Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e17 Episode Script

Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain

Infiltration is a success.
That was quite easy.
Now then What is it? Someone is disturbing my rain.
This chakra He is strong.
All right, where do I search first? Hot, hot! I'll have one of these, Granny Thank you.
I haven't seen your face before.
You're not from around here? Well I'm a writer.
I travel around and write about regional cuisine and products for a magazine.
Hmm I see.
And how do you like my pork buns? Oh, they're delicious.
I heard about them, and they're amazing.
I know! Aren't they? I'd like to introduce them in our magazine.
Is that okay? In a magazine? Yes.
Although, once I write about them, you'll have such a big crowd you won't be able to rest.
I-I see.
That would be a problem! It sure is peaceful around here.
This village is no longer plagued by war thanks to Lord Pain.
We're so grateful to him.
Pain? Yes, Lord Pain.
What happened to Hanzo of the Salamander? Huh? Hanzo of the Thanks for your time, Granny.
"THE ORIGINAL" PORK BUNS Thank you for waiting.
Say What is that? Huh? Oh, that is Lady Angel.
You don't know? They say it's good fortune to put up origami shaped after the Lady Angel at the shop entrance.
An Angel What is going on? This land isn't divided into two.
Instead it's already united.
And the Hidden Rain Village used to have a leader named Hanzo of the Salamander It seems I need to check this place out very thoroughly.
MAKE-OUT PUB WAR Looks like it's going to be an intense battle! Oh sir Surely, you jest No, I can't tell lies.
All of it is true.
Is that so? I'm flattered.
Oh, what an intense battle this is! You have good taste for choosing me, Mister.
Well Tezuna, you look just like someone I know Your names are similar too, so I couldn't help but request for you.
It was well worth the long journey here.
Oh, you're not from around here? Hmm, well I heard there might be work for a mercenary like me, so I came.
If I recall, it was Hanzo of the Salamander who Shh! Don't talk about such things here! Oh? Why not? If they think you're one of Hanzo's associates, you'll be killed! Oh That's disturbing news! The new leader, Lord Pain, is very strict He'll show no mercy to anyone he suspects.
That is what my hubby says.
What?! Are you married, Tezuna? Well My hubby is just a village genin and doesn't earn much.
I have to work.
That's harsh According to my hubby, Lord Pain makes it rain in this village with his jutsu.
The rain can tell him what everybody is doing.
Hmm That's a scary jutsu.
So it's better to watch what we talk about.
Tezuna! Excuse me a minute.
So I'm already under his watch "I'm coming home now with a present"? Yeah right.
He's probably buying something at the gift shop by Shibuki Bridge! Hmph! What a sad piece of writing Konan When I stop the rain, seek out the intruder with your jutsu.
Got it.
Ready? Yes What a downpour.
Wanna get a drink while we wait for the rain to stop? There are no bars at a low ground level like this.
We'll have to go up higher.
Then let's head upwards for some cover.
But are you sure? Didn't you tell your wife you're heading straight home? Heh! It's okay.
It's an emergency mission! I never heard of drinking being a mission GRAND OPENING CLUB FROG Heh heh We're in luck.
Just two.
Give us sake and some chasers.
Today's not Sunday, is it? Something must have come up for Lord Pain.
Maybe he's leaving for another nation.
But it never rained on other days before.
Maybe it's something that requires that much power.
But if it keeps on raining like this Hey! Careful with the words! Lord Pain works tirelessly for the people of this village.
Show some tolerance! Guess you're right Sorry to keep you fellows waiting.
Hey But there's nothing! No, no You're in luck! Today, we have our grand opening special.
What? Really?! What kind of service? The Club Frog Special Torture Service.
You! Who the hell are you?! I'm the one asking the questions.
And I have a lot to ask.
Now! Run! What?! Give it up.
"Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain" Do it, Konan.
Right Now then From your use of kunai, I'm guessing you two are lowly ninjas.
Am I correct? Does that rogue ninja mark signify that you're loyal to Pain? Dammit! Where are we?! Inside the belly of a frog.
You'll never be found here No one will come to your aid! Who the hell are you?! I told you I'll be the one asking questions.
Remember? Wh-What're you gonna do with that feather? Tickle you! If you don't want to die laughing, then you'll answer my questions.
Regarding your leaderPain.
Now talk! Tell me everything you know about Pain! Bear with it! I won'traton my comrade You're pretty stubborn, aren't you? Well, I have another trick.
