Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e13 Episode Script


This is my ultimate art! Now I will detonate myself.
He's! With death, I will become art.
This never-before-seen explosion will leave a never-before-seen scar on this land.
And! My art will win never-before-seen admiration! Sorry, Tobi Hmm? In the midst of my admiration, you will definitely die!! An explosion that will cover a ten-kilometer radius You won't be able to get away! Now, tremble with fear! Be in awe! Despair!! Scream! My art is An explosion!! Wha--?! What is that?! What the--?! Kakashi, what is that? This chakra It's that Akatsuki member Wh-What could it be? Let's go check it out! Right! Look! Sasuke It can't be! I can't sense Sasuke's chakra! That's near our rendezvous point Don't tell me he's! Damn! It's just as I feared! That Deidara He blew himself up.
Where's Tobi? Probably dead He was within the blast range Disappearance Deidara is dead.
In the end, he went out with a bang.
Oh dear.
Another member has been lost And I thought he was pretty strong.
So? Which one did him in? Sasuke? Or the Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki? It was Sasuke.
However It looks like Sasuke is dead too.
Deidara took Sasuke down with him, huh? You should feel grateful, Itachi.
Deidara did you a favor and got rid of your problem.
Hmm I feel like we've forgotten something Looks like Tobi is dead too.
That Deidara detonated himself without regard for his surroundings.
Ah yes, Tobi.
It must've been quite a jutsu if that chicken was unable to escape.
No matter He can easily be replaced.
The loss of Deidara, however, is unfortunate.
I liked Tobi.
When it came to lightening the mood in our rather gloomy organization, Tobi was quite talented.
I'm going.
I shall mourn Deidara's death in silence.
Then I'll mourn for Tobi.
You must really be bored, huh? When the crest of the snake vanishes ThenI do this Add a drop of Sasuke's blood All right.
Summoning Jutsu! S-So, this is Orochimaru's Summoning Jutsu Manda Even Orochimaru had trouble controlling this guy.
How did Sasuke manage to? I see.
He used genjutsu Whoa, you're a mess! Who did you fight? Youhad the nerve to use me You damned brat Those eyesyou controlled me with those eyes Iof allpeople Oh-ohh, he's dead.
Wasn't Manda Orochimaru's favorite pet? You ought to treat animals better And the whole manipulation with the genjutsu There wasn't time to think.
I had no choice Found you! I figured you'd be here! Your chakra suddenly disappeared, so I wondered what had happened Did you transport yourself?! You hid yourself inside Manda, then used the Transportation Technique to escape into another dimension So why are you in such bad shape? Just before escaping, we both got hit by the blast wave.
My opponent was one of the Akatsuki.
He was stronger than I expected Sasuke all cut up and bruised is also hot In any case, he needs time to rest.
Right, Karin? Ahem! How pathetic! And you call yourself the man who killed Orochimaru?! Orochimaru was already weakened to begin with.
That's all there is to it.
It just won't stop.
It's strange to have this much rain around here at this time of year.
You'll ruin your health.
I don't know what someone as cold as you could be thinking about right now But from here, you look as though you are crying.
It's too bad about your younger brother You are now the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan.
Hmm? He's not dead.
Also What do you mean? The rainhas stopped.
Naruto! Looks like it caught all our attention.
What happened?! There are signs that Sasuke was just here.
It's very faint, but his scent still lingers.
I also detect other scents.
What does it mean? From the damage to the terrain, I'd say there was a battle here.
I knew it! One of the other scents belongs to that fellow in town on whom I detected Sasuke's scent.
Huh? Looks like there are others traveling alongside Sasuke.
He has a companion.
Then, back there It's probable that Sasuke has formed his unit.
One of the five other scents belongs to Deidara from Akatsuki.
Wasn't he the one who self-destructed and was transported to another dimension by your jutsu, Sensei?! It seems he faked his own death to escape The Akatsuki operate in two-man cells, so there are three left.
Sasuke is moving with a four-man cell.
Who cares how many there are.
Let's get moving and trace Sasuke's scent! We can't.
Huh? Why not? The scent stops here.
What does that mean?! Usually in a situation like this, either Sasuke was blasted to bits by the explosion or Sasuke used the Transportation Technique to escape.
Transportation Technique? It's probably the latter.
My sense of smell is keener than a dog's right now.
I've found Sasuke! A nose that's sharper than the ninja hounds? Impressive, Kiba.
Just what I would expect from a member of the Inuzuka clan.
Kiba, lead the way! Come, Pain He's here.
Andwhat of Sasuke? He's coming along nicely He was using the Sharingan's power to his fullest His eyes will surpass Itachi's The time has come.
He must be ready as well.
After all, he doesn't have much time.
Then what about the Nine-Tails? You hunt it.
As leader, failure is not an option.
INN OKOSHI Hah! You talked about killing Itachi You won't be able to move around for some time in that condition! We've been moving nonstop lately.
It's a good chance to rest up.
All you've done is rest, you feeble punk! There, finished.
You didn't do a thing at the northern hideout, so don't start telling me what to do now.
What?! Wanna make something of it?! Then let's do it! Enough already! Suigetsu, Karin Have you gathered data on Itachi? You're in no shape to act so bossy! I've picked up some tips about Akatsuki, but nothing specific about Itachi himself.
I got zero.
Seems they're targeting specific people though People with special chakra.
Special chakra? I did some talking to animals and located a number of Akatsuki hideouts.
It seems they always sense a powerful, unpleasant chakra around each area.
That's what the animals have told me.
Wow, even simpleminded animals can sense chakra, eh? Or maybe it's because they're simpleminded Just like you Karin! What did you say, you jerk?! Suigetsu! This time, you're not getting away with it! Hey W-Waithey! Kill I want to kill - Huh? - Huh?! INN OKOSHI Shoot! Jugo's killing impulse is loose! Sasuke! Hurry it--! Calm down, Jugo.
S-Sorry It's your fault, Karin.
Screaming and making such a fuss.
What? You too You constantly try to provoke me, Karin.
What are you up to? I've already told you.
I don't intend to leave Sasuke for my own reasons.
I-I'm not up to anything.
I'm just trying to test your II need Sasuke.
The only one who can replace Kimimarois Sasuke.
Sasuke said he would become my cage Right now, only Sasuke can stop my urges, like he did earlier Still I don't know about her, but our cages are unlocked.
We can escape anytime we wish.
And yet I'm sure of it.
It's this way! From his scent, I can tell he's stopped moving.
It seems he's resting.
It's our chance.
Sasuke Our paths have finally crossed.
Naruto Uzumaki He's no longer just a kid.
He has now mastered a formidable jutsu and has many comrades.
It won't be easy.
He even destroyed two of Kakuzu's lives with a single blow.
To speak of the target as a threat has no meaning before Pain.
He has never lost a battle.
Well, that's true.
We're done talking.
Tell the other members to hurry with the remaining Jinchuriki.
I know.
At last We are so close to the moment of achieving our goal Then everything shall be restored to its rightful place The true power of the Sharingan The true power of I, Madara Uchiha! The sky is crying again Pain Are you? I'm coming in, Tsunade! Jiraiya? Did you learn anything? I discovered the whereabouts of the leader of "Akatsuki.
" What?! Is that true?! Tell me more! We'll use that information to plan a surprise attack! Now now, don't be hasty.
This isn't like plotting a sequel to your novel! We don't have the time to waste! Haste makes waste.
Especially with the stakes as high as they are Next time: "Twilight" Tune in again!