Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e27 Episode Script

The Mystery of Tobi

Let's go, Akamaru! - Yamato! - Yes sir! Fang Over Fang! Rasengan! What?! You're mine! Huh?! Whoa! What?! I-I can't breathe I'm keeping you restrained like that! Impossible! I'm really flexible, you see? Now to fight back! Hidden Jutsu! Retreat! Naruto! Kiba! Frill-Necked Lizard! That's all there is to this jutsu.
He's toying with us This formation didn't work either.
He skillfully dodged all of our attacks.
Kakashi Sensei YeahI know.
Naruto Our formation attack was timed dead on, right? Yeah He should have taken a direct hit! So how was he able to evade it?! We probably did hit him.
It was the same when I first attacked him with my Rasengan.
I was sure I hit him In other words, he made it look like he evaded it, when in actuality; he allowed you and your jutsu to slip right through his body.
Is that what you're saying, Naruto? Huh? Umm Cripes, Shino! It's hard to grasp what you're trying to say! Maybe it's a clone or some sort of genjutsu that makes you see illusions or visions? I-I thought so too, so I used my Byakugan to increase my field of vision and checked the chakra.
The only chakra I detected is the one where he is.
There we go! Slipped through No wonder Kakashi Senpai What do you think? No doubt about it.
That's some unique jutsu only he possesses.
Which makes it a real bother, but Shino I know.
The Mystery of Tobi For this type of situation, someone like Shino who uses Hidden Jutsu is useful.
Whoa! You're one of the Aburame clan! Man, all wiggly and gross! Heh! Shino! You look eager for a change! Of course.
That's because I was left out of that last Sasuke rescue mission.
Gross, I tell ya! Hey Shino! He's dodging them so easily! Rather than a concentrated pin-point attack, the Aburame clan specializes in making use of space to conduct a wide-range attack.
Naruto, you haven't teamed up too often with Shino on missions.
So let Shino handle this and watch him.
You'll get in the way of his insects.
What do you mean I'll get in the way?! Disperse! Now, he won't be able to get away.
There's no way he can evade all the insects.
Oh! Is he dodging or just slipping through? I'll figure out his jutsu! Do it! Hidden Jutsu: Beetle Sphere! Wait a sec! All right! Way to go, Shino! I will settle this.
Because now that I'm part of this mission, I must make myself useful this time! Cripes You're still bearing that grudge, aren't you?! The insects are closing in It's impressive how he can manipulate so many insects so easily.
Well, Hinata? Y-Yes! I'm able to detect the target's chakra.
He is definitely inside the swarm of Shino's insects.
- Yamato! - Right! We're ready to attack anytime.
How is it, Shino? I feel him resisting.
That's because the Parasitic Insects are frantically sucking up his chakra.
All right! Just let 'em suck him dry then! What's going on? My insects, which were reacting to his chakra, have suddenly lost him.
This is impossible Teleportation Jutsu? No, it wasn't teleportation.
Because if it was teleportation, my insects would respond and follow in his direction.
They wouldn't let him escape.
Then he used a Transportation Technique? Nothat's impossible.
But hesuddenlyjust vanished.
He traveled through space without weaving signs, summoning, or using marks? That's a Transportation Technique that far surpasses the Fourth Hokage! He erased his whole body.
He can erase his entire presence? No way But if we accept the fact that he can erase his existence at will, then it follows that he can also erase just a part of his body as well.
Which explains why a part of his body, which should have been hit by an external attack, disappeared.
And to us, it would look like the attack went right through him.
So he didn't evade the attacks, they really were slipping right through him.
I found him! Over there! Oh! Hello, hello.
Don't think you can escape my nose! Tunneling Fang! Hey, Kiba! Don't be reckless! Did he slip away again? Damn! Kiba I think this time, he simply dodged.
How did it go? It's over.
Whatis that? He was on the Akatsuki roster Kabuto left us with.
We keep getting interference! Sasuke has won.
Itachi Uchiha is dead.
Sasuke has won.
Itachi Uchiha is dead.
What?! I don't believe it! Just kidding It's as I expected.
S-SasukekilledItachi? Sasuke's down too, but I wonder how he is? He's in pretty bad shape.
Hey! You there, spiky aloe guy! Where's Sasuke now?! Aloe?! Don't bother with him.
I'll take you on another time.
That'sa Sharingan?! Whoin the world is he?! Later.
We must find Sasuke before they do! Hinata! Check in the direction of four o'clock.
Y-Yes, sir! Byakugan! I can see strong chakra over a wide scope about ten kilometers ahead.
Alsofor some reason the forest is burning from black flames.
Amaterasu?! That's it! Everyone, follow me! This time for sure! Full speed ahead! You're late.
I'm not you, so I can't move as fast.
If you were watching, you better have recorded all of it.
Everything is recorded.
I'll take a good look later.
We're taking Itachi's corpse too.
We should go now.
I detected their scents.
They've already reached where Sasuke is.
Damn them! So this is Amaterasu I've never seen it before! What is that? That is Itachi's jutsu! Be careful! That fire will not go out until it completely incinerates anything it ignites.
Yamato! Yes, Senpai! Earth Style! Planet Splitter! Please proceed! Right! Everyone, except Yamato, follow me! Quit wasting time.
You're Zetsu.
We're not wasting time.
So it's over? Yeah, it's settled.
What about Sasuke? He's okay.
Sasuke won.
Andwhere's Sasuke? He's already been evacuated to a safe place.
Safe place? Akatsuki's hideout in the east.
You should head there too.
The Hidden Leaf will come here very shortly.
Let's goto where Sasuke is! What will you do, Kisame? If Itachi passed away, I think I'll spread my wings for a while.
I see Do as you please.
What happened here anyway? What kind of battle would cause this? Two Sharingan users Is the battle between the Uchiha Clan this intense? Where's Sasuke? I don't detect any other chakra besides ours in this area.
There's still a faint smell left, but We were too late Naruto Why? Why is it that I can never reach Sasuke? I treated your wounds.
You won.
But you've sustained quite a bit of damage as well.
Try not to force yourself up.
We've met once before.
That appearance You're The last time, it was as enemies.
Don't worry about Deidara's death I am not your enemy.
I brought you here in order to tell you something.
You're not interested at all, I see Maybe if I put it another way, you'll want to listen? It is about Itachi Uchiha.
Yes You think you know about your brother, but you know nothing.
Oh, all right Let's start with introductions.
Like you, I am a survivor of the Uchiha Clan And the one who knows the truth about Itachi Uchiha.
It can't be! What was that just now? The Amaterasu, which Itachi implanted inside you.
How like Itachi.
He surprises you even after he's dead.
To think he planned things this far What are you talking about? In order to kill me, he placed a jutsu into you Or rather should I say; in order to keep me away from you He probably set his Amaterasu to self-activate when you look into my Sharingan.
Even Itachi didn't know everything about me Otherwise I would be dead right now.
So this was his fail-safe plan Although it didn't work on me.
Sowhat's this all about? Before he died, Itachi must've done something to you.
At the endfor your sake, he transferred his own ocular powers to you.
What are you saying? Justwhat are you trying to say? Why would Itachi do something like that?! Don't you get it? In order toprotect you.
To protect me?! Are you kidding me? You think you know about your brother, but you know nothing.
If you continue speaking such nonsense, I'll kill you! What I'm saying is the truth.
Itachi did mention it, did he not? About his accomplice that night? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Fate" I am Madara Uchiha.
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