Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e18 Episode Script

The Man Who Became God

Do you want to end up like this too? If you don't talk, you'll end up living on dragonflies and flies for the rest of your life too.
Turn me into a frog or whatever! I'm not saying anything more! Even underlings have pride.
I'm a ninja too! There's nothing I have to say to an outsider who knows nothing about our nation! Hmm Still a ninja even if an underling, eh? Well I'm not too keen about interrogation either.
Talk is over.
However, you're going to stay right here.
I'll go ask this god of yours in person.
Jiraiya! What's the big idea, summoning me?! If it's about the key to Naruto's No, no.
It's not about training.
I have my reasons, but I thought of releasing you for the time being.
Release me? What's going on? I'm about to fight a pretty tough opponent.
So tough that you needed to release me? It's just a precaution.
Anyway, I wish to press the storage release seal now.
Very well.
There! How long until you return? I don't think it'll take too long However, if anything happens to me, go store yourself inside Naruto.
Are you crazy?! The key that corresponds to Naruto's Eight-Signed Seal is transcribed on my belly! Each year, the Fourth Hokage's seal weakens! The key remains in order to re-seal it when it becomes necessary! To place such a key right next to the safe is unheard of! Still, Minato entrusted it to us.
It was always meant to be returned to Naruto.
It's too soon! Once you talked me into loosening the Tetragram Seal You haven't forgotten what the results were, have you?! Yeah However, the fact that Minato left me the jutsu for the key convinces me that he intended for Naruto to perfect that jutsu one day.
That jutsu? Are you serious? Yes.
Does Naruto even require such a jutsu? He would never be able to control the Nine-Tails' chakra.
Not only that When that key was loosened, Naruto's own chakra was thrust aside and a large amount of the Nine-Tails' chakra leaked out.
The Nine-Tails nearly took control of Naruto.
If the seal weakens any further and the Nine-Tails completely overtakes Naruto, it will be totally against the will of the Fourth Hokage! Minato used the Reaper Death Seal only on the Nine-Tails' yin chakra.
He purposely split the Nine-Tails' power into yin and yang, and sealed the yang power into Naruto.
He wanted to leave the Nine-Tails' chakra to Naruto.
Still! Why did Minato go so far as sealing the Nine-Tails' chakra into his own son? Who knows? Maybe it just turned out that way by coincidence Or perhaps, as a parent, he wanted to pass on the power to his son.
I know because I was Minato's teacher.
Hmm? He never did anything without good reason.
Minato must have known something important.
And he entrusted the Nine-Tails' power to his own son because of that.
I think you're reading too much into it.
Do you really think so? The Nine-Tailed Fox Demon that attacked the Hidden Leaf Village long ago is said to have been a natural disaster.
Lately, I've begun to suspect that it wasn't a natural phenomenon.
It may have been manually summoned.
You fool! It has always been known that the Nine-Tails is a natural disaster that mysteriously appears whenever humanity becomes steeped in evil! Besides, there is no one in this world powerful enough to summon the likes of the Nine-Tails! That's the thing.
There was one person.
Who? The founder of the Uchiha Clan Madara Uchiha.
You fool! Madara Uchiha lived during the era when the Hidden Leaf Village was established! He wouldn't have been alive fifteen, sixteen years ago! Indeed.
And everyone knows that the First Hokage defeated Madara Uchiha at the Final Valley.
So your theory is pointless.
Perhaps But I just have this feeling that fills me with unease.
You return to the Leaf Village.
When you get there, see Ibiki.
He already knows you're coming.
I'm counting on you Now then, I hope this works.
Here I go! "The Man Who Became God" Well? It's Jiraiya.
I see Jiraiya Sensei, huh? How nostalgic What'll you do, Pain? He's not on our side, right? Probably not Then we'll kill him.
It's far too late for regrets.
I came forth in this body in order to kill the intruder.
Take me to him.
All right.
Pain I'll handle him until you arrive.
Kill him if you can.
Fire Style! Flame Bombs! Toad Subjugation Art of the Manipulated Shadow, huh? I was hoping to lure out a fellow named Pain, but little did I expect you to take the bait.
You've honed your jutsu magnificently.
But even more, you've become quite a catch, Konan! I thought you had died Instead, you turned into a flimsy sheet of paper.
You're his messenger The Lady Angel! And now, an angel? Which means, Konan, you're the messenger for this so-called god? This guy is an intruder! You should kill him now! Move away.
Y-Yes! Who is Pain? It's none of your business, Sensei.
And that makes you an angel? Does putting on an act like that have its benefits? I have received orders from our god.
I will kill you.
Toad Oil Bombs! Can't spread your wings with all that oil, can you? You used to love origami, and you were the kindest among the three kids.
What became of the other two? Nagatoand Yahiko? I heard they had died.
Were they just rumors too? I see So this Pain is one of them, eh? What's your purpose? Appearing before us after all these years That wasn't my intention.
