Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e22 Episode Script

Invitation to the Party

One of the legendary Sannin Jiraiya is no more If we didn't have this secret, we could not have won.
Let us praise him as our teacher.
By the way you can come out.
Sure took you a while.
His opponent was Jiraiya, after all.
That was some interference we got.
I'm under orders from Madara to capture the Nine-Tails.
Well then I'd love to see the Nine-Tails captured, so let's go together.
No! I'm going to watch another battle.
- What? - Shut up! Which battle is that? The battle between I wonder if Sasuke is okay What do you mean? What if the first Akatsuki hideout is a bull's-eye? Are you saying Itachi is inside this hideout? I said, "what if?" This Itachi is supposed to be really strong, right? There's no way that Sasuke could lose to Maybe we should be thinking about a worst-case scenario.
Sasuke I'm going to check out the inside from here.
If anything happens, we're going in! Huh? Why're you taking over all of a sudden? When it comes to Sasuke, you go overboard.
Th-That's not true! I'm not going You idiot! Then I'll ask the birds to scour the area and look out for the enemy's approach.
Geez Both of you They're so diligent.
This one's a fake too I'm chasing after Sasuke's scent, yet It seems the enemy is one step ahead of us.
That's why we're compensating for their diversions with numbers! We've checked this side thoroughly.
We should report this to the original.
What's wrong, Naruto? The south forest only had dummies.
I see.
Why so depressed?! You never give up.
Isn't that your ninja way?! He's right, Naruto! All right! I'll use the chakra I've restored to increase the Shadow Clones.
I'm counting on you all! - Leave it to us! - Leave it to us! So you've come Who's there?! It's meSasuke.
You've grown a bit taller.
And you're still the same.
Even those cold eyes Not going to scream and attack like you did before? It's just as you said I've hated youand resented you for the singular purpose of killing you, I I have lived my life! Chidori? I will kill you! Die! You don't know a thing about me How much hatred I carry inside me And how strong I have become because of that hatred.
You don't know me at all.
You've becomestrong.
Come to the Uchiha hideout alone.
I'll let you settle things there.
Sasuke! I told you not to move until you received orders.
Karin said she sensed another chakra, so we were worried.
Feathers? Follow me.
Let's go! Banquet Invitation He's coming along nicely.
Now Will you still emerge as a snake? Or will you transform into a hawk? We shall see, Sasuke The same chakra is all over the place! What's going on?! Should we change course, Sasuke? Ignore it.
We'll forge straight ahead.
Taking the long way would've been tiring.
Sasuke! What was that?! A Shadow Clone.
Naruto, eh? What a pest.
Multi-Shadow Clones I get it now The same chakra I sense all over the place belongs to him.
Found him! Good job! Which way?! This way! I'm not letting you get away this time, Sasuke! What is this?! A humongous chakra! And it's fast! In coming!! You're! Only Sasuke may go beyond this point.
It's Itachi's orders.
The rest of you are welcome to wait here.
All right.
Besides, we were only traveling as a platoon in order to prevent interference for my showdown This will do.
No, you can't, Sasuke! Let's take him down and go in together! I have no intention of fighting.
But if you insist on going with him, I will show no mercy.
Karin Stay put.
This is my vendetta.
Kisame Hoshigaki And the Great Shark Skin Sword Hmm? Have you forgotten me? I'm Suigetsu Hozuki, the younger bother of Mangetsu Hozuki.
Oh I didn't recognize you! You've grown, Suigetsu.
I don't want to just wait around for Sasuke Will you let me kill some time and have some fun with you, Kisame Senpai?! Unlike your brother, you're quite cocky, aren't you? Maybe I should grind you down a bit.
Suigetsu Shouldn't we abide by Sasuke's orders? Don't be stupid! You blockhead! This way, guys! Wait! Naruto This chakra Howdy! What the-?! Well now How's it going there, there, and there? Imagine running into the Hidden Leaf in a place like this I mean It's two, four, six Eight against one.
Such bad timing.
That robe You're a member of the Akatsuki! Though he wasn't on the list that Kabuto left us.
Oh, I'm a newbie.
