Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e07 Episode Script

Kakashi's Gaiden - The Battlefield of a Boy's Life! (Part 1)

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com~ Kakashi Chronicles ~ A Boy's Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1 This is bad! At this rate, I'll be killed! Can I make it?! Did I make it? No, Obito, you're late! What time did you think we were supposed to meet?! If you're a full-fledged ninja you're expected to follow the rules! Well I was on the way, but an old lady carrying a load asked me for directions And I got something in my eye Okay! That's a lie, isn't it?! That's enough, Kakashi.
Obito showed the old lady the way I carried her bag too! You're too lenient, Sensei.
Besides, there's no way that some needy person appears before Obito each and every time! Those who break the rules and regulations are regarded as scum! Isn't that so?! Don't you have a shred of kindness in your heart?! All you ever talk about are rules and regulations! The main thing is your own self-control.
Now stop it, both of you.
We're all on the same team.
You're too easy on Obito, Rin.
This is an important day for me too.
Y-You're right What was it again? As of today, Kakashi is a jonin like me.
And in order to increase our efficiency, we'll be splitting into two teams.
After all, presently the Leaf Village is at an unprecedented low on military strength.
Splitting up? Then Yes, that's right.
Kakashi will be captain of a three-man squad with Obito and Rin.
And I'll be working alone.
Remember, we talked about this the other day, Obito About getting Kakashi a gift.
Sorry I wasn't listening.
This is my gift.
A custom-made kunai knife.
It's sort of heavy and odd-shaped, but once you get accustomed to it, it's easy to use.
Thank you.
And this is from me.
Here! A personalized special medkit I adjusted things a little, to make it easier to use.
Wh-What's with that hand? I don't have anything to give you! Well I don't mind.
It wouldn't have been anything worthwhile anyway.
Getting something useless would only get in the way.
I still can't figure out why you became a jonin! You should talk.
I'm Obito Uchiha of the Uchiha clan! I'll surpass you some day! The minute my "Sharingan" awakens! Everyone in the Uchiha clan is elite, right? So you shouldn't have to rely on something like that.
What?! Stop it, you two! Can I start to explain the mission to you? We're close to the border.
Got it? It's this line.
It shows where the Land of Earth is currently invading the Hidden Grass Village.
Our enemies are the Hidden Stone Ninja We have received word that They've advanced considerably since the last time.
The Land of Fire shares borders with the Hidden Grass.
We should have stepped in long ago.
Judging by the size of this advance they must have an efficient system for reinforcement.
Hence, our mission is here at Kannabi Bridge.
To crush one's enemy at the battlefront requires an immense number of ninja.
So ninja like us, who focus on sabotage missions, are forced to work in small, select teams.
The bridgeyou say? Then it's an infiltration mission? Right! Team Kakashi Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy's rear territory.
You will destroy this bridge, which is used to transport supplies and reinforcements.
And when this is done, withdraw immediately.
- Yes sir! - Yes sir! And you, Sensei? I will face the enemy directly on the battlefront.
I'll create a diversion for you.
In any case, Kakashi is your captain today.
We'll travel together to the border, but after that your mission commences! - Yes sir! - Yes sir! NiceKakashi.
They noticed They're pretty good.
No, that can't be I'll just watch the situation.
One No! Be on guard, everyone.
There are twenty of them.
Although it's probably a Shadow Clone Jutsu.
I think you're right.
Sensei I'll attack.
Can you cover me? Don't be hasty, Kakashi.
I think you should back me up.
Sensei I'm the captain today! I want to test a new jutsu I've been working on.
He's coming Chidori! What is that jutsu?! Wh-What an incredible chakra Here I go! No matter what their numbers are, with this jutsu, I can take them down in a flash.
It's just like your nickname.
Besides Sensei You said it yourself.
Right now, I'm the captain.
The rule says that the team must obey its captain's orders, Sensei! To think he'd attack head on Your kunai attacks helped me pinpoint your location.
Here I go! Damn! It's a Shadow Clone! Then on to the next! Don't let your guard down! Yes sir! That's number 18! Don't get cocky, brat! Kakashi! I was barely able to counter that brat.
But that yellow-haired guy's moves are I marked him Sensei's Transportation Technique is so fast! N-No way Are you the "Yellow Flash of the Leaf"?! Those of us from the Land of Earth have been taught by our commanders to run when we see you.
I finally understand what they meant.
Kakashi's wound is serious We'll retreat and regroup.
I'm all right! No, you're not! All because you ignored Sensei's warnings and charged ahead! I don't need to listen to that.
Not from the "Uchiha elite" who was whining in fear back there! I-I got some dust in my eye and started tearing up, that's all! Do you know the 25th rule of Shinobi Conduct? The rule says a ninja must not show tears! Hey Stop it, you two That's enough, both of you! Kakashi, rules and regulations are indeed important.
But that isn't everything.
Didn't I teach you? There are times when the situation requires impromptu responses against the enemy.
There, you see?! Obito, you too! There's no way dust can get into your eyes when you have goggles on.
If you're going to advocate self-control, don't just mouth the words.
