Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e09 Episode Script

Moving Out

You've finally settled down.
Sheesh, what a handful.
You're back.
Yeah, but having to bring him back without killing him, was quite a bother.
It's starting to rain.
Looks like it'll storm.
Let's take cover under a tree, or we'll catch a cold.
Leader is waiting for word that we've captured him.
Immediately thereafter, the sealing of the Three-Tails and Four-Tails is to occur simultaneously.
So we make him wait a little.
Once the sealing begins, we'll be working for quite some time.
He seems near death.
You must handle the elderly with care.
You say that because you don't know him.
This Jinchuriki who uses the Corrosion Style Jutsu of the Four-Tails isn't what you think.
You didn't fight him yourself, so you wouldn't understand what I went through.
But, I was the one who asked to go alone.
Say, want me to beat your assignment half-dead too? Don't get so excited, Kisame.
Well, I'm a bit tired, you see.
I wish we could catch all the Tailed Beasts already.
Don't be so impatient It's going to take some time.
I wonder about that.
There's just a few more, right? And it's been decided that the Nine-Tails will be sealed last Otherwise, the balance will be disrupted, and the sealing statue will be pulverized That's what Leader said After all, the Jinchuriki need to be captured alive.
So I say just catch them quickly and leave them tied up.
Humph Fine with me, but remember that Deidara failed.
If he's going to be sealed last, it's no big deal if we capture him last.
And besides, Akatsuki is becoming too conspicuous lately.
If we capture the Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki too soon, the Hidden Leaf will become even more of a nuisance.
Heh You really think so? The Hidden Leaf Village has very strong links with other villages.
If they begin to collaborate, it will be difficult for us to act.
It will be wiser to collect up to the Eight-Tails with as little commotion as possible.
I see.
I guess you're right.
There's the summons.
We've been caught dawdling.
You're late We had just finished catching the Jinchuruki when you contacted us.
We tied him up good to make sure he didn't escape.
That's what took us longer.
So, what's up? I got an urgent message I wanted to relay to you.
Orochimaru has been killed.
It's been ten years since he deserted us So we've been spared the trouble of killing him ourselves.
I would've loved to see him die as much as I would've loved to see the Zombie Combo die.
Hidan and Kakuzu were our comrades.
Don't say such things.
Sorry Back then, they were done in by The Hidden Leaf.
The squad with Kakashi and the Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki.
They're strong, that team.
Even Deidara got his butt kicked.
Tobi!! Say one more word and my patience will run out! It will! It takes self-control to be patient And your fuse is too short for that.
Why you--! Tobi! You! Pipe down, Deidara.
Tobi's right.
You got chewed out! But Tobi, you always talk too much.
Respect your superiors.
Okay! Sorry! And we're supposed to get the remaining Jinchuriki with these two? But killing Orochimaru took special skill.
Who did it? Sasuke Uchiha.
I was gonna be the one to bring Orochimaru down.
Hmm He's good.
I'd expect nothing less from your kid brother, Itachi.
He's gathering members Really troublesome ninja at that.
What do you mean? You know them well too One of the Hozuki Brothers of the Hidden Mist You mean, Suigetsu? That brings back memories.
And also, Bipolar Jugo.
So be on your guard, Itachi and Kisame I dare say they're targeting you two.
And the rest of you should keep Sasuke Uchiha in mind.
After getting information about Itachi and Kisame, they may just come after Akatsuki.
Kisame, what kind of guy is he? This Suigetsuhmm? It happened ten years ago He had such a cute smile.
A child prodigy who's been called the reincarnation of the demonic Zabuza.
Are you a river child who got stranded on land?! Quit stopping to drink water so often! Hmm They seem like an interesting lot.
Hey, don't get too interested.
And just leave me out of it! Never mind that already.
Itachi, Kisame hurry up and get the Four-Tails.
We'll seal him at the same time as the Three-Tails! Understood.
Cripes, and I thought we'd get to rest a bit.
We have no choice.
Let's hurry.
Assemble We target the member of Akatsuki with whom we have the highest chance of meeting Sasuke.
Well, I can see the logic in that.
Itachi Uchiha What shall we do? If we're able to take just one of the Akatsuki into custody, Ibiki can get information about Itachi out of him.
I've already issued an order to all teams to capture a member of Akatsuki if the opportunity presents itself, and to transport him here.
That will probably be very difficult.
Kakashi Sensei We won't be able to make them talk so easily.
Even those we've already encountered were far too dangerous and we couldn't even think about taking them into custody.
Then what're we gonna do?! Well, until we come across Itachi, I don't think we have any choice but to be very patient and search.
I can't go on.
Let's take a short break As long as you drag your feet like that, we'll never get there! Well, pardon me.
But unlike you, I have a very delicate constitution.
Huh? Look, just evaporate, you water ghost! Why don't you get lost instead? I thought you had somewhere else to go? We're here.
This is a big one.
So you've come All right, we'll begin the sealing starting with the Three-Tails.
All right! Assemble.
Let's begin.
We're here.
What a creepy-looking place.
Let's go.
A hideout in an old ruin like this It's news to me.
Orochimaru has nothing to do with this.
My clan used this as a weapons store.
We'll prepare for the battle that will be fought here.
The passageways look so similar, it's easy to get lost in here.
But what a depressing place.
It stifles my breath.
Sorry if it's depressing here.
Huh? It's been a long time, Denka and Hina.
