Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e10 Episode Script

The Hunt

All right.
Starting now, our main mission is to find Itachi and take him into custody.
- Yeah! - Yes! Akatsuki's goal is to round up the Tailed Beasts.
It is believed that they already have the Three-Tails.
According to the data obtained by Jiraiya, it's possible they have infiltrated the Land of Fire and will target Naruto.
Itachi, in particular, is originally from the Leaf Village.
Three years ago, he returned to the village and attempted to take Naruto.
So he's headed for the Leaf Village again? As well as Sasuke who is after this Itachi Uchiha! Alright! I'm gonna meet up with Sasuke no matter what.
Well, let's just take it one step at a time.
Here's the search plan.
Using this as the central point, we'll search all four directions for five kilometers.
If we find nothing, then we'll move the central point and spread out five kilometers from there.
Andwe'll keep repeating this strategy.
Five kilometers Our wireless radio will be out of range! And if we're separated, it'll be dangerous! The rules state that all patrols must be done by two-man cells.
- If we encounter the enemy--! - Sakura Don't get so worried.
Just watch Our voices which travel even farther than the wireless radios, and our noses that can instantly sniff out danger, will protect you.
Pakkun! All right, let me explain the patrol team formation.
This time, two ninja hounds will be assigned to each member.
Two dogs? Huh? But Get along, all of you.
Hello, Sakura.
You're such a snappy female as usual.
I'm partnering with Shino.
Ugh You stink of insects.
You stink like a dog.
Let's work together In peace and harmony Hehehe! I wonder if I can become friends with dogs? What about me? Naruto, you're the Jinchuriki they're targeting.
Just in case you're attacked, you'll be with Yamato and Sensory-Scout Hinata.
And Big Bark Bull.
L-Let's work together, Naruto.
Right! And being ninja-hound users, Kiba and I will each have one dog.
So we're all set! Listen up, everyone.
Above all, you will track Itachi and Sasuke's scents.
If you find either one of them, verify their location, then return to this spot.
Especially you, Naruto.
Don't go running off ahead of us.
I know.
All right then, let's head out.
Scatter! The Hunt I'm going.
Itachi Uchiha, eh? I hope we can find him.
All right! Sa-su-ke! I'm staying with you! You too.
Get going.
It's completely healed Yeah.
And? Which one are we going for? Sasuke or the Nine-Tails? Well now, which will it be? W-W-Wait, D-Deidara Senpai! Wait up! PAWN SHOP Who are you?! I guess underlings don't matter.
Go and check.
Huh? Who are you?! You're that Akatsuki What's his name? Kaku Kakuta Kakusa Kakushi K-Kakuzu Yes, that's the one.
You're that Kakuzu's henchman- his bookkeeper, right? I'll tell you anything you want to know.
J-Just please don't kill me That's the way Keep talking.
Let me ask you guys Akamaru! Don't lose to the other ninja hounds! We'll be the first to detect Sasuke and Itachi's scents! You're too slow, Shino! Don't dawdle! I don't like them Let's go! Pochi! Tama! Pochi? Tama?! Don't give me silly nicknames! Sasuke If you don't wipe that solemn look off your face, you'll scare off the boys.
What? The more you chase, the further they run away.
You're a female that keeps on pushing, aren't you? Why don't you try pulling away for a change? What a thing to say! Sasuke and I aren't like that Hey, stop being so rude.
It's just that I want to let Sasuke know how Ihow everyone feels.
Everyone is waiting for Sasuke to return home.
That's all Fine.
Well, if pulling away doesn't work, why don't I try sniffing? What's the matter?! I caught a whiff of Sasuke Uchiha's scent What?! Well? The smell is faint, but it's steadily getting closer.
What are you doing?! He'll be on to us before we find him! We have to be cautious! He's near.
Sakura, do you see Sasuke around? This isn't good.
The smell is going farther away.
I've given it a once-over, but I don't sense any chakra.
Maybe I'll go back to Sasuke.
The other two are probably not back yet.
I found it, Tobi! Yeah! No kidding?! That was fast! And? Which one is it? The Nine-Tails or Sasuke? What an opportunity.
We're going together, Tobi.
So Which one? Just follow me! Yes.
Naruto Hinata You understand, right? Yes.