Nice to meet you.
Hah! Think you're funny?! Don't waste our time! Don't be rash.
Study the situation first.
Right now, we have him outnumbered.
Oh dear Am I being underestimated? By you guys? So this is an Akatsuki member Another weirdo They keep getting between us and Sasuke over and over again! Don't get in our way! A Shadow Clone?! Just kidding It seems you're more proficient with the blade than that kid.
Kid?! You mean, Zabuza Senpai? My Great Shark Skin Sword was never intended for dueling, you know! Same here.
This one's for killing! Tsk! Have fun? As if! They're dead serious! Hey! Jugo Tell him It's okay The birds are telling me there's no one nearby who will interfere with their fighting.
Geez What if something happens to Sasuke while these idiots are going at it? Even the Hidden Leaf are in pursuit! The Hidden Leaf have stopped? You're so full of yourself! Just what can a kid like you do?! Naruto Thank goodness Hinata! Naruto can handle the damage! Don't take your eyes off the enemy! Hmm? Are you guys analyzing my strength right now? The Hidden Leaf are very shrewd But for a newbie, I'm pretty good don't you think? He's dodged every one of Naruto's attacks.
He's toying with us.
But what is he after? Tsk! He has a tad more power in wielding the blade.
Well then! Such a monotone effort.
I take back what I said about you being better than Zabuza.
Eat this! Almost got you there, didn't I? What are you so excited about? Is it your snack time? What?! My chakra But I didn't use up that much yet! My Shark Skin Sword grinds and absorbs chakra.
I thought you would be more observant.
Care for another taste? Why you! Now then What shall we play, Hidden Leaf folks? We don't have time to waste on the likes of you! He's right! That's because we have to go after Sasuke.
Shino, you didn't get to go on the last mission to retrieve Sasuke! We're counting on you this time! Our bond, is it? All righteveryone.
Let's end this quickly.
We'll go with Formation B, everyone.
Roger! - Right! - Yes sir! Ohh? Seems you're serious.
Well, I'd better get fired up.
You jerk Quit kidding around! Naruto, concentrate on the formation! Yeah, I know.
Let's do it.
Kiba, are you ready on your side? Anytime.
Right, Akamaru?! Then here goes! Oh my, so high That girl has such brute power.
Oops! They distracted me with the decoy And now those three are surrounding me! I don't know which one to dodge! S-Say, that's no fair! - No time for you to look! - Oh dear What? Cha! Cha! Olé! Three against one?! You Hidden Leaf cowards! Rasengan! You weren't the decoy? You got me! Not! Ninja Art! Blockade Jutsu! Cripes You said you were going to do it all together And I believed you! Don't stop, everyone! Separate and force your way through! Oh dear! N-Ninja Art Umm Geez! What kind of jutsu is that? I got it! I'm going to name this jutsu Ninja Art: Whack-A-Mole Jutsu! Except the roles for hitting are reversed I know Unless we finish him off for good, he won't let us move forward.
Damn it! Say say What shall we play next? We can't be wasting time in a place like this! I know that.
We'll go with Battle Formation A next.
Just a bit longer You just wait, Itachi! My foolish little brother So you've finally arrived before me.
It seems you've been waiting for this moment But the same goes for me.
Come! Recreate my death as you've seen it.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Longest Moment" How far do you see ahead? COMMEMORATING THE 350TH EPISODE W-Welcome to the party.
It will begin shortly, so please come this way.
In commemoration of passing the 350th episode Hold it! What areyou doing?! Why didn't you guys invite me, the main character?! Well, you weren't in Episode 350.
Th-That was just by coincidence Huh? Really? You weren't in Episode 100 or Episode 300 either.
Shut up! I don't want to be told by a newcomer like you who started from Episode 252! For a main character, you don't seem to have much luck with milestone episodes.
Maybe you're not so popular? I don't want to be told by you! But having no lines in a milestone episode is pretty sad for a main character.
Not you too, Sakura So here's a toast! Cheers! - Cheers! Congratulations! - Damn it! N-Naruto Ch-Cheer up! You're not helping me here Tune in again!