Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e12 Episode Script


He's eating the Detonation Clay, which means I saved the best for last! I'll kill you with this! Tobi, get away! Whoa, yikes! It's the C4 Karura! Hurry! This was supposed to be my trump card to kill Itachi, but Is this a bomb too? If so It's huge! If this goes off What, you're just gonna run away?! You really think you can escape from my C4 Karura?! It misfired? No That's not it.
What?! I win! Art is an explosion! Sublimate! Damn! This can'tbe happening! Art Now this is my greatest masterpiece! There we go! The C4 Karura Super tiny, nano-sized explosives.
Using the blast created from rupturing the giant Deidara, explosives too small for the human eye to see are dispersed into the atmosphere.
Any living being that inhales them will set off explosions internally in all parts of the body.
And these little explosions will destroy the body on the cellular level A frightening jutsu I have to thank Itachi I've won! I've won! My art wo-! It seems you've exhausted your chakra Your reaction was slow.
Those eyes Explosives too small for the eye to see But my Sharingan can distinguish a chakra by its color.
The mini-bombs molded with your chakra They were as clear to me as a cloud of smoke.
I could also tell that you were hovering just outside the mini-bombs' blast range.
So as long as I could see the explosives, escape was easy.
But I saw you die from my C4 That was my genjutsu.
So that was it, after all I avoided your vital spot.
Now tell me where Itachi is.
That's why I said "I have to thank Itachi.
" A clayclone?! I anticipated your genjutsu.
You're just like Itachi! I never fall for the same trick twice! Yes Ever since the day I fought Itachi Don't belittlemeor my art! My ninjutsu is nothing but noble, refined art! Feel my art! You talked big but is that all you have? It's over! You should take a good look at yourself.
Huh? Wh-What?! That was close.
A little later and you would've blown yourself up.
I told you he was the type to die young.
A genjutsu! When?! From the very beginning.
From the moment you looked into Itachi's Sharingan eye, you were under his Genjutsu.
Beautiful This isart! Damn! I became fascinated by the abilities of another? That's art? No way I refuse to acknowledge it! I trained my left eye to counter the Sharingan.
As if I'd neglect training to counter genjutsu! This time, it's over for real! Eat my C4! It seems you're the one lacking chakra! You don't even have the strength left to dodge! Huh?! Just as I thought Inside are the same invisible C4 explosives.
Tsk! My wound hurts On top of that, I used up my chakra with that last attack.
What a poor piece of work! Now what'll you do?! Hmm? He used what's left of his Lightning Blade Your Lightning Blades won't reach me at this distance! It's over.
Ha! I won.
I'm the winner! My art triumphed! Why?! Wh-What's going on? This is no genjutsu But then How How did he disarm my C4? You Don't tell me you figured it out? Yeah Quite a while back When facing the Sharingan, it's basic to hide and form your seal.
No matter how fast you are, these eyes will read them.
Every jutsu you've used has been with Earth Style seals.
My Chidori is the Lighting Style Get it now? So you knew, after all Then that Lightning Blade you used was to The Earth Style is vulnerable to the Lightning Style.
Your explosives won't detonate against my Lightning Style.
Isn't that your weakness? You! I see The Lightning Blade earlier was to run it through yourself and you de-triggered the C4 that had entered your body.
Yeah Thanks to that, my body's in tatters.
Although the correct name for my jutsu is Chidori He figured out the weakness of my art in such a short time, and so accurately When did you realize it? After that blow from the land mine.
Although, I've been analyzing it from the very beginning Since I countered your first attack with Chidori Senbon.
Among the bombs you created, some exploded and some didn't.
That's when I formulated a hypothesis.
Hypothesis? That time, the only one that exploded was the one you threw when you tried to evade my attack.
All the explosives that I countered with my Chidori Senbon didn't detonate.
However, it was possible that you purposely didn't trigger them because they fell close to your comrade.
In other words, you weren't sure if they didn't detonate because of your Chidori or because I didn't make them explode.
I see So that's why you tested those two alternatives on the land mine? Exactly.
The key element of the C2 coordinated assault is using the land mines to slow you down and finishing you off with a pinpoint missile attack.
Land mines are planted all around you! Step on one and you'll set them off! If they were self-triggered, your will was not involved.
So I could test if my Lightning Style Jutsu could disarm your Earth Style bombs.
That's right.
That time I stuck my sword into the ground I wasn't verifying the location of land mines.
I shot through them with my sword tinged with Chidori in order to confirm my theory.
Buthow?! How could you pinpoint the position of the landmines?! This eye distinguishes chakra by its color.
Didn't I tell you that earlier? You could see the position of the land mines?! He wasn't poking into the ground to test where they were and where he could step? He was checking whether he could disarm the Detonation Clay But what would you have done if the land mines exploded?! It was one or the other.
But I had another back-up plan.
Although I didn't have a chance to demonstrate it This guy He even had another jutsu Where is Itachi? You may try to look good, but you're barely managing too.
It seems your chakra got drastically low.
I win.
I still have Detonation Clay to Huh?! Under these conditions, shouldn't you be panicking a little? This time, my art will kill you for sure! That's what pisses me off about you! Both of you brothers! Don't pretend to be so cool! Those eyes! That overconfident eye irritates me! As if it denies my art! It's unforgivable! Those eyes which show absolutely no respect for my art Those eyes that ignore my art are unforgivable! I couldn't care less about such a thing.
Never mind that.
Tell me where Itachi is.
So you've drawn back your Sharingan You really take me lightly! This is my ultimate art! Now I will detonate myself.
He's! With death, I will become art.
This never-before-seen explosion will leave a never-before-seen scar on this land.
And! My art will win never-before-seen admiration! Sorry, Tobi In the midst of my admiration, you will definitely die! An explosion that will cover a ten-kilometer radius You won't be able to get away! Now, tremble with fear! Be in awe! Despair! Scream! My art is Ha! An explosion!! Naruto, there are signs that Sasuke was just here.
- What?! - It's very vague, but his scent still lingers.
I'd say there was a battle here.
Then let's go after Sasuke immediately! We can't.
Why not? The scent stops here.
In a case like this, either Sasuke was erased without a trace in the explosion, or Next time: "Disappearance" Tune in again!