If you all hadn't been part of the Akatsuki I heard that you had died.
I never expected this.
I bet now you're thinking You should've done what that Orochimaru suggested back then Shall I kill these children? Wha--?! I've seen many war orphans.
It's pitiful.
They would be better off if we just put them out of their misery right now You saved us instead.
But it's too late now We've embraced his ideology and made our move.
I don't regret letting you live at all.
But I'm so disappointed I taught you ninjutsu to enable you to live through those harsh times.
You were all, without a doubt, my students.
The world may still be a cruel place, but to attack me without a greeting This is too sad.
For a few years after that time, I heard your names mentioned.
You had made a reputation for yourselves in a few confrontations, but I heard later that you had died.
You know nothing about what happened to us afterwards.
No, I don't.
But why the Akatsuki?! What the Akatsuki is doing is wrong! That is the decision I've made Jiraiya Sensei.
You look very different.
But those eyes That shape That ripple pattern I can't believe it! That eye The Rinnegan! So you were Pain Nagato! It seems you've strayed off the path of good.
What happened? You don't need to know.
After all, you are an outsider.
You've changed, Nagato.
Summoning Jutsu! Whoa! Foam! Leave it to my student to know my weakness! He intends to wash away the oil.
Konan, stay back.
Art of the Raging Lion's Mane! Nagato I want to ask you a few things.
What happened to Yahiko? Oh yeah There was such a guy, wasn't there? He died a long time ago.
Nagato You?! I just want to protect those two.
No matter what kind of pain I have to endure.
I see.
What happened to you? The old you wouldn't Nothing Just war.
Too many people die here.
That pain made me grow up.
What do you mean? Even a stupid, foolish kid will grow up when he learns what pain is.
Knowing pain controls one's words and thoughts.
But abandoning one's love for a friend Is that what it means to become an adult? Sensei You are still just a man.
However, through this never-ending pain I have matured and become even more than a man.
What? Yes From a man to a god.
When one becomes a god, your words and thoughts become absolute.
Sensei, since you are human it can't be helped if you don't understand what I'm saying.
Have you become that twisted? Things I couldn't see when I was human are clear to me now that I am a god.
And being a god, I realize that there are things I can do which man cannot.
To put it simply, evolving beyond man.
Just what are you planning to do? I am going to put an end to this senseless, war-torn world.
That is a god's work.
If that is your purpose, why are you gathering Tailed Beasts? You are going to die anyway.
So I shall tell you the true purpose.
I will use the Sealed Tailed Beasts to develop a new Forbidden Jutsu.
With just one such jutsu, a large nation can be destroyed instantaneously.
It will be the most powerful, the ultimate Forbidden Jutsu weapon.
How will making such a thing end the fighting? Won't it simply intensify the conflicts? There are disputes throughout the nations.
How would you put a quick end to them all, Jiraiya Sensei? That is my question to you! Answer me! You give each warring nation a Forbidden Jutsu weapon.
Once they possess such a power, they are bound to use it.
What do you mean? Tens of millions will die instantly and people will become scared.
Peopleand nations will learn what pain is! That fear will breed a strong aversion to war and the fighting will end.
It can be said that this world is still in the process of growing and stabilizing.
Pain will make the world mature.
In the same way that I matured.
In order for the world to grow up and become wiser a god's hand is necessary.
The world is still a child.
Teach the world pain in order to make it grow up Do you believe that is your work? Yesbecause I am the god of peace.
You've gotten good at telling jokesNagato.
Joke? I'm not joking.
My ideal is Over here, Sensei.
Is that you're next summoning? To me, you are a small existence which never matured.
Summoning Jutsu! A kid treating me like a kid! Well, I'm no longer human either! These tears of blood, overflowing with rage! I went from the Sannin to Sage! The Monstrous Toad of Mount Myoboku! I am Master Jiraiya! You haven't matured at all You're just as clumsy as before.
Hey! Mister Gamaken! Don't jostle around during my juncture! I'm kind of clumsy Hmph! Gotta hand it to my former student! He knows my moves all too well.
I don't know what happened in the past.
But now he's powerful enough to head the Akatsuki.
Plus he wields the legendary Rinnegan.
Against this foe, there shall be no playing by ear! I must go full power with my Sage Mode! Next time: "Honored Sage Mode!" Look forward to my awesome action! Master Jiraiya, when is the new Make-Out Series coming out? I've read mine over ten times already.
You still young, aren't you? Surely, there are more important things in life? What? Is Naruto in trouble again? No, just the opposite.
But his power has exceeded all my expectations.
The passing of the torch is just a matter of time.
When it comes to fighting, he learns fast.
That's for sure Huh? You really turn me on! Get lost, you old pervert! I'm not giving up! That's my Ninja Way! Master Jiraiya There's nothing like making out in life! Summoning Jutsu! I'm going to do some research for my Make-Out Series! Take care of the rest! G-Good luck.
Tune in again!