Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s06e28 Episode Script


Protect? Did you say protect?! You've got to be kidding! I'll say it once more You think you know about your brother, but you know nothing.
If you continue speaking such nonsense, I'll kill you! You're not making this easy, are you? I suppose that's natural though Suddenly being told such a story by a stranger like me.
But what I tell you is the truth.
Itachi did mention it, did he not? About his accomplice that night.
I am that Madara Uchiha.
I know everything about Itachi.
I suppose Itachi died without realizing that.
Shut up! Such things don't matter anymore! Just get out of my sight! No, you will listen.
You need to hear this.
It's your obligation! For the sake of the ninja world For the sake of the Hidden Leaf Village And for your sake Your brother risked everything.
You will know how Itachi Uchiha lived! Do you know why? Why Itachi implanted Amaterasu into your eye? Itachi was determined to make sure that you and I would not meet.
You will understand why, as well as everything else, when you hear me out.
Those who knew the truth about Itachi were Danzo of the Hidden Leaf, the Third Hokage, and his advisors Homura and Koharu.
Just those four.
The Third Hokage died and now, there are only three aging folk.
Still, those three will probably never reveal the abominable truth.
The truth about Itachi will fade into darkness forever.
And that is what Itachi wished.
However, I know the truth about Itachi too.
As I said earlier Itachi died without realizing that.
However, he wanted to make doubly sure.
It seems Itachi did not trust me.
So just in case I did know the truth, he planned to silence me with the Amaterasu.
He probably anticipated I would show my Sharingan in order to speak to you.
What is this? What is this guy saying? Protect me? Protect?! The truth? Think back.
Think carefully and remember about Itachi.
About your kind brother.
What's wrong? This is it, right? The place where Father works.
This is the headquarters of the Hidden Leaf Police Force.
I've always been curious.
Why is the Uchiha crest on the police force logo? What? You noticed that? Who wouldn't? Welllet's see Simply put, it seems our ancestors formed and organized this police force.
And so, they used our family crest as the symbol of this organization.
From ages past, our clan has been entrusted with the safety of the village.
The Uchiha crest reflects the pride of our clan.
While its numbers have dwindled, even today, nearly everyone in the clan serves on Squad One and is dedicated to preserving the peace and safety of the village.
After all, only exceptional ninja are capable of preventing crimes that ninja commit.
Father is great, after all! Are you going to work here too? I wonder about that You should! No, he He tried to kill me! He tried to take my eyes Who would do such a thing?! Foolish little brother Mangekyo Sharingan! Calm down! Breathe slowly.
Don't touch me! Even if you do hate me That's what big brothers are for.
Sorry, Sasuke Another time.
Fate You're awake Sorry, but I took the liberty of tying you up.
Since you weren't gonna stay still and listen to me.
He Itachi was my enemy.
He killed our parents He killed everyone in the clan.
He was a Rogue Ninja A member of the Akatsuki He was despicable.
He was my target.
It's true that he annihilated the Uchiha clan that night.
And he deserted the Hidden Leaf.
Then And that is what he was ordered to do by the Hidden Leaf.
That is the beginning of the truth about Itachi.
It was his mission? Yes.
That night, Itachi killed his personal feelings and fulfilled his mission.
It seems you've calmed down a bit.
What are you talking about?! In order to talk about Itachi, I must take you back to the early days when Hidden Leaf Village was founded.
Itachi sacrificed himself.
This is fate that has continued since ages past.
He was sacrificed for it.
Sacrifice? That's correct.
A huge problem rooted since the time Hidden Leaf Village was founded.
That is what determined Itachi's life.
It's a long story, but everything I tell you is the truth.
On what basis should I believe you? You're untrustworthy.
There's nothing I can show you as proof.
And it's up to you whether you believe me or not.
But you will hear me out until I finish.
Fine So talk.
It all started more than 80 years ago.
The world was in turmoil.
It was the age of war.
Nations battled for power and to increase their territories.
During this age of war, ninjas consisted of individual clans serving as armed units.
They were hired by various nations to participate in the fighting.
And among the many ninja clans, two were feared as the strongest.
One was us, the Uchiha clan.
And the other was known as the Forest's Senju Clan.
We of the Uchiha clan possessed exceptional chakra and the Sharingan.
Excelling in all types of warfare, we became known as a battle clan.
And I was born into the Uchiha clan, possessing chakra that was especially powerful.
Perhaps the fact that I've lived this long is proof of that.
Back in those days, all I did was battle.
In an age defined by power, I sought to become ever stronger and killed my friends and even my younger brother.
Why you! As a result, I came into possession of the perfect Mangekyo Sharingan, and became the leader of the Uchiha.
