itachi Uchiha of the Akatsuki.
Thought so Itachi Uchiha? But that's his brother! And I want to borrow your strength for that.
Naturally, I won't force you.
Karin You said you had business to take care of.
What will you do? W-Well On second thought, it's not that urgent Karin Be honest with yourself.
Isn't being with Sasuke all you really want? Th-That's not true! Whoever said such a thing? That's! I!! See, I hit it right on the mark.
That's why you're speechless.
So obvious.
I know all about it Long ago you had a crush on Sasuke Suigetsu, don't get Karin so worked up I thought I told you to be cooperative.
All right Sorry, Karin.
But as much as you hate it I'm sticking to Sasuke like glue.
At least until I possess one of the Seven Hidden Mist Blades Kisame Hoshigaki's Great Shark Fin sword.
So you're just sword collecting? How lame Suigetsu I know.
Jugo, what about you? Kimimaro used to say that you were his reincarnation, Sasuke And he bet his life to protect you.
So I want to see with my own eyes just how great of a Ninja you are.
Then it's all set! What's the matter with him? Orochimaru is dead, so why isn't he returning to the village? Sasuke is possessed by the desire for revenge.
He intends to approach the Akatsuki in order to kill his older brother Itachi.
That guy! Is he still? Dammit! From this point on, we move together.
And henceforth, we will call ourselves Hebi.
Well, let's get going.
Operation "Track Akatsuki" is still ongoing, right? Yes If we hunt down that Akatsuki member first we'll definitely run into Sasuke eventually! Hebi has but one objective In other words, our target is Itachi Uchiha! I'll tell you a story from when I was still just a kid.
It was during the final days of the Third Great Ninja War.
Due to the long war with other nations, the Leaf was suffering from an unprecedented lack of war capability.
It was during such time when that incident occurred.
It was my first mission as a Jonin.
Next time: "Kakashi Chronicles~ A Boy's Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1" Lady Katsuyu, may I ask you a question? How did you get here? Oh, that was So, please join Sakura as soon as possible.
As soon as possible Everyone is waiting for you! Understood.
However, I can't walk that fast Oh no!! This is nothing, they're all waiting Ah, the sunlight the dryness Oh no! It's a slug monster! Get me some salt, salt! Please wait, I'm not You went through all that trouble for us?! Oh no, my effort was nothing compared to yours.
Not at all! We didn't know any of that Here, Naruto.
Come here and apologize to her with me! Whoa, for what? You too, Sai!! Just kidding.
Actually Lady Tsunade sent me here using the transportation technique.
Sakura still has a lot to learn.
Tune in again!