It's young Sasuke, after all What's your business here? What's your business here? Weapons and medicine and various other things.
We're preparing for battle.
This is Oh, a talking raccoon dog? Hey, come over here.
Yikes They're ninja cats.
Don't approach them carelessly.
They'll tear you apart.
You should warn us about stuff like that from the beginning.
Did you bring us a present? Herea bottle of catnip.
Thank you.
Follow me.
I'll take you to Granny Cat.
I owe you, Granny Cat.
It's been so long since we've met, but you're in such a hurry.
I have something important to do.
You're not a ninja cat, right? There, there.
No, stop.
Even this one is too small.
So you're going to see Itachi, after all? I've known you both since you were little, but little did I imagine it would come to this You two are all that's left of the Uchiha Clan And now, you'll have to fight to the death.
I'm going.
Thanks for everything.
Granny, don't we have something bigger for him to wear? In that box over there! Nothing fits.
Then just wrap that curtain around him! I don't run a clothing store! Granny! What a rude thing to say, considering he paid us! Fine.
Pursue Itachi in order to meet up with Sasuke, eh? Well then Say we find Itachi.
What next? About that I have an idea.
Can you spare some time? You don't look too pleased.
Pervy Sage? What're you doing here? I hadn't seen my apprentice in a while, so I thought maybe we could share a meal.
Are you treating? ICHIRAKU RAMEN Cripes, what's with Kakashi Sensei? Here, we're ready to move out any time.
It can't be helped.
There are lots of things to prepare for.
Prepare for what? One small squad isn't enough.
What do you mean by that? Listen.
If Itachi is defeated, Sasuke will lose his purpose in coming.
So we have no choice but to find a way to detain Itachi.
And that will require a coordinated effort with more ninja.
Right now, Kakashi has his hands full trying to get this organized.
Is that how it is? But we're dealing with Itachi here.
Ordinary methods won't work.
Probably not And we can't just avoid him, can we? And just bring Sasuke back? I'm sure you understand, but Sasuke has grown powerful enough to kill Orochimaru.
I know that But I made a promise to Sakura long ago That I'd "bring Sasuke back without fail.
" And I can't go back on my word.
What is most important to a ninja is not the number of jutsu he possesses What's important is - To never give up! - To never give up! Determination! That's my Ninja Way! You're as foolish as ever.
I can't help it.
After all, I'm the apprentice of the Pervy Sage.
Geez, what a rude apprentice I'm stuck with.
"Rude"?! What does that mean? Exactly that, you rude apprentice.
You're one to talk, Pervy Sage! You're a no-good, perverted old man! Here, eat this too.
Oh Ichiraku's roast pork is still the best.
Cripes, sealing the Tailed Beast is such a pain! And there's more to go after this, right? Just thinking about it frazzles me.
Now then which way? Hmm Umm Excuse me, Senpai, "which way" what? What do you mean? What do you think?! Do we go for the Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki whose team is led by Kakashi or Sasuke Uchiha? Hey, we shouldn't mess with either one! Our assignment is over! And furthermore, Sasuke's not even a Tailed Beast! Are you kidding?! The Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki owes me one for punching me.
And Kakashi got my right arm Then there's Sasuke Uchiha I can't forgive him 'cuz he killed Orochimaru, whom I planned to kill.
Geez Once he sets his mind to something, he just won't listen.
Did you say something? No.
We're going, Tobi.
Oh dear That Deidara has gotten all worked up about going after your little brother.
Is that okay with you, Itachi? Let's go! I see.
You've given it quite a bit of thought.
Say, shouldn't we have even more guys? It's not simply a matter of manpower.
For this job, I think two squads working together are ideal.
If our targets are few in number, namely one or two, having more than three squads will make us too easy to detect as well as interfere with the chain of command.
And it will end up hindering our mobility.
Restraining the enemy requires much more technique than mere killing.
In coordinating the squads, it would be wise to choose members who are accustomed to working together.
Well, right now, this is the best plan.
Thank you.
Well, we're about ready to set out, but I don't like this weather.
All right! Let's go! The rain is perfect for cooling off someone so fired up.
Okay, I'm issuing the order for a mission to locate and detain Itachi Uchiha! All of you, be extremely careful and carry out your duties! - Right! - Right! Basically, this search team is organized by one ninja and two ninja hounds.
However, Yamato and Hinata the Visual Jutsu User will accompany Naruto just in case he, a Jinchuriki, is attacked.
I'm counting on you, Hinata.
Listen, we're after Itachi and Sasuke.
But, even if you find either of them, come back to this point.
Now, go! Next time: "The Hunt" - Good night! - Good night! That was a tough recording session.
Sakura, how about stopping for some ramen on the way home--? No thanks.
That was a quick answer.
N-Naruto What's wrong, Hinata? I-If it's okay, I I? - I-I mean - "I mean" what?! Come to think of it, lately Hinata's only line has been "Naruto.
" That's true! Starting from the next episode, maybe we can keep using the same line over and over again.
What?! That's what the director said.
Even though it's the same line, I'm saying it from the bottom of my heart.
So when you're embarrassed? N-Naruto When you're happy! Naruto When you're angry! N-Naruto! - Cry! - N-Naruto - Rush! - Naruto! - Smile! - Naruto Scream! Naruto! That's okay.
We'll be using these lines for a while.
Huh?! STUDIO N-No way.
Tune in again!