Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e11 Episode Script


Sasuke Uchiha I can't forgive him 'cuz he killed Orochimaru, whom I planned to kill! Ha! Tobi, look how he's glaring at us! Clash! Where's Itachi Uchiha? Huh? Tell me, and I'll let you go.
Sharinganeh? He really is Itachi's little brother.
You were only able to kill Orochimaru thanks to your Uchiha blood.
You're nothing but a fool blessed with good genes! He's fast! One down.
So I'll ask you, the one with the big mouth, about Itachi.
What're you doing, Tobi?! Don't let your guard down just because he's a kid! His Teleportation Jutsu is too quick.
We're no match for him! That guy! First, I'll watch his movements with chakra level C1.
Tobi! Stay back! S-Senpai! Time out! Don't do it! Senpai! Behind you, behind you! Ha! Senpai! He was strict, but a good partner I shall never forget about you, Deidara Senpai--! Will you shut up?! Oh, you're alive? The ability to produce an explosive with his palm, huh? I somehow managed to escape by hiding in the bomb blast Good thing I kept the chakra level at C1.
He definitely moves swiftly How about this then? I'll play with you a bit more! Child's play? So stupid.
It's not over yet! I guessit's about time.
No way! Yeah, I thought so.
Hey! How's that?! Oh He's not much, after all I knew it! Hey, Tobi! Whose side are you on anyway?! A Substitution Jutsu, eh? Well, he's definitely quite skilled Then this calls for C2.
Th-That's! Ta-daa! One of Senpai's signature art pieces, the C2 Dragon! Tobi, you know what to do, right?! Of course, Senpai! We're going with "that," right?! Yeah! "That" is the plan That huge thing becomes an explosive too? I'm counting on you, Tobi! Right! And judging from its looks, it'll be attacking from the sky! This is bad.
Here he comes! Let's show him, Senpai The power of your pop art! Pop art is dead! My art is Superflat! Ha! It's different from before A guided missile? Where's the other one? Guess I'll start off with him! Looks like it can only reach up to five meters, eh? Tsk He figured out my limit.
That's Kakashi's trick right?! I'll give you credit for the skill in changing chakra form to extend and throw.
But the force of this one's different from earlier.
Blow to bits! He really is swift.
Got him! Did I get him? That'sOrochimaru's Curse Mark! He can even grow wings? He managed to dodge it by flying upwards Senpai! All the land mine clay is set and ready to go! Good job, Tobi! You stay back.
Yessir! Guided missile attacks from above, and land mines from the ground! The key element of the C2 coordinated assault is using the land mines to slow you down and finishing you off with a pinpoint missile attack.
Land mines are planted all around you! Step on one and you'll set them off! He plans to ram the guided missile right into me.
And it's flying just outside my attack perimeter With that wounded leg, I wonder if you can dodge my aerial attackhmm? The next one's gonna be big! As if I'll let you fly away! Ha! That's what you get for trying to guard yourself with wings.
You can't fly anymore, can you? Not with one wing You're awesome, Deidara Senpai! Well, let's settle this! As if that'll hit me! No foothold! Fall on a land mine and you'll lose a limb for sure! A-A foothold?! What?! He reached me? Deidara's balance! He purposely stuck his sword in the ground? He tested for the presence of land mines and created a foothold?! The length of the sword, which he used as a foothold And that jump using his single wing This position?! I see.
With that attack, he lured me directly above the sword The shortest distance that a chakra sword would reach Senpai! I can't move! This is bad! Below me are the land mines! Senpai!! You did die by bombing, after all! Deidara Senpaiyou fool! I keep telling you to shut up, Tobi! Huh? Y-You're still alive? What a stubborn Youstupid brat! Those eyes It's those same eyes Damn it! "Akatsuki"? Like I care! Don't interfere with my appreciation of art.
And I'm supposed to take this kid as my partner? He's feisty, but looks like the type to die young.
It's our leader's orders We can use his powers.
You know about my power? Just who the hell are? You're the bomb terrorist who's been supporting the anti-government factions in various lands.
What purpose would that serve a rogue ninja like you? Purpose? I have no purpose! I get requests to set off explosions, so I do.
With my creations! Creations? That's right.
Look! Well? Such refined lines, and a form that pursues two-dimensional deform.
This is art! But that's not all there is to my art! My creations flow! When it has shape, it's simply molded clay! But this explodes! And the explosion causes sublimation, and for the first time, the essence of my creation appears! That instant of sublimation is when I experience true art! Art is an explosion! How annoying Is he done? Who knows Never mind I'll do it.
What's with his eyes? You wanna fight? If I win, you will become a member of Akatsuki.
Don't belittlemeor my art! My ninjutsu is nothing but noble, refined art! Feel my art! Ha! You talked big but is that all you have? It's over! You should take a good look at yourself.
Huh? Wh-What?! That was close.
A little later and you would've blown yourself up.
I told you he was the type to die young.
A Genjutsu! When?! From the very beginning.
From the moment you looked into Itachi's Sharingan eye, you were under his Genjutsu.
Beautiful This isart! Damn! I became fascinated by the abilities of another? That's art? No way I refuse to acknowledge it! You lose.
Don't mess with me! I'm better than you! My ability is flawless It's art that is unbeatable! I'm better than you! I can't lose! Lose to such a Lose to such a! Huh?! He's eating the Detonation Clay, which means I saved the best for last! I'll kill you with this! Tobi, get away! Whoa, yikes! It's the C4 Karura! Hurry!! This was supposed to be my trump card to kill Itachi, but What?! Wow, the enemy is pretty strong.
He's not Itachi's little brother for nothing.
But boy, Senpai sure is fired up.
Flying, exploding and falling.
At this rate, he'll really have to apologize to Itachi later.
Wow? W-Wait a minute, Senpai! Could that possibly be the? Ayeee! No no no! Please don't say "Ha!" just yet! Next time: "Art" Tune in again!