Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e15 Episode Script

Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll (Part 1)

Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls - Part 1 There are two bells The fact that there are only two bells means One person will lose You're very sharp, Orochimaru.
Say! If I get a bell, you'll go out with me.
If you lose, don't bother me anymore.
All right! I'll do it! So many openings Now! I won the bet, Jiraiya! You get to go to the log.
Shut up, flat-chested plywood Tsunade! What'd you say?! You egg-headed perv!! Now, now.
That's enough Tsunade and Orochimaru may go.
Okay! You are hopeless How can a ninja keep falling into such obvious traps?! Can't help it Perhaps what you lack is a purpose Huh?! Let's see now Yes! We'll try this! Wh-What?! Don't get so excited.
Just watch.
Ninja Art: Summoning Jutsu! Awesome! The Summoning Jutsu You make a blood contract with an animal, and summon them at any time using the Transportation Technique.
I want to make a contract with that one too! That, you can't do.
In the same way that every man is destined to a different fate, so too is the animal to whom he is intertwined.
Then which is my animal? Before you can make a contract, you need to be more adept at molding chakra and sealing.
What? Not more training! You will always find the answer in your training! Jiraiya had found a purpose and from that day on, he began taking his training seriously.
However Mold more chakra Study up on sealing I must master the Transportation Technique Dammit! When will I be able to make a contract? Why do I put up with this rough training? If I were to have a boyfriend, I'd choose Orochimaru over an egghead perv like you.
The answer is simple! I just have to become the ultimate ninja and sweep Tsunade off her feet! Now that that's settled, there's no time to waste! Ah So he's discovered his purpose for becoming a ninja.
And not just Tsunade, I'm gonna get all the pretty girls to myself.
Let's see Concentrate my chakra and the seal is boar, dog, bird, monkey, sheep Wait! There's no telling what will happen if you use the Transportation Technique without making a contract first! Go! Where am I? Hold it right there! I, the great Master Jiraiya, shall take over this fight! Heh! I guess that'll do! Hmmm A human child.
Huh?! A-A talking toad! And what about you? To think, a human would really come to Mount Myoboku What do you mean?! Lord Fukasaku! It's a human child.
Ohso you've arrived.
You talk as though you've been expecting me.
Yes, I knew you were coming.
The Great Lord Elder predicted it.
A human child will stumble into Mount Myoboku, and I will give that child the power of the toad and a prophecy.
That is the dream which I dreamt of myself My very own prophecy.
If that human is me then what is my prophecy?! Well I don't know.
Don't know? You must stay here and train, and wait for the Great Lord Elder's prophecy.
H-Hold it! I made up my mind to become strong so that I'll be popular with women There's no point in getting popular with frogs! Quit complaining! This is your destiny.
My destiny?! Yes.
You managed to come to Mount Myoboku.
This is proof that you were indeed the chosen one.
The chosen one, eh? Training here and becoming strong That's pretty tempting too.
From this day forward, Jiraiya divided his time between Mount Myoboku, the land of toads, and the Hidden Leaf Village He spent the days of his youth in both Sage and ninjutsu training.
However It was not to be as simple as Jiraiya had thought.
I've definitely gotten stronger since coming here.
But Tsunade is as cold as ever.
Not just that If I was destined to be the chosen one, should my purpose simply be to impress a girl? Is that the only reason why I'm trying to become strong? Jiraiya! Jiraiya! Yeah? Jiraiya, the Great Lord Elder has summoned you.
The Great Lord Elder? Hurry up.
He has seen your prophecy! For real, Bunta?! As summoned.
Ah, good.
I'm glad you've come! Huh? Who're you again? Great Lord Elder, it's Jiraiya! This is Jiraiya! Oh, that's right! Right! My, how you've grown Gah, you're the one who summoned him, ya great senile old geezer! Senile old geezer?! Ma, how dare ya call the Great Lord Elder a senile old geezer! Now now, let's not fight.
Spouses oughta get along By the way Who're you, again? Jiraiya-boy.
The Great Lord Elder had a dream about you.
As you are aware, it is a prophecy.
So listen carefully.
Yes, sir! I shall now tell you.
In my dream you, who are solely pervy, will still manage to become a splendid ninja.
And in time, you will have your own disciple Solely pervy? Can't believe he remembers that particular detail That disciple will become a ninja who will bring about a great change to the ninja world.
That is what I saw in my dream.
A great change? Either great stability or great destruction.
The likes of which this world has never seen before.
One of those two.
One of those two? What does that mean? You will guide that revolutionary.
The day will come when you will be forced to make a critical selection.
Selection? Your choice shall decide which way the change goes.