Wh-What're you gonna do?! If you refuse to talk, then I'll use my jutsu and flog you to frogs! Flogyouto frogs What do you want from us?! Now talk! We may be lowly ninjas, but we'll never betray our comrades! No matter what you do to us! So don't take us lightly! Hmm Then I have no choice Ninja Art! Toad Transformation! Stop!! You bastard! That's not fair! Now then, you're next.
Are you ready? The highest tower in the west Lord Pain is there.
That's what people say Huh? What?! You sure turned on him easilydidn't you? Well, no matter What did you mean by, "that's what people say"? Actually No one really knows that much about Lord Pain.
What do you mean? They say he is from Fuma Clan lineage.
But no one really knows what he looks like.
And some claim that he doesn't even exist.
I walked through the town a bit and everyone seems to worship him.
So don't lie! In this town, Lord Pain is a god.
It's not a question of whether he exists or not.
He always watches over us.
He has a representative do all the ceremonial rites, the speeches and the issuing of orders Through the Lady Angel! Lady Angel? He's your leader, isn't he? Why must he hide his appearances from you too? For times like this one.
I see You're not a remnant of the old Hidden Rain, are you? Just who are you? Never mind about me.
What's this about the old Hidden Rain remnants? Heh You really don't know a thing, do you? So you're an outsider.
Until recently, those remnants would infiltrate.
But that's not a worry anymore.
Only lucky fellows like you ever manage to slip in from the outside.
Not a worry? What do you mean? I heard that this land was going through a civil war It's not surprising that you haven't heard.
This nation is closed to the outside.
Well, I'll tell you The civil war ended long ago.
And we won! That's why Lord Pain is legendary.
He destroyed the Hidden Rain by himself.
I can't believe it No matter how powerful this Pain might be, the leader of the Hidden Rain was Hanzo of the Salamander.
And there's not a soul in the ninja world that doesn't know him.
That's right.
But not only was Hanzo powerful, he was extremely cautious and made it very difficult for anyone to approach him.
He had bodyguards on 24-hour duty, and everyone, including children, who went near him were strip searched.
So how did he defeat Hanzo? What ability does Pain possess? I told you.
We don't know anything! To think you would drive me into a corner You are young, but capable.
I predict the Hidden Leaf shall emerge victorious from this battle.
Therefore, I shall let you three live.
We don't want your sympathy! We can still fight! Jiraiya, stop! You three are strong.
And you managed to survive and give me a tough time.
I will give you time.
Become stronger and come fight me again! In exchange for your lives, tell me your names.
Jiraiya! Tsunade! Orochimaru Your names have been carved into my memory Jiraiya! Tsunade! Orochimaru! I, Hanzo, hereby name you the "Hidden Leaf's Sannin.
" I can't believe it He defeated Hanzo by himself? He's a god.
He wields formidable jutsu.
But that is not why Lord Pain is to be feared.
What is truly frightening is his merciless heart of steel.
Everyone who threatened his ideals was ruthlessly extinguished.
He didn't stop with just Hanzo.
Hanzo's parents, his wife and child His relatives and friends, and even their infants, were killed.
Then he burned down their homes.
And he killed the emissaries of villages allied with Hanzo.
He erased them all.
It was retribution Just like a god, don't you think? A god Yes Then, just what is your god trying to accomplish? Even underlings like you must know.
It's the work of a god.
We wouldn't know what he plans.
I see Then if not god you must at least know something about the Akatsuki.
Never heard of such a name.
Your arms and legs are bound, so that you cannot move.
But that's not all Your pulse is being measured.
And if you lie, I'll know instantly.
Tell me everything you know! Otherwise, you will end up surviving off dragonflies and flies for the rest of your life.
Now then Time to hunt the infiltrator.
I taught you ninjutsu to enable you to live through those harsh times.
You were all, without a doubt, my students.
The world may still be a cruel place, but to attack me without a greeting This is too sad.
You know nothing about what happened to us afterwards.
No, I don't.
However, what the Akatsuki is doing is wrong! That is the decision I've made, Jiraiya Sensei.
Next time: "The Man Who Became God" Hehe, a date with Sakura tonight! It's because you said it's lonely to go to the festival alone! Hey, I smell ikayaki! You're treating! Hey, wait Sakura! - Yay, choco-banana! - Roger - Hey, yakisoba! - Roger! - Takoyaki! - Roger! - Yo-Yo fishing! - Roger - Yay, candy apple! - I'm cashed-out It's gotten quiet, hasn't it? - It can't be a ghost - Of course not.
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