Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e23 Episode Script

The Longest Moment

My foolish little brother Wow, Brother! You nailed every target, even the one in the blind spot behind the rock! All right, my turn! Sasuke.
It's time to go.
You said that you would teach me a new shuriken jutsu.
I have an important mission tomorrow that I must prepare for.
You're a liar Sorry, Sasuke.
- Maybe some other time.
- Ow! Big Brother, watch this! Don't be reckless The Longest Moment How come the one who twisted his ankle is the one laughing? Was it on purpose so I'd carry you? No.
I'm just happy 'cuz tomorrow I'll be starting the academy too.
Maybe now, I can catch up to you a little.
Itachi Have you made up your mind? If not, then we will act instead-- No, please wait.
It will be too late once things start to move The situation is dire! I realize that I shall settle this with my own hands.
What?! Do you know what day tomorrow is?! You don't understand your own position! I'm setting out on a mission tomorrow.
What kind of mission? I can't tell you It's a top-secret mission.
Itachi You also serve as the Uchiha clan's pipeline to the Village nerve center.
You know that, don't you? Keep that well in mind.
And come to tomorrow's assembly! Father only cares about you, Big Brother You probably hate me, huh? It's all right It's a fact that ninja go through life being hated.
That's not how I feel Being the best isn't all it's cracked up to be If you have power, you become alienated and also arrogant.
Even if you're coveted and sought after at first.
But, we only have each other as siblings.
I'm always going to be there for you, even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome.
Even if you do hate me That's what big brothers are for.
Is Itachi here?! We need to talk.
Come out! What brings you all here? There were two people who didn't show up at yesterday's assembly.
Why didn't you come? We understand that joining the Anbu Black Ops means being pushed to do all sorts of petty assignments.
Your father has said as much and tries to defend you.
But we have no intention of giving you special treatment.
I understand.
I shall be more careful hereafter.
Now, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
All right.
But before that, we'd like to ask you a bit more about something.
It's about Shisui Uchiha who died after throwing himself into the Nakano River last night.
As I recall, you looked up to him like an older brother, didn't you? I see I hadn't seen him recently And we, the Police Force, have decided to launch an all-out investigation.
Investigation?! This is the will Shisui left.
The handwriting analysis shows that it is unmistakably his.
If there are no signs of foul play, why investigate at all? Someone who uses Sharingan would be able to make a perfect copy.
" The most talented of all our clan, feared as Shisui the Teleporter He was a man who took on any mission for the sake of the clan.
It's hard to believe that someone like that would kill himself, leaving this behind.
You shouldn't judge people by their appearance, or by your own preconceptions.
Anyway, we'll leave his will with you.
Take it to the Anbu and request their cooperation in the investigation! Understood Let's hope we get a lead on this soon.
Why don't you just come out and say it? You all suspect me, right? Yeah, that's right.
You little punk! Like I said earlier, appearances and preconception aren't going to tell you anything.
You assume that I'm very patient and underestimate me The clanthe clan You keep harping on it, mistaking the size of that vessel and underestimating the size of mine.
That's why you're here now, groveling.
Shisui had been monitoring you lately.
It's been six months since you joined the Anbu, but your recent words and actions have been intolerable.
Just what are you thinking? This attachment to the organization, to the clan, to one's name Such attachments put a limit on one's vessel and should be shunned.
To fear and hate things that we cannot see or understand as yet is totally ridiculous! Stop! Itachi! That's enough What is going on with you? Itachi You haven't been yourself lately.
I'm perfectly sane.
I'm carrying out my duties.
That's all I'm doing.
Then why didn't you come last night? In order to elevate myself higher What are you talking about? My vessel is dismayed at this foolish clan! Adhering to this clan and petty things makes you lose sight of what's truly important.
Real change won't come about when you're bound by regulations and limitation when you're satisfied with premonition and guesses.
Such arrogance! Say another word and we'll throw you in prison! So, what will you do?! I've had enough! Captain, give us the order to arrest him! Big Brother! Please stop! I did not kill Shisui But I apologize for the words I have spoken I'm truly sorry.
You've been working too hard on your Anbu Black Ops missions, and I think you're a little tired.
But Captain! The Anbu Black Ops is under the direct orders of the Hokage.
Without an arrest warrant, we cannot detain him.
I will take full responsibility over Itachi and keep an eye on him.
Very well, sir.
Let's go inside, Itachi.
Itachi I'll leave your meal here.
I know you're busy with work, but do join us for meals once in a while.
Thank you Mother.
I stayed back to practice throwing shuriken and now I'm totally late.
I had a feeling there was someone there What is this?! Father! Mother! Big Brother! Father and Mother are! Why? What happened?! Who would do such a thing?! Foolish little brother Mangekyo Sharingan! He's worthy of being my son.
Your father only talks about you.
Stop it, Big Brother! Why are you showing me all of this?! Why? Why did you do this? To measure my abilities Measure your abilities? That's all? Just for that youkilled everyone? It is of great importance.
It's a lie! This isn't like you, Big Brother It can't be! I acted like the older brother you desired in order to measure your vessel.
You will become a rival to measure my vessel against You have that hidden potential.
You've been jealous of me and resented me.
You've harbored hopes of surpassing me.
That is why I am allowing you to live.
For my sake Like me, you will awaken the powers of the Mangekyo Sharingan.
However, on one condition You must killyour closest friend! As I did Thenyou You killed Shisui? As a result, I possess this "eye.
" In the main hall in Nakano Shrine beneath the seventh tatami mat from the inner right side is the clan's hidden meeting room.
There you will find the record of the Uchiha Clan's Visual Jutsu and its true purpose.
If you awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, there will be three, including myself, who possess its powers.
Then there will be meaning in letting you live.
There is no value in killing you now my foolish little brother.
If you wish to kill me, resent me, hate me, and survivein obscurity.
Runkeep running and cling to life.
Then one day, come before me with the same eye that I possess.
That Sharingan How much can you actually see? How much can I see with these? What I'm seeing right now, Itachi is your death.
My death, huh? Well then make it happen.
Chidori! Chidori Stream! You've becomestrong.
Itachi I have one last thing to ask You've becomestrong The same line as before and the bird Another farce with your special genjutsu? What do you want to know? It's not over, but I'll hear you out.
I'll say it once more I have one last thing to ask That's what I said, you bastard! Answer my question.
That pain in your chest won't subside until you answer.
So you purposely missed a vital spot You said back then If you awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, there will be three, including myself, who possess its powers.
Then there will be meaning in letting you live.
The third person The other one with a Sharingan Who in the Uchiha Clan is it? Whythe curiosity about such a thing? I'm going to kill him after you.
That's why.
Kill? When you killed off the entire clan, you mentioned the existence of another person.
So that Uchiha member you didn't kill was a co-conspirator.
Even you could not kill the entire Police Force alone.
So you figured it out Who is it?! It's Madara Uchiha With that vision and chakra more ominous than my own It's just likeMadara Uchiha, from long ago Heck if I knowthat person.
MadaraUchiha?! One of the founders of Hidden Leaf Village The man who first possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan.
Madara Uchiha The only man to uncover the other secret of the Mangekyo Sharingan.
If that's Madara, the founder of the Hidden Leaf, he should be long dead.
Who would believe such a story? Madara is alive It's up to you whether you believe that or not.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan" Let me tell you a little about the past Tune in again!