Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e25 Episode Script

Activate, Amaterasu

Forgive me, Sasuke… This is my reality… Give me your light.
I told you.
You do not possess the Mangekyo Sharingan.
You can never win against my eyes.
I’ll take the other one too.
So that is the power of the Curse Mark… This is the difference in our strength.
And… the difference between your ocular powers and mine.
That was fast… Itachi’s won.
How can you tell? Sasuke’s caught in the Tsukuyomi.
He’s paralyzed.
Itachi can do whatever he wants now.
Huh?! You broke through…my Tsukuyomi?! Huh? Sasuke took a Tsukuyomi, so why isn’t he down? No… He didn’t fall for it.
He broke out of the Tsukuyomi.
What?! Someone with an ordinary Sharingan could never win against the Mangekyo Sharingan! Even so, the Sharingan is a ninja’s weapon.
A weapon is only as powerful as its wielder.
It can be formidable or weak.
You can have shuriken, and be taken down by a mere pebble thrown by a master.
The difference is in the power.
It just means that Sasuke’s skills far exceed Itachi’s expectations.
Like I told you… No matter how much you use those eyes of yours, my hate will turn illusion into reality.
Humph… Make illusions a reality, eh? Then let me throw those words right back at you.
Like I told you… No matter how much you use those eyes of yours, my hate will turn illusion into reality.
Humph… Make illusions a reality, eh? Then let me throw those words right back at you.
Amaterasu! You saw your eyes gouged out during the Tsukuyomi just now.
Well, allow me to make that a reality.
The air around Itachi has shifted! He’s gotten serious.
Which means, we might get to see the Amaterasu.
What? The Amaterasu?! I can’t wait to see it! We were right to come see this, after all! Continuing to use genjutsu will lead nowhere.
Now that Sasuke has broken the Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu battle is pointless.
Which means from now on, it’ll be ninjutsu against ninjutsu.
If Itachi’s left Mangekyo possesses the ultimate genjutsu, then his right Mangekyo is the ultimate in physical attacks.
The Amaterasu produces black flames that are said to never extinguish… Not until it incinerates the target within the caster’s sight.
Is this it, the Amaterasu?! How quick… He’s planning to not let Itachi weave signs! This is the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu! A rigged shuriken?! That last shuriken did the job.
That’s strange… What is it? It’s just that Itachi should have been able to dodge something like that.
Backlash from that earlier Tsukuyomi? I like that.
From the moment Sasuke nullified the Tsukuyomi, he seized control of the flow of the battle.
Plus he slowed down Itachi’s movements.
Sasuke might actually win this battle.
No… We don’t know that yet.
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! Wounds like this won’t slow me down.
Phew… We almost got caught in that! – Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! – Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! Sasuke has the upper hand.
I really think Sasuke’s going to… Amaterasu! Ohh… There it is! I-Incredible… He put out fire with fire.
With that jutsu, he eyes whatever he wants to burn and once the target is in focus, black flames burst forth.
The black flame cannot be extinguished until the one it targets is totally incinerated.
Even if the target is also fire.
I guess Itachi is the winner, after all.
He stopped the Amaterasu… He’s going to take Sasuke’s eyes.
Huh? He went below?! Wounds like this won’t slow me down.
I can’t use this Substitution Jutsu until he unleashes his Amaterasu.
This is what I’ve been waiting for! Huh? Fire Style: Fire Jutsu! Hey, pretty good.
Oh no! That Amaterasu earlier seems to have taken quite a toll on you.
They’re both totally exhausted.
They have no chakra left, huh? So it appears.
This will probably be my last jutsu.
The Sharingan can assess chakra.
Stop bluffing… I can see that you’re out of chakra.
You evaded my Amaterasu using the Orochimaru-style Substitution Jutsu.
A well-made substitution to deceive, but it uses an enormous amount of chakra.
That’s right… Sasuke did absorb Orochimaru! So that’s it.
You’re right.
I don’t have any chakra left.
I used it up in that last Fire Style Jutsu.
However… Do you really think I would come here to kill you unprepared? It will be instantaneous.
This jutsu is just like Amaterasu.
It is impossible to dodge.
Now… As you wished, I’ll recreate… your death! Oh wow… I’m glad we chose to see this once.
I never thought we could see such a battle.
Sasuke’s jutsu was impressive, but to think Itachi was hiding that kind of jutsu up his sleeve.
But looks like it also comes with a heavy risk… Who will win this battle…? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: “The End” Either way, the next one will be their last.
Seriously! Why do you pile up this much work?! Sorry.
What was Naruto’s registration number? You don’t even know that? Naruto is #012607.
Then how many missions did Sakura carry out? Nine C-rank, six B-rank, and seven A-rank missions.
Then what is Sai’s height and weight? Captain Yamato’s birthday?! August 10th.
What is Kurenai Sensei’s hobby?! Drinking! She enjoys evening drinks! You’re amazing, Lady Tsunade.
You’re aware of everything.
Me, on the other hand… Naturally.
I am the Hokage! THE OFFICIAL SHIPPUDEN HANDBOOK You’re right.
How foolish to even compare myself to you.
Oh, by the way… What is your hobby besides gambling? Oh no… It’s not listed in here! D-Don’t worry about it! After all, even a Hokage can’t beat old age--! Tune in again!