Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e16 Episode Script

Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll (Part 2)

Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls -Part 2 I predict the Hidden Leaf shall emerge victorious from this battle.
Therefore, I shall let you three live.
We don't want your sympathy! We can still fight! Jiraiya, stop! You three are strong You survived even this battleground.
I, Hanzo, hereby name you the "Hidden Leaf's Sannin.
" In exchange for your lives, tell me your names.
Will it really end with the Hidden Leaf's victory like he said? And if it does, then what? Will you set out on another journey? Maybe Set out on my travels and write another book Why won't you settle down in the village? I feel as though I haven't encountered it yet.
You mean, your destiny? Quiet! They're just kids.
Don't let your guard down.
Even little mice can be from the Hidden Rain Village.
Don't hide.
Show yourself! What do you want? Give me some food! What about your parents? They were killed by ninja because of this war.
Herehave some bread.
Nagato, Konan, come on out! They don't seem like bad guys.
Hey! We already gave you food! Why are you following us?! Thank you.
This is for you It's origami folded from the bread wrapping.
This is for us? Teach us ninjutsu You're all ninja from the Hidden Leaf, right? Shall I kill these children? Wha--?! I've seen many war orphans.
It's pitiful.
They would be better off if we just put them out of their misery right now Orochimaru, enough! You go on ahead with Tsunade.
I'll stay here and look after them for a while.
Huh?! Just until they can take better care of themselves It is the least I can do.
But This is also part of destiny Thank you for the food! Grilled fish in an instant with my Fire Style Jutsu.
Mm Delicious! Sensei! I've gotten the hang of fishing! What's the matter, Nagato? I just remembered my family And Stop crying! You're a man! It's because of guys like you that men of the Hidden Rain are considered cowards! Things are unstable among three of the Great Nations that surround the Hidden Rain Village.
But this war won't drag out much longer.
By the time you are grown, there will be mutual understanding and peace will- That's not fair! We all lost our families! If there is a mutual understanding, it's only after they go through what we did! That's what it means to get even, right?! ButI know that's impossible.
That's why wars will never end! I hate rain.
This land is always crying.
It's a coward! I'm gonna change this land.
I'll protect everyone! That's why Jiraiya Sensei! Please teach us ninjutsu! I don't have any ideas for my novel If there is a mutual understanding, it's only after they go through what we did! That's why wars will never end! I'll protect everyone!! I want the hero to wipe away the hatred and bring about peace Now thenhow can I? Jiraiya Sensei, help! Yahiko and Nagato are in trouble! Lead the way, Konan!! I brought Sensei! What happened? This This leftover ninja told us to hand over our foodand valuables.
Then Nagato He's a chunin from the Hidden Stone How did Nagato? Th-Those eyes!! He couldn'tpossibly be! That shape That ripple pattern I can't believe it! That eye Said to hold the most noble of the three great Visual Jutsu The Rinnegan! The Sage of the Six Paths, said to be the father of all ninja It is said that the Sage possessing the Rinnegan eye developed all the jutsu known to us today.
Rumored to always appear when the world becomes corrupt, capable of being both a godlike force of creation and an all-obliterating instrument of destruction.
I always believed it as a mere legend.
But here is someone who actually possesses the Rinnegan! I shall now tell you In my dream You, who are solely pervy, will still manage to become a splendid ninja.
And in time, you will have your own disciple That disciple will become a ninja who will bring about a great change to the ninja world.
That is what I saw in my dream.
You will guide that revolutionary The day will come when you will be forced to make a critical selection.
Could Nagato be this revolutionary? Perhaps I have found my destiny.
I've decided to teach you ninjutsu.
R-Really?! You may encounter another life-threatening situation like that last time.
It is ninjutsu for self-defense.
Yes! Thanks for saving us last time, Nagato! Sorry I called you a coward! Next time anything happens, I'll protect you! Th-Thanks, Yahiko.
Huh? But Nagato is stronger than you, Yahiko! I'm gonna train starting now and I'll become stronger! You always exaggerate, Konan! All right, let's start! The first lesson is on molding chakra.
- Yes, Sensei! - Yes, Sensei! Something's bothering you, eh? Talk to me.
Sensei Is it about that incident? That day When that man hurt Yahiko, I was so mad at him.
Everything went blank in my head I didn't know what I was doing.
Before I realized it, the man was dead After that, I got so scared.
This hatred made me lose myself and I killed someone.
