Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e20 Episode Script

Meeting the Six Paths of Pain

Three of them? What's going on? How could there be three Rinnegans? It must be his jutsu There's some trick to it.
Just when I was busy preparing dinner Ma, never mind that.
Just focus on the opponent before us! What did you say?! I guess it's about time I made my move! From this moment on, let Sage Jutsu prevail! Look above, upon the halos and heavenly canopies! Jiraiya the gallant-- - Quit yakking in my ears! - Quit yakking in my ears! Ugh! Uh My posturing keeps getting interrupted today Let's end this quickly and go home! I have to get dinner ready! Ma, that guy's eye is more important than dinner! Stay alert! It's the ultimate ocular jutsu! Like I care! Don't you dare belittle a housewife's dilemma of what to cook every day, you old geezer! How dare you use such a tone against me! I was just looking after you! Don't give me that! Who are the ones yakking into whose ears again? Not bad Now then Can we put your spousal differences aside and get this here over with? Humph Guess I'll just fry up something.
Boy, you provide the oil.
Pa, you bring the Wind Style! Yes ma'am! Sage Art: Bath of Boiling Oil! Did it work? The oil vanished? They ought to have been basted by it.
That one probably has tricks up his sleeve too.
Shall we find out with close combat? Yes.
Massive Rasengan! He's! He can absorb an entire jutsu?! So that's what he did earlier Behind us! We got his back! What?! He blocked my Sage Mode attack without looking?! Sage Art: Kebari Senbon! Not a single wasted movement.
I would've gotten him if he'd dodged it Instead he blocked it by summoning without ever turning around.
What's going on? Blocking my attacks not just once, but twice! With no verbal signals or eye contact between them at all Even if all three were sensory types, they still have to see an attack coming in order to counter it.
Kebari Senbon is my fastest jutsu with the widest attack range.
The only way to defend oneself against it is with a shield, as he just did.
And he did it without looking.
They're no ordinary clones.
You said they have a trick up their sleeves, and you're right.
Hmm? Have you noticed? What is it? When we got their back earlier, you picked the target and attacked from his blind spot, correct? During that time, one of the other guys was watching us the whole time.
I noticed that too.
But there were no signs that they were signaling each other either verbally or with eye contact.
That's it! It's their eyes All three have the same eyes! Suppose the three of them can share what they see with each other Enabling their eyes to share images with one another Is that it? Yes.
That's what I suspect Still What in tarnation are they? This is bad Under these circumstances where my ninjutsu are being nullified To face all three at once is a bit too much.
At this rate, if I enter battle I'll be killed, even in Sage Mode.
I never imagined they would be this strong Fall back for now, Jiraiya-boy.
Yes sir.
He's escaped into the pipes In Attendance, The Six Paths of Pain Why are we running away? We must analyze the Six Paths and come up with a strategy.
And we'll need some time for that.
They may look different, but all possessed the same eye.
In short, they all have the Rinnegan of Six Paths Even if one of them is Nagato, I can't believe there would be so many Rinnegan users crawling around.
So what in the world's going on?! Which one is the real Pain? Figuring out the main one isn't the problem.
The real problem is the fact that three of them possess the Rinnegan of Six Paths.
Just whoand what is Pain? We don't know that yet.
But we can make a small deduction.
Their vision is linked, and they share images.
That's the ability those eyes hold.
Which means what, then? And how is it an advantage? Put simply In the same way that three security cameras show different angles of the same image, those three are able to see three views at one time.
So if just one of them can see the target the other two can counter with the ideal attack, with perfect timing without having to see their foe.
In other words, their field of vision is three times better.
And unlike the Byakugan, they can always guard each other's blind spots without weaving signs or manipulating chakra.
No wonder their combination is invincible.
Which means we have to split them up and fight each one separately.
I'm positive I can win one-on-one Since they possess such eyes, fighting as a team would have to be their basic mode of attack.
Taijutsu isn't going to work and any ninjutsu will just be absorbed.
If taijutsu and ninjutsu won't work, then it'll have to be genjutsu.
Yes! But I am a dud when it comes to genjutsu.
Ah, but as I recall you two were Yes If they're former students of yours, Jiraiya-boy, they know that you don't use genjutsu.
So that might give us an opening.
No way! I'm not gonna do it! Wh-What is it?! World peace is hanging on this battle, Ma! This is no time to be selfish! I don't care about no old geezer's senile prophecies! The Great Lord Elder told us to get along, remember?! What is it that you object to so much? I can't sing a duet with Pa at this plump ripe old age! It's embarrassing! Huh? A duet?! Our most powerful genjutsu involves appealing to the auditory senses of the victim through song.
Auditory senses? I see.
That's why we retreated.
CorrectThis genjutsu is powerful, but as soon as we make a sound, our whereabouts will be revealed, which is its weakness.
Also, there's the harmony of the sounds In other words, the genjutsu is placed with a melody.
It requires a little time before it takes effect.
If they discover our whereabouts before they are caught in the genjutsu and attack, we will surely lose.
However, once they are caught in the genjutsu, our victory will be assured.
If both your lives are ever in danger, I want you to free yourselves from my shoulders immediately.
Huh? Absolutely not! The fate of the ninja world depends on this battle! I have a plan.
Although it is a gamble as well Do tell.
Please begin This isthe croaking of frogs Is this a genjutsu?! It's coming from in there.
A Shadow Clone! Fire Style: Giant Flame Bombs! So that's your move! Good! My gamble's a success! That big one went after the jutsu to absorb it! The first fellow only used summoning While both times, it was the big fellow who absorbed my jutsu.
Just as I suspected, each of them possesses only a single type of ability! Right now, the big fellow's eyes are focused on the jutsu.
One, I blinded earlier So only one of them is looking at me! This one too! Gotcha! I can't move.
The dark swamp?! Just a little more! Now we're really one-on-one! I'm not letting you summon! You got us You are inside a genjutsu paralysis that binds your psyche.
Now none of your bodies, including your main body, will be able to move.
Jiraiya Sensei I didn't expect a genjutsu like this from you.
I thought I taught you Never let your guard down, no matter who your opponent is, Nagato You erred in your decision.
I just want to protect those two.
No matter what kind of pain I have to endure.
I see.
Rather than rule the world through pain I wish you had moved past the pain and harnessed your power to bring about peace in a positive way.
That disciple will become a ninja who will bring about a great change to the ninja world.
That is what I saw in my dream.
Either great stability or great destruction.
The likes of which this world has never seen before.
One of those two.
For just a little while I believed you were the one.
Farewell It's done Are you both all right?! This genjutsu is hard on the throat.
It's real hard keeping tempo with Pa This jutsu ain't that easy at all! Damages the throat! Stretches the lower jaw 'til it sags! Creates wrinkles! My profound apologies.
Please take your rest now.
For I've made my selection.
Didn't you teach me to never let down your guardJiraiya Sensei? Lad! Your left arm! I'm aware of that What's going on?! This one's got a different face than the other three He was probably summoned earlier.
I see! Before they got caught in our genjutsu! Now then.
In attendance The Six Paths of Pain.
Six?! There are six of them?! Hey, look close! The three we just did in are there too! The newly summoned ones must have resurrected them with some sort of jutsu! There's even a jutsu that can revive as many as three of them when they were undoubtedly dead?! Are they really human?! Pain What are you?! Pain That name is an alias that denotes all six of us.
Why are there six Rinnegan bearers? Y-You're! Never going back on your word and never giving up Naruto, if that is your ninja way, then as your mentor, I have no business whining.
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