And using that power, I fought the Senju clan countless times.
It was inevitable that I face Hashirama, the leader of the Senju clan.
"Wood Style" Hashirama Senju, the future first Hokage.
The one who stood at the top of the ninja world And the one I respected most.
The Senju clan, led by Hashirama who became the First Hokage, was feared and respected by all the other clans.
If the Senju moved, so did the Uchiha.
Our clan was probably the only clan able to compete with them.
If a nation hired the Senju, the opposing nation would hire the Uchiha.
We were like rivals.
The more I went up against Hashirama, the more my name became known as well.
To get close to the top to measure my abilities To heighten your reputation You took your younger brother's eyes just for that?! I did take them.
But I needed power in order to protect the Uchiha.
Protect? Yes.
As the Uchiha name spread, its enemies increased.
It was a necessary sacrifice to protect the clan during the fierce fighting with the Senju, and the other clans.
It was not for my fame.
My younger brother was in total agreement and offered his eyes to me.
But one day, the Senju clan offered a truce.
And the Uchiha accepted it.
Everyone, in both clans, had grown weary of the fighting that had dragged on for so long.
They had enough.
But I I was the only one who opposed it.
Where has all the hate gone?! For what purpose had my brother sacrificed himself?! The Uchiha and Senju are like oil and water.
I couldn't help fearing that in time, the Uchiha clan would come to be oppressed by the Senju clan.
Howevereveryone in the Uchiha clan wanted a truce.
As their leader, I had no choice but to go along with their wishes.
Shortly thereafter, the ninja alliance signed a pact with the Land of Fire, which had sought dominion over the territories.
The secure one nation, one village system was formed and became the Land of Fire and the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
Other countries adopted the one nation, one village system.
And subsequently, the fires of war were extinguished.
Momentary peace.
But due to a certain incident, the Hidden Leaf Village quickly descended into turmoil.
A certain incident? A fightfor the First Hokage's seat.
As you know, the first to occupy that seat was Hashirama Senju.
The Land of Fire and the entire clan chose Hashirama.
It was inevitable that the Uchiha's hold on the reins of power would loosen.
I decided that the Uchiha should take leadership That we should confront Hashirama But no one, not even from the Uchiha clan, supported me.
My subordinates, who did not wish to light the fires of war, were unsympathetic and betrayed me.
I was accused of acting out of greed and self-interest.
Not only that They scorned me as a selfish brother who stole his younger brother's eyes in order to save his own.
What brother would willfully hurt his younger brother?! I justI just wanted to protect the Uchiha! I left the village.
Everyone betrayed me.
I became an avenger and declared war on the Hidden Leaf Village.
And I lost At that place which became known as the Final Valley.
I was saidto have died there.
Even Hashirama believed it.
And everyone forgot about me History forgot about me.
Hashirama's younger brother who became the Second Hokage was determined that there would never be a traitor like me again.
So, as proof of his trust, he granted the Uchiha a special position And he created the Hidden Leaf Police Force.
But the truth is This was to further distance the Uchiha from the reins of government.
Furthermore, it was a way to keep a close eye on the entire clan.
There were Uchiha members who realized this Members who wanted to carry on my rebellion.
Butit was too late.
Time passed The Senju clan solidified its hold on power and the Uchiha fell to becoming Senju dogs.
And what I predicted came to pass.
A certain other incident sealed Uchiha's figurative demise.
Yes The attack of the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon What do you mean? The Nine-Tails can only be tamed and controlled by the ocular powers of the Uchiha.
The higher-ups of Hidden Leaf Village perceived the Uchiha to be behind this attack.
That was a natural occurrence, a natural calamity.
The Uchiha had nothing to do with it.
Yet suspicion fell on them That the Uchiha had revolted and sought to take power.
As a result, the Uchiha was put under the strict surveillance of the Anbu Black Ops, and they were forced to relocate to the outskirts of the village.
They became totally estranged.
The Third Hokage was the only one to voice opposition to our treatment.
But Danzo of the Anbu Black Ops and the rest of the councilors would not listen.
In the end, the Uchiha clan was not trusted.
And the discrimination began Their distrust bred hatred and eventually, their suspicions became reality.
The Uchiha clan plotted a coup d'état to take over the village The higher-ups in Hidden Leaf Village planted a spy within the Uchiha clan.
That spy was your older brother Itachi Uchiha.
From that moment, Itachi's suffering began.
You laid false charges against the Uchiha! That's Itachi's lie.
I won't believe it! Itachi tried to kill me! If he really wanted to, you certainly would be dead.
However Stop it! I've had enough! You should know why.
Because you are Next time, on Naruto Shippuden: "Truth" That is Itachi's truth.
Tune in again!