What I did was wrong! There had to be a better way--! Nagato I really don't know if it was right or wrong.
But thanks to you, Yahiko didn't die.
You protected your friend.
That had to be the right thing to do.
No one can blame you for that.
When you are hurt, you learn to hate.
On the other hand, when you hurt someone, you are resented.
But you start to feel guilty as well.
Understanding such pain enables you to be kind to others That's what makes us human.
What do you mean by that? It's called growing up.
Growing up? What do you mean? That, you need to figure out yourself.
Konan and I were crying because we were so hungry and Yahiko saved us.
He stole food from others to feed us.
I just want to protect those two.
No matter what kind of pain I have to endure.
I see.
"TALES OF A GUTSY NINJA" BY JIRAIYA Water Style: Raging Waves! Paper Shuriken! Wind Style: Gale Palm! We did it! How's that, Sensei?! You're even able to take down my Shadow Clone now, eh? Now I can return to my village without any worries.
- Huh? - Huh? You are on your own from now on.
You've done well these past three years! Don't cry, Yahiko.
Or people will call you a coward.
Konan You're gonna grow up to be a beauty.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
This is a poor land.
And there's more sadness and tough times up ahead.
But now, you have the strength to change this land.
Nagato You three have grown up.
Don't you agree? Thank you, Sensei.
Even after Jiraiya returned to the village, the Third Great Ninja War raged on.
Tsunade! Orochimaru! Ready?! Yeah! - Summoning Jutsu! - Summoning Jutsu! The Hidden Leaf's Sannin distinguished themselves in many battles leaving legends in their wake.
All this fighting How long must it continue? What must be done to stop the war? Humph As if there's a way to stop it.
Hate only gives birth to even more hate.
But! I don't know how to stop it.
But peace will certainly come.
As long as there are those who believe that, there is hope.
Oh, what's the matter? What's wrong? Those three have died.
I've tried my best to make the right choices.
I believed that was what destiny had in store for me.
Jiraiya And finally I thought I did what was right.
But perhaps, I was wrong yet again.
You'll find it as long as you keep believing.
Yes I guess I'm still in the middle of my journey.
The Third Great Ninja War dragged on and the one who guided Hidden Leaf Village to victory was another one of Jiraiya's disciples Minato Namikaze.
That was long.
Too long What will you do from now on? Let's see Maybe set out on another journey.
Maybe I'll find a disciple who can change the world.
Is that your destiny? The destiny of Jiraiya? Well, I guess you could say that Humph What a strange man you are.
Hmm? You walk the path of the ninja.
Don't you want someone to take over after you? To gather all the jutsu in this world and master them That is my only goal.
Even if you master them all, humans are not immortal.
She's right.
I wonder about that TALES OF A GUTSY NINJA Give it up.
Can I say one thing? I don't care to listen!! Die already! Give up on me giving up! Even if you bring me down, another assassin will attack the village As long as we are cursed to live in this ninja world, there will be no peace.
ThenI'll break that curse! If there is such a thing as peace, I'll seize it! I'll never give up! Wh-Who are you? My name is Ohyou were reading my "Tales of a Gutsy Ninja"? But it's my first published work.
The sentences are childish and I didn't do a good job.
No, I don't think so.
This tale is wonderful! Each chapter reads like one of your numerous legendary exploits.
It's almost like an autobiography.
Butit didn't sell at all.
For my next one, I think I'll add some sexy elements to spice it up a bit.
The main character of this book I thought his determination to never give up was really cool.
He's a lot like you, Sensei.
Y-You think so? So I was thinking.
Huh? I really hope my unborn child can become a ninja just like this main character! Which is why I'd like your permission to name my son after him.
H-Hey! Are you sure? It's just a random name that I thought up while eating ramen.
Naruto It's a wonderful name.
Kushina Cripes So that makes me his godfather? Are you really sure about this? You are my sensei! And you are a great ninja who possesses the true talent of a ninja! There's no other like you.
Even after this Jiraiya continued his journey in search of his destiny.
It would be a little later before Jiraiya would meet Naruto in the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
What's going on here?! It's great that I got in so easily, but who is this Pain that everybody speaks of?! All I get from the villagers are vague descriptions such as "god" or "angel.
" And I don't know the whereabouts of the former village leader, Hanzo of the Salamander.
But there's no time to waste Guess I'll go with that plan! Next time: "Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain" Tune in again!