Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e19 Episode Script

Activate! Sage Mode

Against this foe, there shall be no playing by ear! I'm coming at you with full force! I'm using the Honored Sage Mode! What?! You don't mean?! Yes indeed.
I'm summoning the two great sages! However, it's going to take some time to summon the two of them.
And I cannot release my hands during that time.
I'm counting on you.
Buy me some time until then! All right.
Clumsy as I am, I shall try.
He vanished.
What a bother Where in the world did he find such a creature? Now that he's made himself invisible, we've got to use Barrier Battle Arts.
Hmm He's a hard one to battle.
As I recall This is a barrier ninjutsu that senses and alerts any intrusion across its boundary.
He saw the barrier and switched to a strong offensive critter! Mister Gamaken! Right! Clumsy as I am, here we go! You're quite skilled! Not at all I am clumsy.
Wh-What is this?! Are you okay, Mister Gamaken? You think you could do this a bit smoother? But I am clumsy They seem to multiply each time you clobber them I don't even have a clue what it is Are the doggies bound to a self-replicating summoning jutsu?! In any case, we'd better move from this spot.
We'll kill one dog at a time! Let's lure them into a small space.
Right! So that's the center of the jutsu Were we able to lose it? That should buy us some time.
Or not! We're surrounded already! Incoming! And they're going to split up again! Above you! There's no end to this.
I am trying my best If they keep dividing, no matter how hard we strike them, it's a waste of our energy.
Here already? Damn persistent dogs! Stupid little! Are you all right?! Mister Gamaken! I really am clumsy If you can't move, Mister Gamaken then there's no time to summon the two great sages.
I give up.
But I'm amazed there're so many of them But against the Great Toad of Mount Myoboku, you're all nothing but a small snack! Honored Sage Mode! Gone Along with the dogs.
So he's escaped for now.
I haven't escaped! Nagato, you're still a novice.
Leaving your back open for an attack! You're a Shadow Clone too?! Yes, but that's not all.
At the same time Summoning Jutsu! Damn it! It's no good Mister Gamaken! What? Whoa You're relieved from duty! I did it! Huh? It's one thing after another But I'm almost there.
So I can't quit now, but Incoming! Wha--?! So fast!! Sorry I'm late.
Good work! I want to attack the caster, but I need to be able to see him! Don't you think something is strange, Mister Gamaken? I-I am too clumsy to understand what you mean.
He who possessed the same pupils as the Sage of the Six Paths, not only mastered every jutsu I taught him he demonstrated the ability to achieve all six changes in Chakra Nature.
For a single person to do so is unheard of.
He was well versed in all the mainstream ninjutsu and mastered them by the time he was ten years old.
But why? Why is he only using the Summoning Jutsu against me?! Does he think I am beneath the need for direct confrontation? Mister Gamaken! You've done enough! I've got it from here, go home! All right.
Lad! Why do you always summon us in such touchy situations like this?! It's no wonder Bunta gets so mad! Aw c'mon, Ma.
Naturally, Jiraiya-boy has his reasons.
You be quiet, Pa! It's been a while, and I do apologize for calling you under these circumstances, Boss, Ma'am.
But lad I thought you said you hated that form, saying it would make you unpopular with the ladies! I can't afford to be particular right now.
After all, my foe has the Rinnegan.
Ahthe Pupils of Six Paths?! Someone actually possesses such an eye? Well then, you had no choice.
You gotta start being able to go into Sage Mode by yourself, Jiraiya-boy.
Compared to you, I'm still just a novice.
So please lend me your aid for just a little while Shall we begin? He went through all that just to summon those two toads? No, there is a transformation going on in Sensei himself.
Humph, whether it's Orochimaru or Jiraiya, the Sannin each have unique powers.
And? Where is the one with the Pupils of Six Paths? Your eyes must be degrading with age.
He's hidden himself inside a summoning creature that can make itself invisible.
It's gotta be one of them chameleon species.
I have erected a probe barrier.
That won't do any good! Let's drag them out using creature detection jutsu! Ma, don't get so excited, you'll get more wrinkles.
Just hush up, Pa! But why go so far as to summon us to fight this fellow, Jiraiya-boy? He happens to be a former student of mine We never knew you had one! Then is he? Yes As summoned.
Ah, good.
I'm glad you've come! Jiraiya-boy.
The Great Lord Elder had a dream about you.
As you are aware, it is a prophecy.
So listen carefully.
Yes, sir! I shall now tell you.
In my dream You, who are solely pervy, will still manage to become a splendid ninja.
And in time, you will have your own disciple That disciple will become a ninja who will bring about a great change to the ninja world.
That is what I saw in my dream.
A great change? Either great stability or great destruction.
The likes of which this world has never seen before.
One of those two.
The child of the prophecy?! Then why are you fighting him? It seems he did not grow up in the right direction.
And when I heard he had died I thought he couldn't have been the one.
In any case, if he is not righteous, you must kill him.
Well, that senile old man probably made up that prophecy.
Don't worry about it! All right let's do it! Found him! It's fast! Gotcha! There we go! Pa! I'm on it! That's the Rinnegan? It certainly looks like the one mentioned in the legend.
What nasty eyes I can't believe he's that child of prophecy.
You will guide that revolutionary.
The day will come when you will be forced to make a critical selection.
Selection? Your choice shall decide which way the change goes.
Great Lord Elder I wonder if this is that moment of selection? Summoning Jutsu.
This time he's summoned humans.
You turned out to be a harbinger of destruction So as your mentor, it is my duty to take you down! Those three They may look different, but they all have the same eyes.
Even if Nagato is one of the three, I can't believe there'd be that many Rinnegan running about.
So what in the world's going on?! There must be some explanation for this.
Who and what is Pain?! Next time: "In Attendance, the Six Paths of Pain" Pay close attention to my battle! Tune in again!