What must I do? In order to make the right choice? In my dream, you traveled the world, writing books.
Books? Whatever for? I do not know either.
Perhaps it will be a journey around the world to see all things in nature.
Great Lord Elder, have your prophecies ever not come to pass? No, never.
Jiraiya, you are leaving? Yup! At this point in my life, there's no way I can guide someone who will be a revolutionary Let alone make the right choice.
Hmm I guess I need more time to see many more things, and meet different people.
I see Just like in the Great Lord Elder's dream, I shall journey throughout the world and perhaps, write a book.
It seems that is my destiny.
While Jiraiya journeyed and searched for the meaning behind the Great Lord Elder's dream, the state of the world grew steadily more chaotic.
The peace that had prevailed among the Five Great Nations became fragile.
Aggression between lands increased as did internal strife, and the people began to suffer.
Young man Why are you traveling? I'm searching for my destiny.
Oh? Someone saw me in a dream.
And just like in that dream, I journey from land to land.
Oh my, what's the matter? Here, have one.
It's milk candy.
A puppet? Oh, this child tells me Destiny is not something you search for! Destiny is something you latch onto when it presents itself.
The age of war is coming.
Mechanical skills are useless in times of peace, but some feudal lord may pay a high price for my services.
So he is a ninja too He has chosen to ride the wave to the age of destruction.
But that will only Let's have more fun.
Come on.
Mmmm What are you writing? Just scribbling that riding on the wave of the times will not result in the revolutionary change needed for peace.
Say, say! If you're gonna change something, change me! I suppose you're right.
That does sound more fun.
This is fraud! As if I'll pay for something like this! Hold it right there! I shall take over this fight! Damn it! How can fate be so cruel?! I worked hard on cultivating the land with what little knowledge I had.
All for the sake of my clan, and yet So this fellow is dissatisfied with the way the world is going Have a drink I've been searching for my destiny too, but it's very elusive.
Humph It's useless to search for something like that.
My people have no chance against the ninja villages of the Great Nations This guy Is that all he can docomplain? You are wrong Huh? I teach children in a village about how to fight back when faced with a harsh fate.
So education could end a war? Cut the pretty talk! What?! Is he a ninja too? No, that it cannot However, perhaps I can teach them skills that enable them to make better choices.
Let me ask you What are those choices? Life or death Those are the choices.
The only thing I can teach them is how to survive.
That's not good enough.
I must choose the revolutionary who will bring peace to the world.
To bring destruction upon this world.
Or to bring about a peace which we have never known before That depends on the commitment of each and every person! Hmm Could this person be? Say, you! You just might be the person I've been looking for! Oh? What would you do in order to bring peace to this world? The world is heading towards an age of war and strife There's no stopping it.
You just said it depends on each person's commitment, didn't you? How do we change these people's destinies? Just pray hard.
That is all men can do.
This man is not the oneeither.
What was that?! This is just an ordinary village! Why would a ninja?! This shuriken jutsu You are from the Fuma, aren't you?! Why attack people who are living in peace?! You are also a ninja.
I am journeying in search of the one who will become my disciple.
Humph! Why waste time on such a tedious thing?! The balance of power between lands has become shaky and we are on the verge of a great war That village was also destroyed due to a tip that ninja had infiltrated it.
Just because of a tip?! It's destroy, or be destroyed.
We live in a world where you'll die if you hesitate! A Smoke Bomb! You're pretty good.
If you are a ninja too, I cannot let you live.
Just give up This is our fate as ninja.
Can I say something? I don't feel like listening Justdie!! Give up on me giving up! Even if you bring me down, another assassin will attack the village As long as we are cursed to live in this ninja world, there will be no peace.
The Great Toad Sage's prophecy said that I am destined to train the revolutionary who will bring peace to this world.
However, I haven't even encountered this disciple.
Already at this time, battles were inevitably being fought.
Jiraiya was also forced to take a short break from his journey and returned to the Hidden Leaf Village.
We're at warafter all.
Orochimaru In order to erase this sadness from the ninja world I must find the revolutionary I must choose the one who will bring peace.
The flames of war finally drew in Jiraiya and his comrades.
This would come to be known as the Third Great Ninja War.
Shortly afterwards, the three would come to be known as the "Legendary Sannin.
" Boy, it's not easy coming up with ideas for writing a book.
The main hero of this book has seen too much of the ninja world, where battle brings further battle.
It's a world filled with hate.
I want him to somehow wipe away the hate and create a world of peace, yet Aaah! It's so hard to build up a story to the climax! What shall I do?! Next time: "Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls - Part 2" Tune in again!