Yeah You're! Show yourself Who are you? You found me, after all Kabuto Yakushi You've got guts approaching us by yourself.
I wanted to have a chat with Naruto.
You're not getting away this time.
We're taking you in.
Hey! Kabuto! You would know! Where is Sasuke?! Humph! Still can't get over Sasuke, eh? Is it true that Sasuke killed Orochimaru?! Yeah It's true.
More importantly, I brought you a present today.
That outfit You're So you're Sasuke You really do look like Itachi! S-Scary! - Ha! - Ha! What's that? Information our organization has gathered regarding Akatsuki.
What of it? It's yours.
You can have it.
Now that Orochimaru is dead you're trying to negotiate with us? Nope I don't think it's as easy as negotiating with something like this Especially with the Leaf Village.
Then why? Unlike Orochimaru, Akatsuki isn't after you.
It's a simple gift to Naruto.
A token of my gratitude.
Plus, Akatsuki is pursuing you.
Gratitude? After Lord Orochimaru died, I lost sense of who I was.
I never knew my parents or my homeland.
The enemy found me and from the time I was little, I moved around the lands and villages as a spy.
Lands and villages didn't mean much to me.
That is, until I began serving Lord Orochimaru But now, he's gone too.
Just who am I? The agony of not having an identity You can understand, can't you, Naruto? Like I'd understand anything you say! Humph I wonder about that.
Are you Naruto Uzumaki? Or are you the Nine-Tails? In the past, you were shunned regarded with loathing.
You must have questioned yourself about who you really are.
However, you had faith in your strength and told yourself that you were Naruto Uzumaki and you boldly overcame their views about the Nine-Tails.
What does he intend to do with Naruto? I can't figure out his intentions And that's why you are sure of your identity and you found friends who accept you.
But instead of overcoming Lord Orochimaru, I desperately clung to his power.
I'm really able to understand how you feel now.
You made me realize that I want to be like you.
So now I'm going to surpass Lord Orochimaru whom I absorbed, and discover a new, stronger self.
I'll find my new self and you have given me a hint to finding it.
That's why I'm gratefulNaruto.
Lord Orochimaru is the symbol of reincarnation.
He continues to live on inside me, as an existence that I must overcome.
Tookinto your body? Well It was just a small segment of Lord Orochimaru's corpse after Sasuke killed him which I transplanted into my own body.
But, his life-force is amazing.
It's now steadily trying to take over my bodythis thing.
That's ridiculous What is that? One-third of his body has already been taken over.
But I've been fiercely resisting this takeover! I can feel this part of me that's trying to overcome Lord Orochimaru! Is that all you want to say? Well, give it everything you've got! In a jail cell in Leaf Village! Wood Style! All right! Gotcha! Behind you! Dammit When I'm able to fully control Lord Orochimaru's power, I will fight you again, Naruto.
But you come later.
First, it'll be Sasuke who brought down Lord Orochimaru.
What're you gonna do to Sasuke?! Until we meet again.
We did it! We brought down Sasuke.
As expected, Senpai As expected, Senpai.
But looks like he's kinda strong this guy.
Imagine Orochimaru being killed by a brat like him.
I still can't believe it Huh? Tobi, look how he's glaring at us! Humph! You're raring to go, eh Senpai? You'll have to apologize to Itachi later.
You guys must be Akatsuki.
Where's Itachi Uchiha? Huh? If you tell me nicely, I'll let you go.
What shall we do, Senpai? He's playing hardball.
Sharinganeh? You're Itachi's kid brother, all right.
So you were able to kill Orochimaru because of your Uchiha bloodline Lucky enough to be born into that family! That's all it was! If you don't feel like telling me, that's fine.
I'll just wring the information from you by force.
Next time: "Clash!" PAWN SHOP Oh Once again, the due date for Lady Tsunade's debt is looming.
Tonton! We have no choice.
Let's go and do that thing like we used to! Huh? You'll catch a cold sleeping out here.
Oww Are you all right, Bro? Um I'd like to borrow some money.
Bro! This one's a winner! I know! I know! If we sell her, I think we'll get over a million ryo! All right! How's about 500,000 ryo? Thank you very much! I'm sorry! PAWN SHOP Bro, the pig disappeared! What?! What a day this is turning out to be! Tune in again!