Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e26 Episode Script


NO TRESPASSING In the main hall in Nakano Shrine beneath the seventh tatami mat from the inner right side is the clan's hidden meeting room.
I see So that's what it is That's my boy.
Your father only talks about you.
I wonder what kind of things Father was saying to Mother.
If you wish to kill me, resent me, hate me! Brother No matter what darkness may await me, if it means killing you, I will meet it head on! I will obtain that power no matter what! I obtained power and hatred, and now I'm here.
Itachi! This is where you'll die! By my hands! The End Now As you wished, I'll recreate your death! A jutsu which, like Amaterasu, cannot be evaded?! What kind of jutsu is it?! I get it! That's what Sasuke's Fire Style Jutsu was for earlier! What do you mean? The target of that Fire Style attack was never Itachi to begin with! So what does that mean? He purposely released his Fire Style attack into the sky, causing a sudden warmth in the atmosphere and he created an ascending air current! Ascending air current? To form cumulonimbus In other words, thunder clouds! So what does that mean? Instead of using his own chakra he intends to take advantage of the massive energy in the atmosphere to create a Lightning Style Jutsu! What kind? In any case, it'll be on a totally different scale than what anyone can create using change in Chakra Nature alone.
I see Sasuke purposely lured Itachi outside, so he could also use the heat created by Amaterasu.
This jutsu brings down thunder from the heavens.
I merely direct its power toward you.
Just as I thought Which is why it cannot be evaded.
Why not?! A bolt of lightning is 1/1000th of a second.
It's faster than sound! The name of this jutsu is "Kirin.
" What's that?! Sasuke has tamed lightning?! Come! Vanish with the roar of thunder Such power Did Itachidie? It'sover.
It's over! Is thisthe death you wanted to recreate? Damn you! That's! Without this, I would have been dead.
What is that?! You really havegotten stronger Sasuke.
This time I shall show you my final trump card The Susano'o.
I shall show you my final trump card The Susano'o.
Susano'o? Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu When these two powers awakened, one more jutsu took root in my eyes.
Sasuke, is that it for your jutsu? If you are hiding another power, don't hold back.
The real battle is only beginning.
The sky is clearing It seems that last jutsu is limited to one shot.
What's that?! What's the matter? Have you used up your chakra and run out of options? What?! I can give it to you I can lend you power You need me, don't you, Sasuke? I thought you were going to get revenge on Itachi? Now, release my power! Then your wish Judging by the feel of it This is Orochimaru's Eight-Headed Serpent Jutsu.
What is that?! It's because Sasuke tried to squeeze out more power despite having no chakra! Orochimaru's chakra that he'd absorbed and suppressed has shoved its way to the surface! Finally, it comes out Is that?! A gross fellow as always, puking out stuff from his mouth.
Persistent vermin like his namesake This is it! This is what I have been waiting for! Thanks to you, Sasuke's repressing chakra is gone! Now's my chance to take over the child's body! And! You think I can be beaten with that level of attack? Now then, Sasuke What will you do next? This sword! It can't be! The Totsuka Blade?! Itachi You had it hidden in your possession?! What is that sword anyway? The Totsuka Blade, also known as the Sakegari Blade, is a sword of sealing.
It is said to trap and seal away those it pierces in a genjutsu world of drunken stupor for all eternity.
The blade itself is imbued with a Sealing Jutsu and is a variant of the Snake Sword.
Orochimaru has long searched for it.
Itachi's power really is immense! This is itSasuke.
What's with Itachi's jutsu? That Susano'o jutsu it seems to be awfully risky.
But Sasuke's even lost his Sharingan and he's been stripped of Orochimaru.
Don't you think Itachi's won this one already? Nowyour eyes are mine.
I think I'll take my time to retrieve them.
Wha--?! What's this?! Something seems wrong Damn it! That jutsu he called Susano'o Its shield is repelling every attack! There's no mistake about it That is also a spirit weapon.
It's called the Yata Mirror and is said to deflect all things.
Combined with the Totsuka Blade for attacks, he's invincible.
They're my eyes Mine Itachi went down?! No way?! Itachi is Itachi is dead? It's Sasuke's victory.
Something doesn't feel right About what? Itachi's strength was greater than this.
His moves weren't normal Even you said something was weird.
That's true He wasn't able to counter attacks that he should have countered He coughed up blood several times during the fight Maybe Itachi had sustained serious damage even before the battle.
Was it caused by excessive use of his Sharingan? No There's no way we can tell.
Damn it! What is this guy?! All he's doing is trying to stall us! Why can't I hit him with my Rasengan?! No That's not it! I did hit him, yet Damn it! We can't waste any more time! I have to get past here I have to get to Sasuke! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Mystery of Tobi" Make sure to tune in next time! Tune in again!