Act strong too.
And one other thing Kakashi You shouldn't use that jutsu anymore.
From what I could see, your focal point concentrated attack undoubtedly has power and speed But it makes you move too fast to ascertain the opponent's counterattack.
It's still an imperfect jutsu.
Before we part I'll tell you one more thing.
For a ninja, the most important thing is teamwork.
Sensei What's the matter? I know that teamwork is important.
But Kakashi always criticizes me about how I lack discipline, so I mean I know that I'm the black sheep of the elite Uchiha Clan And I admit that Kakashi is an awesome guy Kakashi is the son of the genius ninja, Sakumo Hatake, feared as the "White Fang" of the Leaf.
Even the legendary names of the Leaf's Three Great Ninja paled before his father's.
His childhood years were spent under the shadow of such a genius So I guess it can't be helped if, at times, he finds you lacking.
White Fang That's right I've heard of him too.
The hero who died protecting the village.
Kakashi never said a word about that He was a great man Someone respected by everyone in the village, and naturally, by Kakashi himself.
That is, until that incident Incident? Perhaps, I shouldn't be telling you something like this But since you're on the same team as Kakashi, I want you to know.
What happened? Kakashi's father, Sakumo, took his own life after being slandered.
Five years ago, he was the leader of an extremely difficult mission and infiltrated enemy territory.
He was forced to make a choice.
The mission or his comrades' lives Of course, according to the rules of the village, completing the mission was the right thing to do.
However, in order to save his comrades, he suspended the mission.
That resulted in grave losses to the Land of Fire and the village, and he was blamed for it.
What's more, the very comrades he saved also criticized him.
The whole ordeal took its toll on Sakumo's health, physically and mentally.
And finally, he took his life.
From then on, Kakashi never uttered a word about his father, and he strictly began to adhere to every rule and regulation.
Obito Try to understand, even if it's just a little.
Kakashi means well.
It's healing well.
But don't over-exert yourself or you'll open up the wound.
Let's start heading out.
We'll be splitting up from this point.
Good luck to you all.
The enemy the other day was doing surveillance alone.
But from here on out, we'll be fighting teams.
Be careful Let's get going Captain.
All right Let's go! - Yes sir! - Yes sir! Scatter! Hey Mahiru went out for surveillance and hasn't come back.
You don't think those young brats killed him, do you? Well then, let's ask them.
Camouflage Jutsu Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu! We're taking this one.
Obito! Don't go after them! What?! Do you realize what you just said?! The two of us will continue this mission.
And Rin? What about Rin?! Rin comes later.
The enemy wants to find out what we're up to.
They won't kill her right away.
And luckily, Rin is a Medical Ninja.
So even if she ends up a prisoner of war, she'll probably be treated cordially On the condition that she treat the wounded on their side.
The problem is if the enemy learns about our strategy.
If they obtain that information, no doubt, they'll immediately increase the security on the bridge.
That will make our mission much more difficult.
You're assuming Rin's safety under baseless assumptions! What if those guys just now are lackeys who don't give a damn?! Right now, saving Rin takes priority over the mission! A ninja must sacrifice a comrade in order to carry out a mission.
That is the rule.
If we fail in this mission, it is possible that the war will be prolonged and many more lives will be sacrificed.
That's just an assumption! And for something like that, you're willing to simply abandon a comrade who's been through life and death with you?! When you and I were wounded, Rin saved our lives with her Medical Ninjutsu! If she hadn't been there, we'd both be dead by now! That was Rin's duty.
I don't like you, after all! I don't care.
I'm the captain.
You will obey me.
Whatever the situation, in order to keep the team together, one person gives the orders.
That is why we have the rule that states that members must obey the team captain.
Obito, you're not strong.
That is why I was chosen as captain of this team.
Then why won't you try to save Rin?! As captain, you're strong.
Strong enough to save your comrades, right?! If you give in to your emotions even for a moment and fail your mission, you will regret it later.
That is why our code of conduct forbids any emotional feelings.
You should know that.
Rin Rin was concerned about your well-being.
That's why she gave you that medkit.
She even sewed on a protective amulet inside it! The medkit and Medical Ninjutsu are superb systems developed by the Hidden Leaf in order to increase the success rate of our missions.
But I told you yesterday, didn't I? "Getting something useless would only get in the way.
" Something useless? To carry out his mission, useful tools are essential to a ninja.
Something like emotions are useless.
Are you serious?! Do you seriously believe that?! YeahI do Forget it.
You and I have been like water and oil from the start.
I'm going to rescue Rin! You don't understand anything! Not about what happens if you break the rules I believe that the White Fang was a true hero Sure in the world of ninja, those who break the rules and regulations are regarded as scum But those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum! I'm gonna be trash anyway, so I choose to break the rules.
And if that doesn't make me a true ninja Then I'll crush this so-called "ninja"!! When I think back, I'm filled with regret.
I was a cocky brat who had just been promoted to jonin, and every other word I uttered was about rules and regulations.
But frankly, I knew nothing about what was truly important.
Until that day, when you taught me a valuable lesson.
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